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In this issue we feature Louis Vuitton's rising starlets who model the Spring/Summer Art Deco-inspired jewellery range; we chat to comedy duo Frisky & Mannish about all things cabaret; we nab a front row seat at LFW and showcase the designers setting trends for 2011; we click with photographer Kevin Meredith who talks about his love of Toy Cameras; and we get the vibe from visionary German eyewear designer Dieter Funk. In addition we've included some stunning hotels from around the world, plus our usual round up of gadgets and lifestyle products. Follow us on twitter: @RetroMagazine

Transcript of Retro Magazine Issue Seven

RETROclassic influence. contemporary style.Classic Influence. Contemporary Style.

Issue Seven


Introducing the pop parody pair

Plastic fantastic photography

Visionary designer in focus


Presenting the gems of the future

editor's letterThis issue, Retros been out schmoozing with the fashionistas at London Fashion Week. Despite wading through bubbly and nibblynobs we were at the front of the catwalk to catch the 20s dropwaists; 70s denim and the urban cowboy look; and the heritage brands revisiting their cultural roots (page 42). We were also rather chuffed by the amount of industry bigwigs who said they were big fans of Retro. Thanks for the kind words. Other great features this month include an interview with Frisky and Mannish whose unique blend of cabaret comedy has been gathering followers at a rapid pace, Retro included (page 30). We clicked with photographer, Kevin Meredith, whose book T oy Cameras is a stunning collection of images taken from 40 simple cameras (page 50). We shine a light on the trendsetting girls, chosen for Louis Vuittons Ar t Decoinspired jewellery shoot, wholl be cutting a sar torial dash throughout the year (page 36). We also get down with Dieter Funk, whose eponymous range of eyewear has been a spectacle for nearly 20 years (page 60) and filling Retros cup to brim this month, we finish with a retrospective by Tjinder Singh from Cornershop (page 80). Bruce Hudson Editor

frisky and mannish


36louis vuitton

in this issue

26 36 50 66

Foot down as the Ferrari AT goes under the hammer at RM Auctions Jewel in the crown: A look at Louis Vuittons objects of desire

30 42 60 80

Getting playful with comedy burlesque duo Frisky and Mannish From Polka dots to tar tan, the latest trends from LFWs front row

A bit of snap, crackle and pop from Toy Cameras author Kevin Meredith

FUNKs creator on why hes made such a spectacle of himself

Theres gold in them thar vinyls as 991 rifles through our old records

Nipping out for some milk and a chat with Cornershops Tjinder Singh

london fashion week


50toy cameras

60FUNK eyewear


Images cour tesy of Bill Gold Archive/Reel Ar t Press


Bill Gold: Poster Works In 1942, a young man at Warner Bros. ar t depar tment created a poster for the film, Casablanca. Over the next 63 years, he would make posters for more than 2000 films, and create some of the most iconic images in Hollywood. Bill Gold, now aged 89, is an avid curator and archivist of his own work and has just released a 450-page collection. Included in the book are sketches, designs, notes and photographs previously unseen to the public, along with a foreword by friend and longterm collaborator, Clint Eastwood.


Ray Caesar - Day T rip (Ultrachrome ink on paper) Ray Caesars dramatic-yet-serene ar tworks reveal hidden depths the more you look into his pictures, but as Ray was actually born a dog (according to his website biography) thats not really too surprising! Ar tist isnt the obvious career choice for a canine, par ticularly with their dichromatic vision and lack of thumbs, but this hasnt noticeably affected his work. His haunting creations are littered with a surreal, almost Narnia-esque quality. From the perilous free fall of Calamity to the suave and purposeful gaze of Day T his works rip, predominantly feature straight-faced, Elizabethan-styled children, whose indignant stares and innocent charm cant help but make you think theyre up to mischief. All in all, not a bad effor t from a pooch.


Bill Cunningham New Y ork, a film, by Richard Press Bill Cunningham, now in his eighties, is a fashion photographer known for his candid street photography in the Y ork Times style section. His images set the marker in the genre and his fantastic eye, which captured the essence of fashion trends before they hit the mainstream, cut across social boundaries from the famous T Wolfe, Brooke Astor om and David Rockefeller (who appear in the film eulogising Cunninghams influence) to eccentric wannabes and everybody in between. The problem is Im not a good photographer, Cunningham said in the New Y ork Times. T be perfectly honest, o Im too shy. Not aggressive enough. Well, Im not aggressive at all. I just loved to see wonderfully dressed women, and I still do. Thats all there is to it. This award-winning documentary captures the ar tists sense of self-effacing grace and powerful influence, as New Y ork Vogue editor Anne Wintour famously summarised when she said: We all get dressed for Bill.


