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Transcript of Revit MEP project portfolio



    2012 - 2016

    Designing & Detailing


  • Project & building information:

    Building type : Office type.

    Location : Bengaluru.

    Building area : 3, 89,160 ft.

    No. Of floors : GF + 11

    Indoor design conditions : 77 F, 50% RH.

    Air volume calculation type : VAV single duct system.

    Peak total cooling load : 600 TR (diversity factor: 10%).

    Cooling Air Flow Requirement : 2, 09,480CFM

    Occupancies : 6336 people. Operation time : Day time working (5 days in


  • Heat load report:

    To obtain:

    The Effective Sensible Heat Factor (ESHF): 0.729 Apparatus Dew Point temperature (ADP): 50 F Total effective heat load: 600 TR

    Parameters considered:

    Solar gain glass. Solar & trans. gain walls & roof. Trans. gain except walls & roof. Infiltration and outside air. Room internal heat. Effective room sensible heat. Effective room latent heat.


    ASHRAE -55(thermal comfort applications). ASHRAE -62.1 (fresh air requirement). ASHRAE -90.1(energy standards for high rise buildings).

    Basic refrigeration and air conditioning by P N Anantanarayana (table- A10 ADP).

  • Duct layout design:

    Method of duct design: Equal friction method.

    Software used : Mc Quay Duct Sizer.

    Duct system : VAV single duct system.

    Parameters considered for sizing:

    Volume flow rate of air.

    Velocity of air.

    Pressure drop.

  • System inspector & PD report:

    Finding critical path.

    Finding total pressure drop of system by revit PD report.

  • Clash detecting

    & Resolving:

  • Equipment selection:

    Selection of Supply and Exhaust FAN

    Selected fans:

    1. Floor wise toilet exhaust fan : Centrifugal- inline direct-


    2. Terrace exhaust fan : single inlet single width (SISW) fan.

    3. Supply air fan : backward curved centrifugal fan.


    LAU fan brochure, KRUGER catalogues for fans.

    NBC part 8- lighting and ventilation. (No of air changes required for toilet-10 & office-6 ACH).

    Selection of cooling coil is made based on following

    Technical considerations:

    Coil face velocity: < 500 fpm.

    Material for COIL: COPPER( Cu )


    NO of rows : 06

    Chilled water temperature : 47F 59F

    Mixed air temperature : 54F

    Fouling factor : 0.00025

  • Selection of chiller plant is made based on following

    Technical considerations:

    Cooling capacity each: 275.

    Quantity: 02.

    Cooling method: Water cooled.

    Type: Flooded Screw chiller.

    Flow: Counter flow.

    Water temperature for Evaporator : Inlet : 59F

    Outlet: 47F

  • Selection of cooling tower is made based on following

    Technical considerations:

    Total cooling load: 550 TR

    Capacity: 325 TR

    Quantity: 02

    Type: forced.

    Flow: counter flow.

    Wet bulb temperature of air: 78F

    Approach: 5F

    Range: 11F

  • Public health engineering: System: supply water system, (Over head tank distribution).

    System: single pipe drainage system.

  • System: double pipe drainage system.

    Slope maintained 1:100


    NBC PART-9 PLUMBING SERVICES: SECTION 1-WATER SUPPLY, DRAINAGE & SANITERY. Table 09 office buildings. Table 23 fixture units for sanitary appliances. Table 25, 26 sizing of drainage pipes.

  • Fire suppression system design:

    Fire fight piping layout

    Sprinkler used: Dry - pendant hosted.


    Pipe sizing for the system is done by referring NBC part-4 FIRE AND LIFE SAFETY.