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Research Data Alliance. Fall 2013 CNI Member Meeting. Chris Greer NIST Larry Lannom CNRI. Research Data Alliance. Vision Researchers and innovators openly share data across technologies, disciplines, and countries to address the grand challenges of society. Mission - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Research Data Alliance

PowerPoint Presentation

Research Data AllianceChris GreerNISTLarry LannomCNRI

Fall 2013 CNI Member MeetingResearch Data Alliance

VisionResearchers and innovators openly share data across technologies, disciplines, and countries to address the grand challenges of society.

MissionRDA builds the social and technical bridges that enable open sharing of data.

breaking down or crossing those barriers across culture, scale, and technology

note that word infrastructure, we must be cautious of it and how it is used. it is not very precise here.

One way to think about it is like how Dan Briklen doesThe RDA Community today: Over 1000 members from 55 countries

Map courtesy

Austral-pacific4%Africa2%SouthAmerica1%Asia3%RDA Plenary 1 / LaunchMarch 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden240 participants3 WG, 9 IGRDA Plenary 2September 2013 in Washington, DC380 participants6 WG, 17 IG, 5 BOFData Citation Summit co-located in RDA neutral spaceFirst Organizational Assembly meet-up

RDA Plenaries: Venue for community building and WG / IG progress

Fran Berman

Plenary 1Plenary 2RDA Organizational StructureRDA Colloquium Operational and community sponsorshipRDA Council Responsible for overarching mission, vision, impact of RDATechnical Advisory BoardResponsible for Technical roadmap and interactionsSecretary-General and SecretariatResponsible for administration and operationsOrganizational Advisory Board and Organizational AssemblyResponsible for organizational and strategic adviceWorking GroupsResponsible for impactful, outcome-oriented effortsInterest GroupsResponsible for defining and refining common issuesRDA MembershipOrganizational Evolution Over the Last YearRDA Colloquium Operational and community sponsorshipRDA Council 7 out of 9 Council members now appointed, all appointed by Plenary 3Technical Advisory Board11 out of 12 TAB members now chosen, all 12 chosen by Plenary 3Secretary-General and SecretariatSecretary General recruitment ongoing, new Secretary General to be in place by Plenary 3Organizational Advisory Board and Organizational Assembly25 organizations interested in Membership; 7 organizations interested in Affiliate statusWorking Groups3 WGs at Plenary 1, 6 WGs at Plenary 2, potentially 12+ WGs at Plenary 3Interest Groups9 IGs at Plenary 1, 17 IGs at Plenary 2 + 5 BOFs, 29+ IGs at Plenary 3 + ?? Birds-of-a FeatherRDA MembershipRDA Organizational PartnersMember ApplicantsBarcelona Supercomputing Center European Data Infrastructure (EUDAT)International Association of STM PublishersNew Zealand eScience InfrastructureWashington University Libraries Purdue University LibrariesResearch Data CanadaeResearch Services and Scholarly Application Development Division of Information ServicesAmerican University LibraryOther interested OrganizationsAustralian Antarctic Data CentreAustralian National Data ServiceCERNCJSD ConsultingColumbia University Libraries/Information ServicesCSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.Digital Curation CentreIBMInstitute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard Intersect Australia LimitedMicrosoftOracleSTFC - Science & Technology Facilities CouncilCorporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI)Terrestrial Ecosystems Research NetworkUniversity of Michigan LibrariesInterested AffiliatesCommittee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA)Connecting Research and Researchers (ORCID) DataCiteInternational Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE)Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC)World Data System (WDS)W3CBirds-of-a-Feather (met at Plenary 2)Linked DataChemical Safety DataEducation and Skills Development in Data Intensive ScienceLibraries and Research DataCloud Computing and Data Analysis Training for the Developing WorldWorking GroupsData Type RegistriesPersistent Identifier TypesData Foundations and TerminologyMetadata StandardsPractical PolicyData Categories and CodesWG Case statements being prepared: Citing Dynamic Data, Publishing Data Workflows, Publishing Data Services, Data Bibliometrics, Cost Recovery Models for Repositories, Data Descriptions Registry Interoperability, DSA-WDS Partnership Working Group on CertificationInterest GroupsAgricultural Data InteroperabilityCertification of Trusted Repositories (joint with ICSU-WDS)Data CitationMetadataMarine Data HarmonizationCommunity Capability ModelEngagementPreservation e-InfrastructureLegal Interoperability (joint with CODATA)Defining Urban Data Exchange for ScienceMarine Data HarmonizationStructural BiologyBig Data AnalyticsData BrokeringPublishing Data (joint with WDS)Toxicogenomics InteroperabilityResearch Data ProvenanceMaterials Data ManagementGlobal Registry of Trusted Data Repositories and ServicesDigital Practices in History and EthnographyBiodiversity Data Integration Long tail of Research Data Development of cloud computing capacity and education in developing world Service Management IG (pending)Domain Repositories Interest Group (pending)Federated Identity Management (pending)Persistent Identifier Interest Group PID-IG (pending)