Light Cycle by Parker Brothers Choppers Florida-based Parker Brothers Choppers have quite a habit of bringing the best in fictional motoring to life. Over the years Marc and Shanon have created Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds, KITT of Knight Rider fame, and the Batpod from The Dark Knight. But once the world had been made aware of the pairs talents they found themselves facing a new challenge to top it. Comic-book fan Shanon came across the idea for the T Light Cycle after ron seeing a static model of the bike in a preview for the Disney remake at Comic-Con. Three and a half months later, the project was finished. Road-legal, the bike is constructed from steel frames, with fibreglass bodywork and a Suzuki TLR-1000 V-twin engine, with the option of an iPad dock to display essential info while youre cruising around.


T celebrate two special events, weve selected o two very special drinks. Retro couldnt choose between them so weve decided to make them equal fifth. Chin chin!

Jensen Gin Retro has found the perfect companion for World Gin Day on June 12th ( Jensens Gin. After the initial success and critical acclaim of London-Distilled Dry Bermondsey Gin, Danish IT exper t Christian Jensen, has launched an Old T (the nickname for sweet gins of the om 18th century) where sugar is added to the mix. The Jensens Old T recreates om an original 1840s recipe and delivers an intense flavour so it can be quaffed neat, with mixers, or in cocktails like the T om Collins or Mar tinez, which were traditionally made with Old Tom. A brilliant addition to the drinks cabinet.

Special Union Jack Royal Wedding POP Champagne POP, the first mini Champagne bottle to launch in 1999, has established itself as a big hit on the international par ty scene and Champagne Pommery has produced this special Union Jack version for Will and Kates big day. With its extra dry, elegant taste, the range is made to the same high standard as their cuves, and was specially created by the Chef de Cave to be consumed direct from the bottle or with a straw making it the perfect accompaniment to the numerous street par ties being held in honour of the occasion. Hic, hic, hooray!

Nike+ SportWatch with GPS TBA from April, the GPS receiver, combined with a shoe-based Nike+ sensor, delivers accurate pace and distance data after a run. The watch plugs in to a Mac or PC to display information from the run, including total miles, pace and elevation data. Runners can then access a catalogue of running routes along streets and trails around the world, logged by Nike and published by other runners. Each run is mapped via Tom Tom and includes route notes, elevation and length.


Sony MDR EX600 $200, once again, shows off its ability to combine cutting-edge technology with urban street cool. These come with a multiple-layer diaphragm for the driver unit, which prevents resonance and delivers high-resolution sound. The headphones produce a smooth bass with clear and accurate sound reproduction.

Bang & Olufsen BeoCom 2 500 www.bang-olufsen.comBeoCom 2 is crafted from a single piece of aluminium through a hydroforming technique that presses the telephone into its distinct moon-like shape. The result is a durable one-piece telephone, without sharp edges or unattractive joints. The BeoCom 2 comes with up to eight handsets, all from one base, so you wont miss a call wherever you are in the house.

B&W Zeppelin Air iPod Speaker with Apple AirPlay 499 www.johnlewis.comBowers and Wilkins have taken the sleek and curvaceous award-winning Zeppelin iPod speaker system and added the latest cutting-edge audio technology to wirelessly stream music directly from your iPhone, iPad and iPod. If you have more than one Zeppelin Air, you can either choose an individual device to play your music on, or select every Zeppelin Air in your house for a synchronised house par ty.

Jarre Aerosystem iPod Dock & Speakers 799 www.jarre.comIf you want state-of-the-ar t recording studio sound for your lounge, then this totem poll of stainless steel and toughened glass is for you. Produced by 70s ambient synth maestro Jean Michel Jarre and his team of sound engineers in France, the sound system can accept all digital formats and incorporates an electronic signal circuit, tailor-made to reproduce both the bass line and high notes with optimal precision. Envelop yourself in a wall of sound as you breathe in the Oxygene of musical delight in your front room.

Polaroid Grey Label Range TBA www.polaroid.comPolaroid, in collaboration with its new Creative Director, Lady Gaga, have unveiled the Polaroid Grey Label which includes the GL30 Instant Digital camera (pictured right). Polaroid has a long-standing tradition of innovation which Lady Gaga added her creative genius to: I brought my vision and love of fashion, technology and obsession with the future in to all of my work wit