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1. Research Consultations Seth M. Porter Instructional & Reference Librarian 2. What is a Research Consultation? A research consultation is an extended formal appointment with the subject specialist librarian. A research consultation can be about specific topics, general information, research methods, information literacy, specific assignments, narrowing a topic and more. Think of it as a therapy session for your research needs! 3. What is a Research Consultation? Examples of consultation needs: Basic Library Use (checking out books, using website, interlibrary loan, etc) Information literacy (research, topic development, evaluating resources, etc) Subject Specific (engineering resources, nursing resources, etc) Assignment Specific (resources about quantum dots, primary sources from the Revolutionary War, etc) 4. One on One Instruction Research consultations are a component of our information literacy program. This is one on one instruction with a research expert . We wont do your work for you, we help put you on the right path with the right tools. 5. Who does it benefit? Anybody with a question or research problem! This will benefit anyone from freshman-doctoral students. Each consultation is different and will be prepared in that manner by the subject specialist librarian. Graduate students with large research projects often need guidance on research topics, information retrieval and management. 6. Requesting a Consultation 7. Requesting a Consultation 8. Research Consultation Process & Policy Fill out Research Consultation form or call (256) 824-6529. Indicate your research needs and topic of consultation. Indicate more than one potential time to meet. Provide contact information for scheduling purposes. 9. Key Points A research consultation is a meeting for your specific research needs. A research consultation is one on one instruction with a subject specialist research expert. A research consultation can benefit anyone working on research or anyone not sure of their research needs. Remember to fill out the form or call to set up a research consultation. 10. Contact Information Call us: (256)824-6529 Text us: (256) 286-2368 Chat with us: Seth Porter: Instructional & Reference Librarian 256.824.6130