Research on Black Taj, The book on Black Taj. The Mystery of Taj Mahal, Taj Mahal

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Transcript of Research on Black Taj, The book on Black Taj. The Mystery of Taj Mahal, Taj Mahal

  • The Black Taj MahalAge - old story circulating around the Taj Mahal Reality or Myth ??

  • The subject of Black Taj Mahal cannot be left without giving cogent answer as the mausoleum of Emperor Shah Jahan is missing.

    The clarity on the subject will remove several confusions of the tourists.

    Importance of the Research

  • Shah Jahans BurialInstinctively, he should have demarcated some place for his final resting and would have commenced the construction in his life. Might be, he did it at the Mahtab Bagh !!!Shah Jahan did not plan anything for his own resting place ??? He was the man of great demonstrative nature and belonged to the dynasty where all of his ancestors were resting in grand mausoleums.

  • Concept of another tomb for Shah Jahan was notedby the French traveller Tavernier in the book Le Six Voyage De Jean Baptiste Tevernier it was published in 1679 A.D. in France.Origin of the ConceptBut there are remarkable irregularity in Taj Mahal and Mahtab Bagh which insists that Taverniers writing need to be reviewed again.However, the theory of Tavernier were not accepted on the ground of several technical reasons.

  • Available historical evidences are not sufficient to form any final opinion, But the material evidences present in the Taj Mahal and Mahtab Bagh leads to possible conclusion.

    OverviewWhat is abnormal with the cenotaph of Shah Jahan in the Taj Mahal? And under what circumstances this abnormality would have happened? Why Mahtab bagh, being integral part of the original scheme of Taj Mahal, is insignificant and unconnected with Taj Mahal, if compared with architectural elements of the whole complex?Research clarifies the two points which is related to Shah Jahans burial:

  • A Complete researchAuthor : Iftakhar Nadime Khan (Arshi)Foreword : Mohammad K K , Director A.S.I., North (Retd.)Publisher : Bloomsbury PublishingYear : January, 2014ISBN : 978-93-82951-35-3Page : 260 ppMRP : 1995.00 Indian RupeeReserve your copy with attractive discount: Call: +91 9711910446OrEmail: [email protected]