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The Jackie Robinson StrategyJennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, Presidentwww.RespectAbilityUSA.org1


57 million Americans with disabilities are largely viewed with PITY, not for their ABILITIES

Approximately 70% of working-age Americans with disabilities dont have jobs. No improvement in the 24 years since passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Indeed, the gap between % of people with and without disabilities in the workforce INCREASED!


While women and minority groups have been able to enter the workforce, the employment gap between Americans with and without work limitations has expanded. (Civilians aged 16-64)

Trend line based on a work limitation measure of disability --- Do you have a disability or health condition that limits the kind or amount of work you can do? 3

Increase in Disability Rolls Due to Aging Baby Boomers, But $ Savings will Come with Young4

Research conducted by the Disability Compendium shows a stark contrast between the percentage of people with and without disabilities who are outside of the workforce:


Key Facts1. The majority of Americans with disabilities who are working-age want to work. They represent a talent pool of 9 million Americans who can make companies and organizations stronger and better.

2. Hiring people with disabilities can make companies more profitable. Nationally Walgreens, EY, AMC & others have found this to be true as employees with disabilities, when aligned with their talents and interests, are more productive, loyal and have fewer work place accidents than employees without disabilities. 3. Hiring Americans with disabilities can save money for taxpayers. The U.S. spends billions each year on benefits to people who, in most cases, would rather have a hand up than a hand out. They need to be included in employment because of the talents they bring to the table. Their work and commitments to success can be a part of how the U.S. can compete successfully.


More Than Half of Likely Voters are Connected to Someone with a DisabilityDo you, a family member, or a close friend have a disability?7

Party IdentificationDo you, a family member, or a close friend have a disability?8

No Downside for Candidates to Support Policies for Those with DisabilitiesWould you be more or less likely to vote for a Congressional candidate who is committed to making policies and programs to help those with disabilities a national priority, or would it make no difference to your vote?+419


503 Rules Create New Opportunities for Inclusive Federal Contractors (7% of workforce to be people with disabilities), 402 works for veterans.

WIOA passed Senate 95-3, House 416-6, President will sign it TODAY.

WIOA: EVERY STATE must produce a unified strategic plan for providing training, employment services and vocational education in a coordinated way.



Example: Contracts Performed in Wisconsin (FY 2011)

Top 5 Contractor Parent Companies:Oshkosh Corporation$4,720,688,212Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation $148,403,532General Electric Company $104,174,979National Presto Industries Inc. $104,079,936Kimberly-Clark Corporation $65,551,668 African American to play in Major League Baseball in the modern era, starting in 1947.By starting him at first base, the Brooklyn Dodgers ended racial segregation in the MLB under the leadership of Branch Rickey with the full support of the team.When they hired Jackie, the Dodgers enjoyed more athletic success, sold more tickets, and gained a larger fan base.Jackies Athletic Awards:Selected for six consecutive All-Star Games (1949 1954)Won the National League Most Valuable Player Award in 1949Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962


Jackie Robinson


He is the first pro athlete in ANY sport to have his jersey universally retired (number 42) across all major league teams1213

Superstars with Disabilities


Albert Einstein:Autism Spectrum

Thomas Jefferson: Dyslexia

Ludwig von Beethoven: DeafFrida Kahlo: Post-polio syndrome & Spina bifida

Peter Falk: Used prosthetic eyeChristopher Reeve: Quadriplegia

Franklin D. Roosevelt: Post-polio syndrome


Superstars with Disabilities

14Derrick Coleman: DeafRichard Branson: DyslexiaLauren Potter: Down syndromeStephen Hawking: ALS

Stevie Wonder: Blind

Whoopi Goldberg: Dyslexia

Amy Purdy: Uses prosthetic legs

Marlee Matlin: Deaf

Peter Orfalea: ADD/ADHD & Dyslexia

Michael J. Fox: Parkinsons Disease

Find Your Employer Heroes

Every state needs at least 200 leadership employers. Walgreens, EY, AMC Theaters, Hospitals, Senior living among others have found they can do good and do well at the same time. 1516

EY (Ernst & Young)


Professional employment opportunitiesOne school year or 9 months10 12 young adults with a variety of intellectual and developmental disabilitiesInstructor and job coachesImmersed in host business cultureRotations through unpaid internships with continual feedbackOutcome of employment in the community17

Project SEARCH: Program Description

17The Project SEARCH Definition of a Successful Outcome:Competitive employment in an integrated settingYear-round work16 hours per week or moreMinimum wage or higher

273 programs in 44 states2500 young people per year60% healthcare, 40% broad mix of business types68% employment88% employee benefit eligible35% take employee benefits, usually at 5 yearsBenefits alone save roughly 1 million dollars over a lifetimeFamily involvement curriculum to drive familial change in attitude




Project SEARCH: Serial Funding



Lessons Learned from Project SEARCH


The Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities has created a PROMISE grant, which includes work experiences and apprenticeships.Lets Get to Work results have shown that a combination of strategies aimed at youth, family, community/employer expectations, and service systems get the full return on investment.If only 10% of youth enrolled in PROMISE are off SSI cash benefits as a result of the project, the entire $32.5 million grant pays for itself!21



Poll: Greatest Barriers to Finding Job with Competitive Wages (chart shows answers from 720 PwDs seeking employment)


National Disability Coalition

23Established by Social Security.Gives stakeholders the opportunity to share their ideas and experiences directly with policy makers.Online forum three times per year starts Sept. 24, 2014.

Impactful Change for PwDs to Find Work

24F/F/P/V Friends, Family, Professionals and VolunteersWhat do you think would make the most impact in helping people with disabilities to find a job?PwD CombinedF/F/P/V CombinedChange in attitudes so that employers see the positive value of hiring people with disabilities.40%38%More training for employers on successfully recruiting, hiring, and accommodating employees with disabilities.37%34%A change in disability benefits so that recipients could work without risking losing them altogether.41%30%Better school-based training and transition services to prepare people with disabilities for work.20%29%More internship and early work opportunities for young people with disabilities.20%26%More and better programs that assist people with disabilities with finding work.23%25%More government incentives and laws for companies to hire people with disabilities.21%19%


What one word or phrase sums up the biggest obstacle to people with disabilities finding and succeeding in a job?(answer included, but not limited to)

National Governors AssociationJobs for People with Disabilities

Governor Jack Markell of DelawarePast Chair, National Governors Association


Key NGA Recommendations

27Make disability employment part of the state workforce development strategy.Find and support businesses in their efforts to employ people with disabilities.Be a model employer by increasing the number of people with disabilities working in state government.Prepare youth with disabilities for careers that use their full potential, providing employers with a pipeline of skilled workers.Make the best use of limited resources to advance employment opportunities for people with disabilities.


Theory of Change Needs to Work!

28A + B + C + D + E + F + G + H = SUCCESSVoc. Rehab. ALONE is not the answer.You cant push hiring PwDs and expect it to work without changing public perception. People wont buy what they dont think is best. Need to create DEMAND for talents, companies with inclusive cultures, and individuals with skills that match needs. Dont be selling a bag phone Focus on Better Bottom Line.

WIOA: EVERY STATE must produce a unified strategic plan for providing training, employment services and vocational education in a coordinated way! Plus, Governors bring together silos of government: Workforce developmentTax and other incentivesHealthcareTransportationEducationVoc. Rehab.State can be a model inclusive employerCan encourage state contractors to be inclusive