RDA Community-Driven GroupsBlue = new between Plenary 1 and Plenary 2Green = new since Plenary 2Domain Science - focusedToxicogenomics Interoperability IGStructural Biology IGBiodiversity Data Integration IGAgricultural Data Interoperability IGDigital History and Ethnography IGDefining Urban Data Exchange for Science IGMarine Data Harmonization IGMaterials Data Management IG

Community-Driven RDA Groups by FocusData Stewardship - focusedResearch Data Provenance IGCertification of Digital Repositories IGPreservation e-infrastructureLong-tail of Research Data IGPublishing Data IGDomain Repositories IGGlobal Registry of Trusted Data Repositories and Services IGBase Infrastructure - focusedData Foundations and Terminology WGMetadata Standards WGPractical Policy WGPID Information Types WGData Type Registries WGMetadata IGBig Data Analytics IGData Brokering IG

Reference and Sharing - focusedData Citation IGData Categories and Codes WGLegal Interoperability IG

Community Needs - focusedCommunity Capability Model IGEngagement IGClouds in Developing Countries IG

First RDA Infrastructure Deliverables in 2014 (1)Data Type Registries WGDefining a system of data type registriesDefining a formal model for describing types and building a working model of a registry.To be adopted by CNRI, International DOI Foundation, and used by the Deep Carbon Observatory and others(working in conjunction with PID group) Scheduled to complete Summer, 2014Persistent Identifier Information TypesDefining a minimal set of types that must be associated with a PID (e.g. checksum, author). Specifying an API for interaction with PID typesAdopted and used by Data Conservancy and DKRZ (working in conjunction with DTR group) Scheduled to complete Summer, 2014

Metadata StandardsCreating use cases and prototype directory of current metadata standards from starting point of DCC directory and stakeholder contributions.To be hosted and used by JISC, DataOne and othersScheduled to complete Fall, 2014

Practical PolicySurvey of policies in production use across data management centers. Test bed of machine-actionable policies (IRODS, DataVerse, dCache) at RENCI, DataNet Federation Consortium, CESNET, Odum Institute. Deployment of 5 policy sets (integrity, access control, replication, provenance / event tracking, publication ) on test beds. Publication of standard policies for use as starter kits.Scheduled to complete Summer, 2014First RDA Infrastructure Deliverables in 2014 (2)Data Categories and CodesOperationalization of ISO language categories for repositoriesAdopted and used by the Language Archive, PARADISECProposal of data categories associated with the CMDI schema as ISO standards.Scheduled to complete Fall, 2014Data Foundations and TerminologyDefining a common vocabulary for data terms based on existing models. Creating formal definitions in a structured vocabulary too which also provides an open registry for data terms.(active input from all RDA WGs)Tested and adopted by EUDAT, DKRZ, Deep Carbon Observatory, CLARIN, EPOS, and othersScheduled to complete Summer, 2014

Council:Patrick Cocquet (France)Doris Wedlich (Germany)Kaye Raseroka (Botswana)Tony Hey (US)Ross Wilkinson (AU)John Wood (UK), co-ChairFran Berman (US), co-ChairOrganizational AssemblyJuan Bicarregui, co-ChairLeif Laaksonen, co-Chair

Technical Advisory BoardBeth Plale, ChairPeter WittenburgFrancoise GenovaAndrew TreloarBill MichenerBridget AlmasSimon CoxPeter FoxSusanna-Assunta SansoneJamie ShiersRainer StotzkaNew RDA Leadership since Plenary 1 ( in bold)Coming in 2014RDA Plenary 3March 26-28, 2014 in Dublin, IrelandHosted by Australia and IrelandTheme: The Data Sharing community - Playing Your PartRDA Plenary 4September 2014 in The NetherlandsBeing planned now

Plenary 4

Plenary 3Regional RDA groups:Contribute to RDA Secretariat and operationsSupport plenaries and promote attendance from RDA members in the regionImplement RDA deliverables regionally to amplify impactBring regional issues to broader RDA communityCollaborate on outreach, student / early career, and other programs Regional RDA groups: Collaborate Globally, Contribute Locally

Working with theResearch Data AllianceUnlock the power of government data to spur innovation across our Nation and improve the quality of services for the American people.- Presidents Digital Government StrategyI want us to ask ourselves every day, how are we using technology to make a real difference in peoples lives. President Barack ObamaWhat does the Digital Government Strategymean for digital access? The President and the Secretary of Commerce have both committed to unlocking the power of government information and data to spur innovation and promote progress. This includes improving the ability of res