Report of Fully Renovated House

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Transcript of Report of Fully Renovated House

  • 8/8/2019 Report of Fully Renovated House



    Ventilation is the intentional movement of air from outside a building to the inside. Ventilation air,

    as defined in ASHRAE Standard 62.1and theASHRAE Handbook, is that air used for providing

    acceptable indoor air quality. It mustn't be confused with vents orflues; which mean the exhausts of

    clothes dryers, and combustion equipment such as water heaters, boilers, fireplaces, and wood

    stoves. The vents or flues carry the products of combustion which have to be expelled from the

    building in a way which does not cause harm to the occupants of the building. Movement of air

    between indoor spaces, and not the outside, is called transfer air.

  • 8/8/2019 Report of Fully Renovated House




    nt of Th


    1 Door

    Material : Wood

    A door is a moveable barrier used to cover an opening. Doors are widely used and are found in

    walls or partitions of a building, ve icles, and furnituresuc ascupboards, cages, and containers.

    A door can be opened to give access and closed more or lesssecurely using a combination of

    latc es and locks. Doors are nearly universal in buildings of all kinds, allowing passage between

    the inside and outside, and between internal rooms. When open, they admitventilation and

    light. The door is used to control the physical atmosphere within a space byenclosing it,


    cluding air drafts, so that interiors may be moreeffectively heated or cooled. Doors are

    significant in preventing thespread of fire. They also act as a barrier to noise.

  • 8/8/2019 Report of Fully Renovated House



    Material : Wood and glass

    A window is a transparent opening in a wall or door that allows the passage of light and, if not

    closed or sealed, air and sound. Windows are usuallyglazed or covered in some other

    transparent or translucent material like a float glass. Windows are held in place by frames, which

    prevent them from collapsing in. Many glazed windows may be opened, to allow ventilation, or

    closed, to e

    clude inclement weather

  • 8/8/2019 Report of Fully Renovated House




    Intake position : underground

    Stop Tap and drain off cocks positions : Outside of the property

    Materials : Copper Pipe and Rubber Pipe

    Age : 25 years

    Cold water and plumbing are connected to a system of castiron and copper pipe work

    throughout the property. No specific testing of appliances has been carried out. The meter of

    the water system is working well.The system seems to be well maintained There is several

    replacement of the piping work. The service of the water to the various fittings appeared to be

    generally satisfactory at the time of our inspection. The visible sections ofthe pipe work

    appear to be generally serviceable.

  • 8/8/2019 Report of Fully Renovated House


    Phase : Single Phase

    Meter Type : Old type

    Consumer Unit : Split Load Consumer Units

    Wiring : Surface

    Age : 25 years

    The electricity meter and consumer unit are located outside of a property. The electricity

    meter is connected to the main electrical supply.This is a new type of fuse board. The

    electricity meter and consumer unit are appeared working well. A further inspection and test

    are not required.