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Resurrecting Aquarius. Seven Years Later Shinteki Aquarius Remix. Should we resurrect Aquarius?. How much work would it be? What changes are needed? Would enough people play?. How much work would it be?. The creative work was mostly done already - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Resurrecting AquariusSeven Years LaterShinteki Aquarius Remix

Should we resurrect Aquarius?How much work would it be?What changes are needed?Would enough people play?2How much work would it be?The creative work was mostly done alreadyThe remaining work (graphic layout, clue construction, permitting, logistical organization, staffing) was just as much work as for a new event.What changes are needed?The world had changed a lot since 2004. Would our original event still work in 2011? Not exactly.

Smart phones and GPS devices are now the normSolving apps are easy to access and useSome locations no longer exist

Location issuesHalf to Have It in 2004

Half to Have It in 2011

5What changes are needed?The Game community has grown and changed significantly since 2004.

Emphasis on the puzzles has increasedEmphasis on non-puzzle activities has decreasedDriving distances between sites have decreasedWe at Shinteki have learned a lot since 2004Puzzle tweaksSunken Booty 2004

A much more complex puzzle for 2011

Would teams think these activities were just a waste of time now?

Streamlined routeWe wanted to shorten drive times if possibleSome original locations did not fit the water theme

Cut Gates of Hell, Sign Hill Park, Battery GodfreyAdd Headwaters, Battleship

Things we removedBig Fish clue didnt work in daylight and had bunching issues

RC boats are illegal in Stow Lake

Would enough people play?There were (or had been) so many spoilers available, we could not make it a competitive eventWe really had no idea if more than a few teams would sign upWe got so many teams, we had to add a second week. Thanks, Game community!

StatisticsOriginal AquariusMay 8, 15 and 22, 200432 total teamsCore GC of 5 people110 mile driving courseAquarius RemixMay 14 & 28, 201135 total teamsCore GC of 2 people80 mile driving course

Conclusion: mostly goodProsLots of new playersGot a chance to improve on the original (mostly)Shorter lead time than an event from scratchOriginal players helped us run the event. Thanks!ConsOriginal players didnt get a new eventLess creative work, but still a lot of workWhats next? Disneyland!