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1. research assignment. 2. presented by joyce wee yi qin lee pui san mok po yi ryan kerry jee jin yiing sonia mancxia tan wing hoe too mun fai 3. key summary. 77 Unisex Home-based business GC Hair Studio & Academy Commercialized hair dressing Different environments and other external factors lead to different business outcomes 4. the site. 5. history. located in Sungai Way business started in 1985 started this business 30 years age when she was only 23 years old She operated her business in a small hair studio which was built behind her mother in laws backyard to save cost. Her modal for this business was only roughly RM6000 back then, which would be equivalent to todays RM15000. home-based 6. history. When she first started her saloon, business was booming as many people from around Sungai Way would come to her saloon to cut, dye or perm their hair. However due to many factors such as increase in competitors, customers moving out of Sungai Way and others, business has declined drastically throughout the years. Her annual revenue for the past few years never exceeded RM14000. She has been running a rent-free business. home-based 7. the site. 8. history. The GC Hair Saloon & Academy has one headquarters located in Cheras, Selangor and another operating branch situated in Puchong, Selangor. business started in 1998 This hair saloon has been operating for 15 years by its founder and director Gary Choy, hence its name being GC Hair Saloon & Academy. This saloon has been favourites to many as it satisfied and still satisfying customers throughout the Klang Valley leading to many new customers coming in every once in a while. commercialized 9. history. Provides many different services such as the regular haircut that comes with any style or fashion of your choice, quality hair curling, hair dying with their signature hair dye brand, Schwarzkopf which originates from Germany. Most of the time, they will employ two to three hair stylists to work side by side with the manager of the saloon. GC Hair Saloon & Academy also has their own academy that teaches students of all ages The students will be taught personally by the director or manager and gradually become a qualified hair stylist trainee after six months of training at GC Hair Saloon Academy. commercialized 10. brief description. home-based located within an old residential area in Sungai Way. founder : Madam Ho Ah Yoke. Low in cost as she wise-used the backyard of her in-laws house to build a small space for her hairdressing career. The services provided are commonly practiced by most of the saloons in the market. Visitors are mostly regulars. 11. brief description. home-based Since it is a small business, only one foreign labour is hired for miscellaneous tasks. Due to the rise of popularity of this profession, there are many competitors around Petaling Jaya and also Subang Jaya. Madam Ho uses good quality hair products and maintain good connections with her customers. There are no branches. The operating hours of this business starts from 8AM to 5PM every day and closed every Monday. 12. pricing list. haircuts rm12 hair dying rm40 - rm50 hair perming rm70 hair straightening rm150 13. Founder: Gary Choy This saloon is located in Bandar Puteri Puchong (a commercialized area opposite Giant, Puchong). The headquarters is situated in Cheras while the first branch is in Puchong. The services provided includes haircuts, hair dying, hair perming, hair straightening, hair therapy and hair styling. It also provides hair academy and courses for the public. it has a good and steady flow of customers in and out of the hair studio every day the saloon hires 3-4 full-time hairstylists and a few trainees from their own academy. brief description. commercialized 14. brief description. commercialized GC Hair Studio and Academy provides excellent hairdressing skills with good quality products imported by Germany to maintain its business. Hair products such as shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, hairstyling wax and hair mousse also retailed by the saloon to increase the business income. The business hours is from 10:30 AM till 8:30 PM and the saloon is off on Tuesday. 15. cut & blowdry rm10 rm 35 & above shampooing & blowdry rm16 rm 19 & above shampooing, blowdry & cut rm30 rm 55 & above pricing list. *based on qualification of hairdresser dying rm60 | rm90 | rm120 & above additional highlighting rm 30 & above hair perming rm60 | rm90 | rm120 & above *based on length (short,medium,long) 16. comparative analysis. 