Republic of China - Intro (Geography Version)

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  • The Republic of China is a non-UN member sovereign state in East Asia. It is a democracy and has the 20th largest economy, with a population of around 23 million.

  • The Republic of China was established in 1911 after the Xinhai Revolution which overthrew the Qing Dynasty . The revolution was led by the Nationalist Party, or Kuomintang , under Sun Yat-sen , who is considered by both communists and capitalists to be the father of modern China.

  • When Sun died, General Chiang Kai-shek took power, and in 1927, the Chinese Civil War began between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party .After the KMT suffered heavy losses against the Japanese, the CCP took control of mainland China by 1949 under Mao Zedong , and the KMT fled to Taiwan , which is an island off Chinas east coast.



  • The CCP represents the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) and the KMT represented the Republic of China (ROC). Both claim sovereignty over the entirety of mainland China and Taiwan to this day, but are de facto independent states.


  • Until the 70s, most non-communist states recognized the ROC as the sole legitimate government of China. Most countries have switched to recognizing only the PRC instead.

  • The ROC now occupies only Taiwan and some islands of Fujian , whereas the PRC occupies mainland China.

  • The ROC experienced rapid economic growth and industrialization in the latter half of the 20th century, and is one of the four Asian Tigers. It developed into an advanced industrialized economy, with a higher average income than other nations such as the UK, France and Japan.

  • In the 90s, it evolved into a multi-party democracy, and unlike its neighbor, ranks highly in press freedom, healthcare, education, economic freedom and human development. Its president is Ma Ying-jeou .

  • There are 7 top-level administrative divisions of the ROC: 5 special municipalities 2 streamlined provinces - Taiwan and Fujian.

  • Within the streamlined provinces, there are 17 2nd-level divisions.

    Taiwan: 3 provincial cities 12 counties

    Fujian: 2 counties

  • In this course, you can learn the locations, capitals, pinyin and Traditional Chinese for the 5 special municipalities, 3 provincial cities and 14 counties of the Republic of China.