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Rhizome Barrier
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Rhizome Barrier

About Rhizome Barrier

About Rhizome Barrier

Problems with tree roots, moisture and reactive soils?

Introducing the most cost effective cut-off wall in the business.

The root of the problem. Trees and large shrubs require substantial amounts of water, and as soils dry around the root systems they will naturally extend and grow in the direction of soil moisture. Australian varieties of trees and shrubs use large amounts of water in normal conditions.

Rhizome Barrier

Problems with tree roots, Rhizome Barrier, moisture and reactive soils?The cost effective way to prevent root and moisture stabilisation.

This light weight plastic shield (just 0.75mm thick) is especially designed to form an impenetrable barrier against tree roots and excessive moisture and damp.

The specially engineered Root Barrier material has 700% elongation which gives additional capacity to handle pressure generated by moisture or deflected roots.


Under concrete moisture is trapped naturally, this provides a food source for the tree. Tree roots find the food and transport it back to the tree, the root that finds the most food grows the biggest. Root BarrierTM Under Path Growth Inhibitor creates a 50mm deep zone under the structure which is outside the pH range that trees like to feed on. Roots in this immediate area will not develop to damage the path. The other roots will find a more suitable food source allowing them to support and feed the plant.

Why Choose Rhizome Barrier?

It is waterproofIt is also very economical when compared to available alternatives.Its FlexibleIt prevents moisture moving sideways, through the soil.Our products have many applicationsCivil worksNew housesEstablished houses.Water proof cutoff wallsLandscaping applicationsServices protection

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