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Transcript of Research paper assignment - · PDF file Research paper assignment Anna Maria Jönsson,...

  • 9/11/2015


    Research paper assignment

    Anna Maria Jönsson, INES

    NGEA03 - HT2015

    Different kinds of papers

    Peer reviewed

    • Research article/paper

    • Review article

    • Opinion / Letter /Communication

    Not peer reviewed

    • Popular scientific articles

    • Newspapers

    • Home pages, blogs

  • 9/11/2015


    Scientific papers

    • Research articles/paper - original research, not published before

    • Reviews - summary of recent findings,

    - coverage of previous work and future directions

    • Opinion / Letter / Short communication - present new ideas and new contributions to the field of research

    Scientific papers

    • Peer-reviewed quality controlled after submission, before publication

    • The journal editor send the manuscript to two or more reviewers, independent experts within the field of research

    • The reviewers provide comments, and grade the manuscript acceptable for publication, minor-major revision, not acceptable

  • 9/11/2015


    • Is the information new, important and original?

    - Results not published before?

    • Is relevant background information provided?

    - Correct use of references, relevant studies cited?

    - Clearly stated aim?

    • Are the methods relevant? - Is it possible to repeat the study?

    - Appropriate hypothesis and statistical tests?

    • Is the interpretation of results sound? - Relevant information provided in tables and figures?

    - Tables and figures easy to understand?

    • Appropriate discussion and conclusions? - Related to the aim of the study?

    What do the reviewers check?

    A scientific hypothesis

    Can be tested and falsified (Karl Popper)

    Should be tested using

    appropriate scientific methods

    and statistical analysis

    Accept or reject the hypothesis

    based on experimental results

  • 9/11/2015


    Both authors and reviewers should

    check the Guide for Authors

    available at the journal homepage

    General outline of a research article

    within the field of natural science

    • Title

    • Authors

    • Abstract

    • Keywords

    • Introduction

    • Aim and Hypothesis Last paragraph of introduction

    • Material & Methods

    • Results Including Figures and Tables

    • Discussion

    • Conclusion

    • Acknowledgement

    • References

  • 9/11/2015


    Different kinds of scientific journals

    • Traditional journals (costs money, readers pay)

    • Open access (freely available, authors pay)

    • Journal Impact factor • the number of times an average paper in a particular

    journal is cited during the preceding years

  • 9/11/2015


    Journal Citation Reports (JCR)

    can be found on ISI Web of Knowledge /Web of Science

    • Citations of single papers • can be found on e.g. ISI Web of Knowledge /Web of Science

  • 9/11/2015


    Research paper assignment

    • Task 1: general questions about scientific papers

    hand in answers by September 18

    • Task 2: reviewers’ report and oral presentation

    work two and two,

    review two research papers

    hand in the written report by October 20

    oral presentation, October 27

    Grading: not passed, passed, passed with distinction

    Paper Reviewer 1 Reviewer 2

    Multitemporal analysis (1940-1996) of land cover changes in the southwestern Bogotá highplain (Colombia)

    Impacts of forest cover change on ecosystem services in high Andean mountains

    Application of Aerial Photography and Photogrammetry in Environmental Forensic Investigations

    The history of intertidal blue mussel beds in the North Frisian Wadden Sea in the 20th century: Can we define reference

    conditions for conservation targets by analysing aerial photographs?

    Calibrating Corn Color from Aerial Photographs to Predict Sidedress Nitrogen Need

    Aborigine-managed forest, savanna and grassland: biome switching in montane eastern Australia

    Quantitative assessment of vegetation structural attributes from aerial photography

    Braided River Flow and Invasive Vegetation Dynamics in the Southern Alps, New Zealand

    Optimizing templates for finding trees in aerial photographs

    Evaluating Light Availability, Seagrass Biomass, and Productivity Using Hyperspectral Airborne Remote Sensing in Saint Joseph's

    Bay, Florida

    Using aerial photography for identification of marine and coastal habitats under the EU’s Habitats Directive

    Historic land cover change in the agricultural Midwest using an object-based approach for classification of high-resolution


    Estimating basal area coverage of subtidal seagrass beds using underwater videography

    The Influence of Land Use Change on Landslide Susceptibility Zonation

    River and landslide dynamics on the western tanganyika rift border, uvira, dr congo

    A methodological study for biotope and landscape mapping based on CIR aerial photographs

    Mapping of Periglacial Geomorphology using Kite/Ballon Aerial Photography

    Detection of Vegetation Degradation on Swedish Mountainous Heaths at an Early Stage by Image Interpretation

    High-resolution vegetation data for mangrove research as obtained from aerial photography

    Stream change analysis using remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

    Biophysical and Biochemical Sources of Variability in Canopy Reflectance

    Quantifying the cool island intensity of urban parks using ASTER and IKONOS data

    Progressive abandonment and planform changes of the central Platte River in Nebraska, central USA, over historical timeframes

    Glacier variability (1967-2006) in the teton range, Wyoming, United States

    Classification of Australian forest communities using aerial photography, CASI and HyMap data

    Malaria incidence in nairobi, kenya and dekadal trends in ndvi and climate variables

    Water balance approach for rainwater harvesting using remote sensing and GIS techniques, jammu himalaya, india

    The use of large scale Aerial photography to inventory and monitor arid rangeland vegetation

  • 9/11/2015


    The papers are available on

    kursdata:\NGEA03\Research paper assignment\artiklar

    Don’t forget to sign the list!