Riches to rags

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Transcript of Riches to rags

Riches to Rags

Riches to RagsEric HarringtonBackground1923- Henry Ford creates assembly line1914 WW1 starts1917- U.S. enters the war1919- Treaty of Verseille signed. Ends warTime of fun (1920s)Personal entertainment/ fadsMiss America (1921)Steamboat Willie (1928)RadioPole SittingTime of fun cont.With the radio came dancingFlappersLouie Armstrong and jazzTeam sports fan base grew

InventionsRadioPenicillinInsulin for diabetics

Organized CrimeRose Drastically in the 1920sProhibition was one leading causeSpeak easies Al Capone

End of the decadeOctober 29, 1929 Black TuesdayStock prices fell for weeksThe Great DepressionHoovervilles

Seattle Municipal Archives, Shantytown and garbage dump on 6th Avenue South, 1939, August 31, 2009, Attribution via Flickr

A new DealRoosevelt Elected President So first of all, let me asses my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. - Franklin D. Roosevelt A new hope for America

F.D.R.s new dealRaise the country from the depressionFeds take control of welfareGreat fear of deficit spending avoided

Sfjlar, Franklin D. Roosevelt, October 17, 2008 Attribution License via Flickr daysFirst 100 days of F.D.R.s PresidencyGoal to recover the nationCrazy amounts of legislation passedLegislation that was passedEmergency Banking ActEconomy ActBeer-Wine Revenue Act (tax booze)Agriculture Adjustment ActTennessee Valley Authority ActFederal Securities Act

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)Comes from 100 days Created jobs for people ages 18-25Planted trees, flowers and built national preserves

The second 100 daysSummer Congress 1935More legislation passedStarted to unite everyone working togetherCivil Works AdministrationCreated 1933Provided funds for local government projectsBridges, streets, parks schools Many thought useless but did some goodKey points1920s coming out partyRadio, assembly line affects on AmericaOrganized crimeBlack Tuesday and the DepressionMore key pointsF.D.R.s New DealFirst 100 daysCCC not Second 100 days