Restroom cleaning

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Restroom cleaning. Daily and weekly maintenance. What is different?. The application method!!. WHAT IS THE SAME?. What needs to be done!!. What chemicals are needed. Disinfectant cleaner Glass cleaner Toilet b owl cleaner Hydrogen-peroxide cleaner Hard water cleaner. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Restroom cleaning

Restroom cleaning

Restroom cleaningDaily and weekly maintenanceWhat is different?

The application method!!WHAT IS THE SAME?What needs to be done!!

What chemicals are neededDisinfectant cleaner

Glass cleaner

Toilet bowl cleaner

Hydrogen-peroxide cleaner

Hard water cleaner

Note: There are some additional chemicals that may be needed every once in a while such as vandalism remover and F-Matic acid urinal block/Deodorizer refills.

Have your supplies ready to go!PPEMicrofiber / Terry cloth towelsSoapPaper productsCloth roll towelsLiners for trash cansLiners for sanitary napkin receptaclesDisposable seat coversEtc.

Note: Having an organized closet and cart will save you time and is easier to maintain if straightened and stocked daily at the end of the work shift.

Start high and dry!

Start with dusting the vents and anything else up high.

Move on to sweeping up the dry stuff on the floor.


EVERYTHING!All dispensersSinksFaucetsStall partitionsStall handlesUrinalsToiletsHandicap safety railsEtc.Note: Make sure to properly dilute the disinfectant. If it is too concentrated it will leave a sticky residue when dried.

Dont rush your dwell time

Disinfectants need 10 minutes dwell time to be effective.

Use the time to refill dispensers! Apply bowl cleaner to toilets and urinals and let dwell like the disinfectant.Be careful with squeegees, they can force water into the frames and ruin the mirror.

Better: Use a microfiber cloth and a trigger spray bottle.Take care of your mirrors!

Scrub, wipe and polish

After your dwell time is up, scrub toilets and urinals, wipe down partitions and dispensers, and polish chrome faucets and fixtures.

take care of your floors!

The best way to keep the tile and grout clean is to:

Mop with a disinfectant cleaner daily

Deep scrub monthly, weekly, or when necessary with a hydrogen-peroxide cleaner to get the grout cleaned and to get any residue up. Use a tile brush to get into the grout. After finishing the deep scrub, mop with a disinfectant.

Note: Using a square scrub instead of a traditional swing arm buffer is a great way to get the corners better and is less physically demanding. Use a special astro-turf type pad.