17. home-based commercialized 18. competitors in the area Izzo Hair Saloon D Hair Park APT Hair Saloon Hong House Saloon New Colour Saloon Fiones Hair cut 19. strategies to deal with competitors The prices are affordable despite offering professional hairdressing services and good quality hair products The pricing are slightly higher than other home-based saloons in that area due to it offering better quality products to provide services to their customers pricing 20. strategies to deal with competitors They will raise the price at a range from around RM3 to RM4 during peak seasons. The saloon will not raise the prices for any services. pricing ( peak season ) 21. strategies to deal with competitors The saloon has a large signage placed at the faade of the shop lot. A largely printed pricing list is placed in front of the saloon as well. There are banners positioned in front of the saloon to attract customers. A website and Facebook page as well are used to publicize their business as well. A small signage is positioned in front of the main gate of the house. They do not practice doing any advertisements due to the presence of regular customers. advertisement 22. strategies to deal with competitors The services offered are satisfactory and professional. Friendly and interactive. quality of services 23. strategies to deal with competitors The hair studios interior is modern and fully furnished. Furniture and equipment used are up to date and are in good condition to ease labour and ensure the comfort of the customers. atmosphere The interior of the hair studio is old so as the furniture and the equipment used. The shop radiates a vintage feel, offering a vintage feel to the customers. 24. strategies to deal with competitors They are known for implementing a German branded hair product - Schwarzkopf. The product is a qualified hair care product to ensure customers the best hair care solutions. variety of products The saloon uses good quality of local hair products to provide services to the customers. 25. obstacles faced by a new business lack of publicity. They are not well-known from the start so they intend to have a problem to advertise their business. If this problem persists, they might have a low number of customers visiting. intense competition. among the same industry at a specific location might affect the new businesses. customers confidence. Customers often prefer to visit existing businesses rather than the newly formed businesses. 26. nature of market GC Hair Studio and Academy serves customers with professional hairdressing skills with a comfortable environment. They implement qualified hair products which are imported from Germany to ensure the quality of their services offered. 77 Unisex saloon provides good hairdressing skills as the shop owner has much experience in this field. The business also provides better hair products to ensure customers getting the best services hair and scalp. Both the saloon is in a perfectly competitive market. There are a lot of hair saloons at the same area and they are providing similar hairdressing services as well. 27. contrast. 28. home-based commercialized 29. services haircuts hair dying hair perming hair straightening hair therapy hair styling hair academy haircuts hair dying hair perming hair straightening 30. workers 3-4 full time hairstylists *2-3 trainees from the academy (occasionally) one foreign worker for miscellaneous tasks 31. future plans retirement plans to open new branch in Petaling Jaya within 2 years. 32. strategy Products used such as shampoos and other hair products are of high quality Excellent hairdressing skills along with using renowned and branded hair products. 33. founder and history Madam Ho Ah Yok started her hairdressing career at the age of 23 after being inspired by her sister. She started her own business in 1985 at the backyard of her in-laws house and it still exists up until now. Gary Choy is the CEO and Artistic Director of GC Academy of Hair Design. After graduating from London, Gary worked as a professional hairdresser, as well as owning his first hair studio which began operation in 1998. 34. location 77 Unisex is located in an old residential area in Sungai Way. The saloon is built in the backyard of a residential unit back then hence making it old looking. GC Hair Studio and Academy is located in Bandar Puteri Puchong (opposite Giant, Puchong). There are a lot of other hair studios operating around that area (2 hair studios located just across the road). 35. number of saloons nearby zero five number of branches zero One branch (Puchong) *Headquarters at Cheras 36. business hours business operation 8 am 5 pm Solely by Madam Ho 10.30 am 8.30 pm Managed and monitored by Lee Yi Ling (Branch Manager) 37. price range number of customers per day rm 12 rm 6 rm 55 25 - 305 8 38. targeted market children and senior citizens regular customers Youngsters and adults ages from 15 - 50 39. conclusion hobby rather than a job or a business well established both saloons sells the same types of hair products which includes shampoos, conditioners, hair mousse, hair styling wax and hair serum. 40. conclusion still in the same condition as it was 30 years ago and has no plan of renovatin