Resolving Conflicts and Preventing Violence

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Resolving Conflicts and Preventing Violence. Melissa Amos BaDonna Funches Jolie Martin. Group 4 Chapter 14 Lesson 1 and 2. Grade: 9 th Ages: 13-15. Self Test!. Serious Violent Crime Rate in U.S. Schools. Rate Per 1,000 Students Ages 12-18. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Resolving Conflicts and Preventing Violence

  • Resolving Conflicts and Preventing ViolenceMelissa AmosBaDonna FunchesJolie Martin

  • Group 4 Chapter 14 Lesson 1 and 2Grade: 9thAges: 13-15

  • Self Test!

  • Serious Violent Crime Rate in U.S. Schools Rate Per 1,000 Students Ages 12-18

  • Rates of Bullying and Other School Discipline Problems

  • Types of Conflicts

    Definition of ConflictInterpersonalInternal

  • How Conflicts Build


  • Recognizing Conflicts

    Physical warning signsKnot in stomachFast heart rateLump in throat Cold and sweating palmsSurge of energyConfrontational body language

  • Recognizing ConflictEmotional warning signsFeeling concernGetting defensiveWanting to cry, lash out or escapeNot feeling valued

  • Responding to Conflicts

    Personal health and safety primary concernWalking away

  • Conflict Resolution Skills

    Whenever youre in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.~William James

  • 3Cs of Conflict ResolutionCommunicationCooperationCompromise

  • 3 Rs of Conflict Resolution


  • Tolerance

    More tolerance, less conflict.Accept others differences.Let people be themselves.

  • NegotiationThe issue is important to you.Check your factsRemember, goal is a solution.Rehearse.

  • Conflict Resolution Steps

    1.Choose a time and place conducive to working out problems2.Work together at a solution3. Keep an open mind

  • Conflict Resolution Steps

    4.Be flexible5.Take responsibility for your actions and role in the conflict6.Give the person an out

  • Peer Mediation

    Ground RulesSolve the problem Tell the truth Listen without interrupting Be respectful Take responsibility for carrying out the agreement Keep the situation confidential

  • Peer Mediators TasksSet up ground rulesFind a neutral locationConfidentialityLet each side explain their side of storyClarify pointsSign an agreement

  • Need Peer Mediation?

  • Matching Game!

  • Conflict Scenario

  • 1. Could this situation been handled better?2. Did they use the 3 Rs of conflict resolution?3. Looking at the six conflict resolution steps, what could they have done differently?

  • Community ResourcesJacksonvilles Childrens Commission126 Church Street, Suite 201Jacksonville, Florida 32202 (904) 630-3647

    Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation Project P.O. Box 117050G315 Norman Hall University of Florida Gainesville, FL 32611-7050 (352) 392-0726, ext. 281

  • ReferencesConflict Resolution/Peer Mediation Project. (1996) Resolving Conflict through Peer Mediation - Student Workbook, Teachers Edition. University of Florida.

    Kreidler, William, J. (1997) Conflict Resolution in the Middle School: A Curriculum and Teaching Guide. Cambridge, MA: Educators for Social Responsibility.

  • References Merki, M. B., & Merki, D. (1999). Resolving conflicts and preventing violence. Glencoe health: A guide to wellness. (pp313-337). Woodland Hills, CA: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill.

    National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center. (2002). Facts for teens: Conflict resolution. Retrieved September 29, 2004 from

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