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Research Paper Assignment. GSGE 234 Preparing for the genomic revolution D. O'Reardon, Instructor L. Dobson, Ashtonbee campus librarian 2010 APRIL 1. GSGE 234 Preparing for the Genomic Revolution. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Research Paper Assignment

  • Research Paper Assignment

  • GSGE 234 Preparing for the Genomic Revolution

    The 21st century, the Genomic Age, promises to revolutionize our biological, medical, social and political world like nothing else has done since the Industrial Revolution

  • Libraries at all 4 campusesAshtonbee Campus Room A-105Progress CampusCentre for Creative Communications CampusScience & Technology Centre Campus

  • Centennial College Libraries

    Libraries website address:


  • Ask the Library contacts

  • Library offers help with APA style

  • You can set up an account with RefWorks if you want software to help you manage your bibliography and in-text citations

  • Look for booksSTART YOUR RESEARCH on Library homepage

  • Sample record book on the shelf on cloning

  • Sample records e-book in the Library on cloning

  • Look for booksGoogle Books on the Internet

  • Sample records Google e-books on gene testing

  • Articles research - Library e-resources

    Centennial Libraries offers over 100 e-resources (also called databases)

    Logon required off campus

    Some available on campus only, some both on and off campus 24/7*

  • library.centennialcollege.caDistance Access

  • librarylibrary

  • Look for articlesSTART YOUR RESEARCH on Library homepage

  • Database precision search tools (search strings, fields, full text, etc.)

  • Look for a specific journal Does Library have Scientific American magazine?START YOUR RESEARCH on Library homepageSelectFull Text Journal List

  • Does Library have Scientific American magazine?

  • Look for articles Google ScholarSTART YOUR RESEARCH on Library homepage

  • Searching the INTERNET

    Lots of informationsome good quality (e.g. unbiased, well researched)some poor quality (e.g. biased , badly researched)

    Remember.anyone can post information on the Internet

  • Trustworthy websites?1. Authority (who provides the information?)

    2. Accuracy (well researched information?)

    3. Currency (up-to-date?)

    4. Objectivity (unbiased, factual?)


  • Widener University Evaluate Web Pages tutorial

  • *Library resources will be used and help availableVirtual presence our website