Revnexx LLC, USA Introduction to Stevia. Stevia Field

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Transcript of Revnexx LLC, USA Introduction to Stevia. Stevia Field

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  • Revnexx LLC, USA Introduction to Stevia
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  • Stevia Field
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  • Stevia Plant
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  • Stevia powder & dried leaves
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  • Benefits of Stevia Sugar Level : Popularly known as the sweet leaf or the honey leaf, stevia is an effective regulator of blood sugar. It helps lower elevated sugar levels, while having zero effect on normal sugar levels. It is thus an effective medicine for diabetics and people suffering from hypoglycemia. Upset Stomach : A concentrated form of stevia acts as a soothing and healing tonic for stomach disorders, like gas or acidity. Dental Care: Bleeding gums can be taken care of by stevia-based toothpaste and mouthwash. It has the ability to curb and eliminate the conditions favorable to bacterial growth. Common Ailments : Lower incidence of ailments, such as cold and flu, have been found among regular users of this medicinal herb. Skin Care: Stevia has also shown its magical healing quality pertaining to various skin problems like acne, seborrhea, dermatitis, and eczema. A concentrated form of the herb can also be used as a natural cosmetic. The solution is beneficial when applied to the face, leaving it soft and glowing. It can be used to smoothen out wrinkles. In comparison to other medicines, stevia concentrate has been more successful in yielding positive and rapid results, in cases of lip sores, cuts or scratches, and blemishes. Hair Care: Herbal soaps and shampoos containing the stevia concentrate are beneficial, in treating dandruff and scalp problems, when used daily. And what are the aftereffects? Lustrous and healthy hair !
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  • Extracts from Stevia
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  • Stevia is Halal
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  • Stevia consumption in different industries
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  • Stevia Beverages
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  • Stevia Sugar
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  • Stevia as Tea
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  • Coca-Cola will begin selling products made with Stevia Pepsi also has two Stevia-sweetened drinks ready for the market
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  • Stevia Chart