REQUEST FOR QUOTATION ASB Photography/ Videography 2019 2019. 5. 3.¢  o Videography...

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Transcript of REQUEST FOR QUOTATION ASB Photography/ Videography 2019 2019. 5. 3.¢  o Videography...

  • REQUEST FOR QUOTATION ASB Photography/ Videography 2019

    Asia School of Business 3rd May 2019

  • 1

    Background: The Asia School of Business (ASB) is a new graduate business school established by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) in 2015, in collaboration with MIT

    Sloan School of Business and based in Kuala Lumpur. ASB offers both degree and non-degree programs to serve regional and global needs for

    business talent and leaders in the emerging world. The Asia School of Business is established under the ASB Management Sdn. Bhd., a company

    incorporated in Malaysia and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank Negara Malaysia.

    The School runs a 20-month MBA program leveraging on MIT Sloan pedagogy of Action Learning as the core of the ASB MBA curriculum, providing

    students with experiential training and hands-on projects with a focus on Asia. The Action Learning projects are executed in collaboration with partner

    corporations in the region. In this partner relationships, the corporations will engage ASB students in doing projects as part of the MBA curriculum.

    ASB plans to pre-approve photography and videography contractors for various assignments. The intention is to procure non-exclusive photography

    and/or videography services from qualified individuals or organizations for a variety of occasions. These include, but are not limited to: conferences,

    meetings, ceremonies, dinners, speaking engagements, corporate and internal events etc.

    More information on the Asia School of Business can be found at

    Key Dates: • Request for Quotation 3rd May 2019

    • Quotation Submission Dateline 13th May 2019

    • Vendor Selection Decision 17th May 2019

    • Project kick-off & delivery As per an agreed Delivery Schedule upon order

  • 2

    Scope: Photographers and /or videographers may specialize in any single endeavor, or both areas.

    The selected vendors will:

    • Produce high-quality content that aligns with ASB’s visuals and overall brand.

    o Photography services must be able to capture high-resolution (300 dpi) images of key attendees, exhibits, speakers, candid crowd

    photography and group portraits. Services must also be able to edit and deliver high-resolution images in digital format.

    o Videography services must be able to film portions of events, including capturing B-roll footage onsite. Subjects may include speeches,

    presenters, award recipients, or testimonials. Services must also be able to edit and deliver both SD and HD footage in digital format.

    • Understand the importance of being unobtrusive and professional at all times while on assignment.

    • Collaborate directly with ASB staff to determine the needs of each individual event in a fast-paced environment that will often require last-minute


    • Secure content creation release forms, model releases and obtain licenses or permits as needed.

    • Have the capacity for a same-day 1-hour turnaround on photography for social media purposes, together with curated/selected images within

    24 hours for high-res, high quality images.

    • Have the capacity to capture, edit and deliver high-resolution digital content (videos) within seven days of the event, or according to the

    production timeline agreed with client prior to executing the job

    • Provide proof of adequate insurance coverage spanning all work-related activities undertaken in a given contract.

    • Travel as needed for events across the Malaysia.

    Quotation Specs • Provide brief background information, including your specialty in either photography or videography or both, on your company.

    • Provide project management information e.g., notice requirements, timelines for delivering materials, etc.

  • 3

    • Please provide a sample portfolio of previous work (minimum of 20 images and/or 1 sizzle reel) that represents a variety of events and shooting

    conditions. Quotations without sample portfolios will not be considered.

    • Please include 2 -3 references from prior or current clients.

    • Quotation should not exceed 5 pages (excluding portfolio images.)

    • Please provide a detailed and comprehensive list of rates and creative fees, including any applicable expenses for equipment rental and travel.

    o Please include rates for same-day turnaround (on-site photography, video shooting and editing).

    o Please include rates for individual services (per-job basis) which include half-day and 1-day photography, half-day and 1-day

    videography, video editing, storyboarding and copywriting, according to different level of standard technical treatments. Rates may vary

    according to special, specific or additional requests by client.

    o Please provide a sample estimation of cost for the following services:

    § Costing for Project Catalyst (please see Appendix I)

    i) Services required include storyboarding, video reference sharing, video shooting, lighting, technical equipment rental and

    video editing (along with at least 3 rounds of feedback).

    o Rates should assume transfer to ASB of full and unlimited usage rights for delivered content

    Please take note of the following requirements and conditions pertaining to the supply of the abovementioned service/s:

    Delivery Date and Time As per an agreed Production Timeline upon order

    Currency of Quotation MYR

    Value Added Tax on Price


    Must be inclusive of Sales and Service Tax (SST) and other applicable indirect taxes

    Deadline for the

    Submission of Quotation

    Monday, 13th May 2019 at 10.00am (Malaysian Local Time)

    Please email Quotation to

  • 4

    Period of Validity of

    Quotes starting the

    Submission Date

    1 year

    In exceptional circumstances, ASB may request the vendor to extend the validity

    of the Quotation beyond what has been initially indicated in this RFQ. The Vendor

    shall then confirm the extension in writing, without any modification whatsoever on the quotation.

    Evaluation Criteria • Full compliance to project requirements

    • Full acceptance of General Terms and Conditions

    • Quotation/Cost Effectiveness

    • Quality of content

    • Turnaround Time

    • Service Level

    Award • ASB has the right to award in full or in part and the same project may be awarded to one or

    more vendor

    Conditions for Release of Payment Timely full delivery of videos/ photos without quality issues

    RFP Clarifications: All queries and clarifications may be sought in writing to Privacy: This request for Quotation is a private document and as such should not be circulated beyond your organization.

    Submission of Documents: Any document and queries submission shall be via email to on or before the last date of submission.

  • 5

    ASB may, in exceptional circumstances and at its sole discretion, extend the deadline for submission of quotations.

    Project Terms and Conditions:

    • The working language of the Asia School of Business is English. All responses to this RFQ will be in English.

    • The Asia School of Business reserves the right, at its sole option, and for its convenience, to accept and/or reject any RFQ, in whole or in part,

    for any or no reason.

    • By issuing this RFQ, ASB does not imply or give any assurance whatsoever that any quote will be accepted.

    • No contractual or other legal obligations arise on the part of ASB to any interested parties by this RFQ until such time as a final, written

    agreement, if any, is subsequently entered into with the person.

    • ASB reserves the right to negotiate with interested service provider, seek clarification from interested service provider regarding their responses

    and invite modifications to the quotes submitted.

    • ASB retains the right to withdraw or modify this RFQ at any time without notice and without obligation.

    • ASB may waive compliance with the requirements of this RFQ and consider a response that does not meet all of the requirements of this RFQ.

    • The interested service provider’s response, including fees and charges, shall constitute a binding offer capable of acceptance in whole or in part

    by Asia School of Business and if selected will remain valid until such time as a final agreement is negotiated and executed.

    • ASB may require interested vendors to send representatives to ASB’s offices for interviews and presentations.

    • ASB reserves the right to discontinue negotiations with any interested vendor.

    • All submissions become the property of the Asia School of Business, and will not be returned.

    Neither Asia School of Business, its staff, representatives, nor any of its consultants or agents will be liable for any claims or damages resulting from

    solicitation, collection, review or evaluation of quotes.

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    Anson Tung Asia School of Business

    Sasana Kijang 2, Jalan Dato Onn

    50480 Kuala Lumpur,

    Phone: +60 14 704 8687