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Transcript of Right Person, Right Place, Right Time Greg Withee NOAA Assistant Administrator for Satellite &...

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  • Right Person, Right Place, Right Time Greg Withee NOAA Assistant Administrator for Satellite & Information Service December 2, 2005 Whats the Way Ahead? Charles Challstrom NOAA Assistant Administrator for Oceans & Coasts
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  • 2 Whats the Challenge? Need to ensure NOAA has the appropriate suite of knowledge, skills, and abilities to continue to meet its mission. Workforce Planning Recruiting Retention Training and Education
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  • 3 Human Capital Council (HCC) The Human Capital Council (Chair Eddie Ribas) serves as the principal forum through which issues affecting strategic human capital management across NOAA are discussed and addressed. Workforce Management & Training Committee Co-chairs Monica Matthews, Percy Thomas EEO Committee (Chair - Al Corea) Diversity Committee (Chair John Jones)
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  • 4 Whats the Way Ahead Workforce Planning Immediate Actions (today) Action:Commitment to Workforce Planning Implementation Lead:All SESs Process:SES Summit III Champions Comp. date:Today
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  • 5 Whats the Way Ahead Workforce Planning (contd.) Mid-term Actions (FY 06) Action:Proposed Workforce Planning Policy and Process to NEP/NEC Lead:Eddie Ribas (Chair, HCC) Process:HCC Committees (Workforce Management & Training, Diversity, and EEO) Comp. date:3rd Quarter, FY06 Action:Complete Workforce Analysis Lead:Monica Matthews (Workforce Management Office) Process:HR working with Lines & Goal Leads Comp. Date:3rd Quarter, FY06
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  • 6 Whats the Way Ahead Workforce Planning (contd.) Long-term Actions (beyond FY06) Action:Implementation of Workforce Planning Policy Lead:AAs and Eddie Ribas Process:Human Capital Council and Line Offices Comp. date:2nd Quarter, FY07 Action:Include Workforce Planning requirements as an integral part of PPBES process Lead:Human Capital Council & Goal Leads Process:PPBES Comp. Date:FYO9-13 Programming Plans
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  • 7 Whats the Way Ahead Workforce Planning (contd.) Long-term Actions (beyond FY06) Action:Use workforce planning information to drive recruitment, retention, and training Lead:Supervisors and HR Specialists Process:Recruiting, Retention, and Training Comp. Date:Ongoing
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  • 8 Whats the Way Ahead Recruiting Immediate Actions (tomorrow) Action:Development and use of NOAA recruitment and marketing tools. Identify existing recruitment and marketing tools, develop integrated NOAA material, mandate use, re-channel existing investments into development of NOAA materials Lead:DAAs/Eddie Ribas Process:Identify existing tools and develop NOAA common marketing materials (videos, brocures, etc.) that be used at job fairs, professional associations, etc. Comp. date:90 days Action:Develop NOAA Recruitment Website Lead:Eddie Ribas, Carl Staton, Louisa Koch Process:Button off NOAA.gov and use in tag lines Comp. date:90 days
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  • 9 Whats the Way Ahead Recruiting (contd.) Immediate Actions (tomorrow) Action: Look at hiring trends and analysis by occupation (retrospective/prospective) Lead:Eddie Ribas, Human Capital Council Process:Analyze historical hiring data to help forecast future and build business case for flexibilities Comp. date:90 days Action: Develop comprehensive inventory of advertising vacancies in journals and periodicals Lead:Eddie Ribas, CFO Council Process:Develop a more integrated advertisement strategy in periodicals/journals; Analyze effectiveness (i.e., Application process add question where did you hear about us?) Comp. date:90 days
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  • 10 Whats the Way Ahead Recruiting (contd.) Immediate Actions (tomorrow) Action: Identify areas in the current recruitment process which can be streamlined, identify flexibilities in creating vacancy announcements, and establish an enhanced role for subject matter experts in the entire process Lead:Eddie Ribas Process:Recruitment process Comp. date:90 days Action: Outreach to student conferences at professional society meetings and use NOAA booth for education/recruitment Lead:Percy Thomas, Louis Uccellini, Randy Exler Process:Pilot at January 2006 AMS Meeting Comp. date:60 days
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  • 11 Whats the Way Ahead Recruiting (contd.) Mid-term Actions (FY06) Action Action:Plan for co-located facilities which could enhance outreach/recruitment relationships Lead:Bill Broglie Process:Facility Master Planning Comp. date:FY06 Action:Research and educate selection officials on the feasibilities seek authorities as necessary Lead:Eddie Ribas, CFO Council Process:Look into new (direct hire authority) and existing authorities (term, students, IPAs, contracts, recruitment bonus, relocation allowances, etc.) Comp. date:FY06
