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Restroom App

Restroom AppBy: Corey Dinneen 2/10/2013Restroom App

What this App will doThis App will give individuals who need to use the restroom while theyre shopping or walking around a mall, city, or whatever where there is a public restroom.

2/10/2013Restroom App

Who and where will the App be available for?This app is for mainly Apple products; Ipads, IPod's, IPhone's etc.Who the app will be available to is everyone who is need to find a public restroom.

2/10/2013Restroom App

Why does this problem to be solved?Well this problem needs to be solved because no one likes walking around whether it be a city, or Shopping Outlet needing to go to the bathroom and holding it. The cost of the app will be .99 cents so that it pays whoever joins the app to pay them for allowing to use their restroom.

2/10/2013Restroom App

How do you use itIt is a very easy app to use for all IPhone users. All you will need to do is type in city, town, or store you are in and it will give you the of at least 10 restrooms in a 5 mile radius.

2/10/2013Restroom App

Country it pertains too.The country it will mostly pertains to is the United States, and any restaurants/stores etc, want to sign up. Eventually it will grow to Europe.

2/10/2013Restroom App

Ultimate GoalThe ultimate goal of this app is just have people aware of local restrooms for whenever they need to go. 2/10/2013Restroom App