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Research Support Community Day 11 February 2013 Griffith University

Transcript of Research Support : Stephanie Bradbury: QUT

  • 1. LIBRARY SERVICES I V I S I O N O F T E C H N O L O G Y , I N F O R M A T I O N A IN D A R Y A R R V IN G S S U P P O R TL BR L E SE N I researchers in Getting Published Stephanie BradburyResearch Support Librarian CRICOS No. 00213J

2. LIBRARY for ResearchersGREENGOLD Open Access QUT ePrints Financially supported Article Processing Charges Tracking Research Impact Research Skills Workshops Integrated research data management service External Data Service 3. LIBRARY in 2003QUT ePrints Repository 41,792 records 24,315 with full-text attachedQUT ePrints is backed by three University wide policies 9,025,440 downloadsF/1.3 QUT ePrints repository for research outputF/1.10 Library treatment of theses 4. LIBRARY visibility Having open access papers in QUT ePrints increases visibility online 5. LIBRARY SERVICES ePrints provides a dashboard of statistics whereresearchers canget a snapshotof the impact made by their researchoutputs. 6. LIBRARY Intellectual property policy 7. LIBRARY Support for Open Access Publishing QUT Library has supported QUTresearchers publishing in GOLDOpen Access journals since 2006. The Library pays the articleprocessing charges for QUTresearchers who are thecorresponding author of articlespublished in approved open accessjournals. 8. LIBRARY 9. LIBRARY SERVICES Support for Open Access Publishing QUT Library will consider payment of article processing charges for articles accepted forpublication in an open access journal where a QUT researcher is the corresponding authorbased on the following criteria: ACCESS: The full content of the journal is publicly available online (OA) immediately on publication. QUALITY: Publication in the journal must confer a reasonable level of quality on accepted articlesbased on the journal having a rigorous pre-publication peer review process. This could be in the form ofone of the following: the journal is indexed by Scopus | Sciverse or Thomson Reuters | Web of Science the journal is included on the ERA 2012 Journal list the journal holds a refereed status in Ulrichsweb the journal has a high status editorial board or providing significant value-adding in the copy-editing and formatting If you are seeking financial support to cover article processing charges in an open access journal,please contact the Research Support Librarian or your Liaison Librarian before submitting yourmanuscript to check the journal meets the criteria. In addition to the above criteria, please note: QUT Library will not cover excess page charges payment of invoices is not retrospective. 10. LIBRARY SERVICES of Publications with Library Supported Author Publishing Charges by Faculty14012013010080 84604020 1 50 Creative IndustriesEducation HealthScience and EngineeringQUT Faculties PLoS ONE: Research Article, published 23 Jun 2010 10.1371/journal.pone.0011273 11. LIBRARY SERVICES on Author Publishing Fees 12. LIBRARY SERVICES Research Impact Liaison Librarians advise on: Discipline specific metrics and data sources. Author identifies (ORCID and ResearcherID) Tracking Research Impact Workshops inform and provide opportunity toexplore a range of tools that demonstrate the impact of work. Measuring Research Impact Guide gives information on metrics, tools andstrategies to enable tracking and monitoring of research impact and increasevisibility and reach of publications. A Research Impact Report can be requested by Assistant DeansResearch, Research or Institute Directors for the purpose of supporting largegrants (e.g. NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence; ARC Centres ofExcellence), external reviews (e.g. professional accreditations of researchgroups) and establishment of research centres. Six weeks is required tocomplete reports. 13. LIBRARY 14. LIBRARY SERVICES Getting Published: The science and the art of writing and revising forpublications Writing the Track Record NHMRC and DECRA grants Managing Research Data Technologies for collaboration Uploading to QUT ePrints External Research Datasets Research Strategies for Effective Time Management Visualisation tools for research impact Alt-metrics Census/Cdata Social media to promote research Where to publish and what to consider 15. LIBRARY SERVICES for Open Access PublishingThe Library hasprovided thetechnical supportwhich has enableda group of seniorQUT academics tolaunch a new, peerreviewedinternational openaccess journal[Open JournalSystems] 16. LIBRARY SERVICES new repository for research datasets 17. LIBRARY SERVICES Datasets External Dataset service HILDA LSAC/LSIC CURFs Financial Datasets Since 2010, QUT Library has been liaising with faculties to identify demand for large scale commercially available research datasets which, by their nature, are unaffordable for individual researchers or schools and faculties. The QUT Business School is where most unmet demand was identified in the first instance, and the School of Accounting and the School of Economics and Finance in particular. 18. LIBRARY you