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  • 12 Whats the Way Ahead Recruiting (contd.) Mid-term Actions (FY06) Action Action:Develop recruitment strategy for under-represented categories for NOAA occupations Lead:Eddie Ribas, Human Capital Council, MSI Council Process:Look at current numbers and develop an action plan for activities to address under-representation (looking at existing & former programs) Comp. date:FY06 Action:Develop Sustainable NOAA Recruitment Strategy Lead:Human Capital Council Process:Incorporates existing recommendations and engages the Human Capital Council at looking at future opportunities Comp. date:FY06
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  • 13 Whats the Way Ahead Retention One NOAA/Goal Oriented Employees Actions: Reward Goal & Program Staff Immediate Action:Ideas for Goal/Program leads to reward employees Immediate Action:Disseminate reward ideas sheet to Goal leads for discussion Midterm Action:Work with line offices to implement reward ideas Lead:Frank Kelly with Goal Team Leads/PPI Process:Document established format already used by one goal, Use regular meetings, Virtual NEP Comp. date:February 1, 2006 (Immediate Actions), September 2006 (Midterm Action)
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  • 14 Whats the Way Ahead Retention One NOAA/Goal Oriented Employees Actions: Create One NOAA career path Immediate Action:Look at NOAA Corps positions and match them up with goals see if goal-oriented career paths can be developed Midterm Action:If possible, develop One NOAA career path for Corps Officers or work with DAAs to adjust billets to allow establishment of goal-oriented career paths Long-term Action:Assess effort to develop One NOAA employees and use to assess creation of a certification program including the benefits Lead:I/A & M/A - RDML Rich Behn/Commissioned Personnel Center L/A Human Capital Council with Gary Carter Process:Looking at already established positions Comp. date:Feb. 1, 2006 (I/A) / Sep. 1, 2006 (M/A) / Jan. 1, 2007 (L/A)
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  • 15 Whats the Way Ahead Retention One NOAA/Goal Oriented Employees (contd.) Action: Create One NOAA Career Path Action:Develop example of an expanded job description to initiate an ecosystem career path Lead:Sam Pooley with NMFS DAA Process:Revise existing job description Comp. Date:February 1, 2006 Action: Create Goal-oriented Position Descriptions Lead:PPI Process:Work with Goal Team Leads Comp. Date:July 2006
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  • 16 Whats the Way Ahead Retention Effectively Manage Turnover Action: Electronic Signature Immediate Action:Look at obstacles/opportunities to introduce electronic signature to make NOAA a more flexible and effective workplace Midterm Action: If possible, implement electronic signature in Acquisition and Grants Long Term Action: Expand electronic signature to all of NOAA Lead: Helen Hurcombe with OCIO, Report to NEP on long-term action Comp. date:End of January 2006 (immediate action), end September, 2006 (midterm action)
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  • 17 Whats the Way Ahead Retention Effectively Manage Turnover Action: Improve Tools Midterm Action:Create one pager for HR Staff and managers to help them understand options for returning and reattracting departing employees Midterm Action: How are you using this position to fulfill One NOAA? Add question for hiring checklist Lead:Eddie Ribas with WFMO Process:Put one-pager on NOAA websites and distribute to SESers, Web posting and email Comp. date:March/April 2006
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  • 18 Whats the Way Ahead Retention Effectively Manage Turnover (contd.) Action: Improve Tools Immediate Action: Identify organizations with good workforce websites Midterm Action: Assess NOAA website and other HR-identified websites to suggest improvements for the NOAA website from the customer perspective. Lead:Eddie Ribas and Workforce Management Office/ Human Capital Council Process:Email and Report to NEP Comp. date:January 2006 (immediate action), June 2006 (midterm action) Midterm Action: Explore expansion of Demo slots for NOAA Lead:Louisa Koch Process:Report to NEP Comp. Date:March 2006 Action: Diversity Midterm Action: Enhance strategy to increase number of interns from underrepresented groups. Lead:Louisa Koch Process:Internship hiring processes Comp. Date:April 2006
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  • 19 Whats the Way Ahead Education & Training Corporate Intellectual Recapitalization Process In Place Immediate Actions (tomorrow) Action:Make mandatory for NOAA Workforce Team NOAA online training/Learning Management System (LMS) Lead:Human Capital Council Process:HCC issues policy directive and implementing Team NOAA online training Comp. date:Workforce completion in 60 days Action:All SESers take NOAA Business Model and Team NOAA Lead:NOAA Training Officer -> SES community Process:In hand, ready to go Comp. date:30 days
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