Ricky Phillips, Instructor1 Automatic Sprinkler Systems Chapter 13

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Transcript of Ricky Phillips, Instructor1 Automatic Sprinkler Systems Chapter 13

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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor1 Automatic Sprinkler Systems Chapter 13
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor2 Automatic Sprinkler Systems n Most reliable fixed extinguishing system n No reported multiple deaths in a completely sprinkled building n Controls 70% of all fires with five or fewer sprinklers activated
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor3 Automatic Sprinkler System n Consist of sprinkler heads arranged to automatically distribute water directly to the fire n Water supplied through a system of piping
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor4 Two types of Sprinkler Coverage n Complete Sprinkler Coverage protects the entire building n Partial Sprinkler Coverage protects only certain areas high hazards, exit routes, places required by code or AHJ
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor5 NFPA 13 n Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems n Requirements on spacing, pipe size, and all details concerning the installation of sprinkler systems
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor6 NFPA 13D n Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems in One and Two Family Dwellings and Mobile Homes
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor7 FM or UL Listings n All parts of system regulated by Factory Mutual Underwriters Laboratories
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor8 Effects on Life Safety n Life Safety is enhanced fire is extinguished will small n Combustion products are limited extinguishment in incipient stage n Presence is crucial in high-rise buildings
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor9 System Fundamentals n Sprinklers n Sprinkler Design n Sprinkler Storage n Control Valves n Water Flow Alarms n Water Supply n Fire Department Connection
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor10
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor11 Sprinklers n Discharge water n Fusible Link n Glass Bulb n Chemical Pellet n Quick Response
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor12 Sprinkler Design n Pendant n Upright n Sidewall n Special Sprinklers
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor13 Sprinkler Storage n Storage Cabinet extra heads sprinkler wrench n Changing sprinkler heads should only be performed by representatives of the buildings occupants.
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor14 Control Valves n OS&Y Valve n Post Indicator Valve (PIV) n Post Indicator Valve Assembly (PIVA) n Operating Valves
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor15 Waterflow Alarms n Hydraulic or electrical n warn of water movement in system n Hydraulic alarm sounds local n Electrical alarm sounds local and fire alarm system
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor16 Water Supply
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor17 Fire Department Connection n Provides outside source of water supply n Consists of at least two 2-1/2 female connections or one LDH connection n Supplied by pumper with minimum 1,000 gpm pump or greater n Minimum of two 2-1/2 lines n PDP of 150 psi.
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor18 Types of Systems n Wet-Pipe n Dry-Pipe n Pre-Action n Deluge n Residential
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor19 Wet-Pipe System
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor20 Dry-Pipe System
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor21 Deluge System
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor22 Pre-Action System
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor23 Residential System
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor24 Factors & Considerations
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  • Ricky Phillips, Instructor25 Controlling Water Flow from a Sprinkler Head