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Research Data Alliance (UK), research data network, St Andrews University Chris Brown , Rachel Bruce, Jisc 30/11/16


RDA 2 RDA is an international organisation focused on the development of infrastructure and community activities that reduce barriers to data sharing and exchange, and the acceleration of data driven innovation worldwide.

With more than 4,300 members globally representing more than 110 countries, RDA includes data science professionals from multiple disciplines, including but not limited to academia, library sciences, earth science, astronomy and meteorology. RDA is building the social and technical bridges that enable open sharing of data to achieve its vision of researchers and innovators openly sharing data across technologies, disciplines, and countries to address the grand challenges of society.Source:


RDA Getting involved3IndividualsObserversContributorsDriversOrganisationsInsightAdoptDriveNational levelCoordination & Knowledge Exchange, Strategy & / or ImplementationMembersWGs-IGs-BoFsRequests for CommentsPlenaries

MemberWGs-IGs-BoFsRfCsH2020 projectsAdoption / Uptake

Papers & EventsMeetings & ForaTraining & WorkshopsUptake pilots



RDA Members4TypeActual members(Oct. 2016)Press and Media27Policy/Funding Agency66Large Enterprise99IT Consultancy/Development146Small and Medium Enterprise257Other (please specify) - obligatory241Government/Public Services690Academia/Research2950



RDA Recommendations & Outputs 5Data Foundation & Terminology: a model for data in the registered domainPID Information Types: a common protocol for providers and users of persistent ID services worldwideData Type Registries: allowing humans and machines to act on unknown, but registered, data typesPractical Policy: defining best practices of how to deal with data automatically and in a documented way with computer actionable policyMetadata standards directory: Community curated standards catalogue for metadata interoperabilityData Citation: defining mechanisms to reliably cite dynamic data Data Description Registry Interoperability solutions enabling cross platform discovery based on existing open protocols and standardsSource:


RDA & Jisc/Research Councils6UK Research Data Coordination through support of the Research Data AllianceUK researchers, developers and infrastructure providers work within appropriate RDA Working and Interest Groups in furthering UK research interests.The RDA will advise and assist the UK community on developing and participating in relevant RDA Working and Interest Groups.Build RDA engagement and general collaboration and communication within the UK research community.Disseminate and facilitate the adoption of RDA Recommendations and other outputs within the UK and beyond.

Jisc involvement need network of people to comment for implementations across the globe. Not necessary for more people to go to RDA plenaries but outputs - need to be made of them.UK leader on research infrastructure. Important to facilitate. Jisc and RC together have been engaged and are trying to do in pilot sense of way in which we can have a more UK focussed conversation about its outputs, raising awareness and engagement.

This arrangement will support the Jisc aim to ensure that UK research and its outputs are part of the global research infrastructure, in particular helping to inform the best practices and standards that Jisc ( & other related UK infrastructure) can implement to support the creation, management and sharing of research data as a primary research output and knowledge foundation6

Further Information7 #JiscRDM



Organisations join the RDA and as members can represent their countrys institutionsMembers, plenaries ?How to implement practice from theoryPerhaps UK use cases could feed into the RDA and then come back with toolkits to help with these problems. Its difficult to know what outputs are available so some RDA outputs, which might have a particular use in UK, could be consolidated into packages for a UK audience?Jisc , RCUK provide a voice ?Uptake pilots ? What would be useful to raise awareness of outputs? 02/12/2016Title of presentation (Go to View menu > Header and Footer to edit the footers on this slide)8

Find out more9Christopher @chriscb

Rachel Bruce

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