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  • 1. Researched Photographers Photographer 5: Rankin About this photographer Rankin is a very famous photographer from Glasgow who has many prestigious clients all around the world. With his first publication being in 1992 (the magazine Dazed and Confused which he founded with Jefferson Hack), he has since then gone on to be one the most influential photographers around today with a platform of style and an innovative distinct trademark to all his work. Why have I picked this photographer? When I saw Rankins work I was immediately drawn to it an inspired. I find his work very innovative and different to other photographers that I have looked at. His work always expresses fun and flirty vibes which make the photos more visually interesting to look at. I like the connection that Rankin seems to get with all his models/subjects and this is evident in his photos, again adding to the fun vibe they all have. This first photo that I found its visually something very interesting to look at. I love how you can see the graduation in the makeup being added, and how the makeup itself is very contemporary and modern. The fact the look is so modern is initially something that really caught my attention as some may argue that this is not strictly makeup and I like the controversy this controversy has also added to the overall image. The same model has been used each time with a similar pose but she has a different expression each time and this added lots of different emotions in the overall shot e.g. quirky, confused, shocked, happy etc. Everything in the shot is pale or white (the background and the models hair and skin) and this has allowed for the pale/light pastel colours to stand out on the makeup. I like this next photo has it has used multiple models with the same look to get across the same feeling and vibe in the shot (which is something I have not looked at yet). The eyes have been accentuated with the bold dark makeup and embellishments around them and this framing of them has helped to create a dark, smouldering feel in the photo. The photo has a dirty feel about it as the models are covered in black body paint, but this has also added to the smouldering side and helped to make a sexier, sultry side to the photo. The expression of the models all match and work well together, as well as their body language and pose, and this shows how the photographer has instructed and guided them well to end up with a brilliant shot at the end.

2. I find this third shot mysterious and enticing. This is for many reasons, one being that the eyes of the model connected well with the camera and make it drawing to look at. Another is the way the eyes have almost been kept clear of the smoke in the photo, making them easier to see and therefore the focal point the smoke though has added a sense of mystery and eeriness as well. The dark background has enhanced this feeling, as well the expression of the model. I like the pose of the model and the cropping of the photo, as you cannot exactly she how she is holding herself, but it looks pretty and delicate. The makeup is quite simple, only really being used to accentuate the eyes and any other distractions (e.g. hair) ahs been slicked back or removed from the shot. The nails have been painted dark in the photo and this has subtlety played well with the eyes, contrasting beautifully with the pale skin.The final photo I found was this one. I think its quite controversial in some ways and is trying to get a message across to society with the young childs face being covered in makeup, and being made to look like a doll whose head has been ripped off. Its saying how children are too exposed to makeup and its wrong theyre controlled by the media and feel the pressure from a young age to look perfect. I think the composition and the overall idea of the photo I very interesting and something different to what I have seen before. It looks very contemporary and artistic, something that I love to see in photography. The expression on the face is drawing to look as the subject looks shocked the eyes are larger and the mouth is slightly open, creating a focal point within the photo. The makeup looks like a child might have done it with all the bright colours, and this is also reflected with the choice of colour for the background, which also looks quite child-like and playful. I think the Photoshop or computer skills that went into this photo are remarkable as the photographer has been able to recreate the face on the dolls head. This is very inspiring and something I would like to try myself. Influence I have found Rankins work very inspiring. I love his style and the energy all his photos seem to have. Then contemporary appearance has something I also strive for in my own work. I like the way he connects with his models and in turns gets them to connect well with camera. This is something that is important when directing models in order to get a good photo. He uses computer effects that I hadnt considered before and this is something I am influence to now try. In terms of what he photographs, the modern makeup/art her always captures is something I want to attempt as opposed to something more classic as it gives a nice refreshing twist. 3. Summary Overall, I definitely Rankin is a photographer whose work mirrors something that I would like to create myself. I like the controversial edge some of his work has, as this is something I have yet to explore in my own project. I think I would also like to start working with more models and work on directing my own shoots better in order to get a really great photo like he does where the subject really connects with the camera.