Residency Presentation. Rex & Me Rex = 10 Months

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Rex = 10 Months

Transcript of Residency Presentation. Rex & Me Rex = 10 Months

Residency Presentation Rex & Me Rex = 10 Months Rex = Tricks Sit! Down! Paw! Bang! Rex: Good Luck! One of my tricks... Overview of Dance Medicine Objectives 1.) Understand the physical and psychological needs of the dance population. 2.) Identify common dance injuries and their implications. 3.) Utilize proper physical therapy interventions to treat dance injuries. So You Think You Can Dance? (Not just a TV show) Potts & Irrgang, 2001 Dancers are a unique subset of the sports medicine patient population since they must combine aspects of art and science. No Physical activity calls for greater physical versatility than dance. From explosive bursts of speed punctuated by bravura jumping to infinitesimally exquisite precision and control creating the illusion of gravity defying lightness, from seemingly supra-human flexibility and balance to the strength necessary to carry one another, dancers are athletes as much as they are artists. Subjective History & Risk Factors to Consider Dance Medicine Dancer vs. typical patient = Extreme ROM Anatomic Alignment Perfect feet? Pes Cavus Pes Planus Femino 2000 supple and rigid Hip anteversion vs. retroversion Environment Raked Stage Sprung Floor Non-Sprung Floor Footwear Men and Women ballet slippers give poor shock absorption. Need for dexterity Pointe shoes Readiness? 12x BW Internal Environment Illness Increased risk of injury Nutrition Female athlete triad Gamboa 2008 ...amenorrheic for > 6 mo. Were 93% more likely to sustain a stress fracture Bolin 2001 ...dancers with a stress fx were more likely to consume