RimPro-Tec has Patents and Trade Marks Issued and Pending in 97 Countries Worldwide.

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RIMPRO-TEC REVIEW RimPro-Tec has Patents and Trade Marks Issued and Pending in 97 Countries Worldwide.

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Transcript of RimPro-Tec has Patents and Trade Marks Issued and Pending in 97 Countries Worldwide.

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  • RimPro-Tec has Patents and Trade Marks Issued and Pending in 97 Countries Worldwide.
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  • RimPro-Tec has been Invented by Christopher and Deborah Chester of New Zealand. RimPro-Tec has offices and representatives in : North America, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore,France and many other countries. RimPro-Tec is currently being manufactured in New Zealand and North America.
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  • RimPro-Tec adds Innovation to the market with a patented 3- component design that puts an attractive band of tough, PVC plastic between valuable wheels and hazards like Kerbs. RimPro-Tec is a quick installation system for your rims/wheels. This is achieved using a specially formed, one-size fits all, acrylic foam tape backed PVC mounting track that can be applied to 12 to 22 wheels.
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  • RimPro-Tec is the answer to a problem that everyone has experienced at some time in their life, that problem is kerb rash to car wheels until now no one has had the answer. Most kerb damage happens whilst parking and maneuvering, having RimPro-Tec installed on your wheels can save you time and money without having to have your wheels refurbished.
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  • With RimPro-Tec you can add color to your wheels with what is in effect a bumper for your easy to scuff rims/wheels. The elegance of the RimPro-Tec design is that the foam tape, mounting track and insert have been designed to all act together to distribute the energy of the impact to rims/wheels from kerbs and other objects.
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  • Rimpro-Tec Wins Awards from around the World RimPro-Tec Awards
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  • This product succeeds by not just offering wheel protection but also personalisation, two key benefits customers seek. Below is just a few of our distributors.
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  • Reduces the risk of kerb damage. Can cover minor kerb damage. Easy to follow installation instructions (Taking only 20 mins to fit a ful set). One size fits wheels from 12 to 22. Aesthetically pleasing. Saves the time and expense of having your wheels refurbished. Interchangeable colours. Discrete colour that blends in to the wheel (See Silver Bentley Wheel), if required. Also they look amazing. Why use RimPro-Tec?
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  • There are three simple components to the patented RimPro-Tec design: A snap in insert. A plastic mounting base track. An acrylic foam attachment tape. (Which is applied to the mounting track during the manufacturing process). Rim Pro-Tec also have a not knowingly supply agreement from 3M for the use of the tried and tested tape. The colour insert and mounting track are produced in extruded plastic coils that are cut to size and formed in a radius that allows for fitment to a range of wheel sizes.
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  • Positioning /Promotion Table Tops Leaflets Floor Stands P.O.P.D Flags Caps T Shirts
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  • RimPro-Tec Mounting Requirements RimPro-Tec will fit any wheel which has at least a quarter inch (6mm) wide flat surface around the rim for the attachment tape to bond to. The mounting surface should be free of any standing ridges caused by spoke design or by damage to the rim prior to installing RimPro-Tec.
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  • RimPro-Tec System Awarded exclusive use of 3M VHB adhesive tape* for wheel trim applications Extruded UV stabilized PVC color insert Available in 8 stock colors Custom blended colors on demand. *tape is applied during extrusion process Unique and Patented 3 component assembly Extruded UV stabilized PVC mounting track Available in alloy wheel silver and black
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  • Bulk and Retail Set Kits Retail Case includes: Retail box 4 x Base Track (Silver or Black) 4 x Inners (Silver or Black) 1 x Application Tool 1 x Packet of 4 Wipes 1 x Instruction Leaflet Bulk Case includes 19 sets of 4 x Base Track (Silver or Black) 19 sets of 4 x Inners (Silver or Black 19 x Application Tools 19 x Packets of 4 wipes 19 x Instruction Leaflets
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