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  • 1. Ms. Batinchok

2. DIRECTIONS: Click on the word that rhymes with the word and picture displayed. EXAMPLE:THE WORDIS PENPENPENRHYMESWITH HEN HENCAT PIG 3. THEN: of the rhyming words.On your work sheet you will write both Name: ___________________ PowerPoint: Rhyming Game Directions: From the Rhyming Game, you will write both of the rhyming words for each problem. Example: Example:___pen_______hen___ 1._______________________ 2._______________________ 3._______________________ 4._______________________ 5._______________________ 6._______________________ 4. CATHAT PIG LOG 5. PANBOOK CAKE CAN 6. DOGPAN LOG COOK 7. BOOKHAT CAKE COOK 8. LAKECAT CAKE LOG 9. PIGDIG HAT LAKE 10. Do NOT forget to write your name on yourworksheet!