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    Gra2sem3Exam.indd 1 11/27/2015 3:26:28 PM



    The third semester exam assignment was to to promote the annual Children’s Book Festival set to my local town.

    Elements to be included: • Logo • Brand manual • Poster • Program • Ticket bracelets • T-shirt • Report (Must include research on competing festivals)


    I have chosen to use a masqot for this project. The masqot is a cute little bee. The bee an its distinct colours wil be used throughout the promotion materiell and the visual identity. The festival is organized by the municipality and will be pro- moted with posters and programs in the municipal kindergardens. Posters and banners will be placed throughout the main street. There will be ads and articles in local papers and in the monthly municipal culture info magazine.

    The target group is all children between 4 and 10 years living in Elverum and nearby. A secondary target group is their parents that will actually need to take the children there. This is a group with little spare time, but with high motivation for the festival goal of promoting reading ability and joy to their children.

    Gra2sem3Exam.indd 2 11/27/2015 3:26:29 PM



    I start the creative process with the research. First research on the client, the competition, and finally on the target audience. After the research I made a moodboard. Then I did a brainstorming for keywords. In a visual identity as this I naturally like to start with the logo. The overall color palette also starts materi- alising during the logo work.

    I decided early that I wanted a mascot with the logo this time. I think a mascot works well with child related things. It is also an easy way to tie the visual iden- tity together. Especially on a geographically limited project as this.

    So the first step was to choose the type of mascot. A worm as in bookworm was he first I threw away. The fox is central in folklore, but the only local competition Volumfestivalen uses a fox, so I stayed away from that. An owl is often combined with reading and certanly with knowledge, it is also the symbol in the municipal flag. Unfortunately it is a very overused symbol lately. In the end I chose a bee. Mostly because it can be both cute and cool, and it has some nice contrasting colours I could use in the visual identity.

    When the choice was made I started analog sketching of the mascot alone. With some rough sketches ready I quickly started digital sketching in Illustrator.

    After the mascot was ready started the process of finding the right fonts. For this I used a combination of the Fontbook iPad app, and my font collec- tion organized in Suitcase Fusion. With a set of favourite fonts I started testing and alligning with the mascot in Illustrator. The rest was all work in Illustrator.

    The other elements were basicly done the same way with analog sketching fol- lowed by digital sketching in Illustrator, but I now had the logo and a color palette to guide me. I wanted to tie the poster a bit more to Elverum, and this I did with the trees. The woods I think is the most significant factor of Elverum. Then the poster led to the t-shirt and to the front page and background for the program.

    Gra2sem3Exam.indd 3 11/27/2015 3:26:29 PM


    THE CLIENT: The Elverum children’s book festival is run by Elverum Library under Elverum Municipality

    Elverum Library: Municipal Library Medium size 6 employees + a substitute Good selection of childrens boooks Open weekdays and Saturday Located in Storgata (Elverum’s main street)

    Elverum Municipality: Population: Ca 20 000 inhabitants Politics: A small socialist majority Economy huge: deficits and huge cut downs Geography: Forest and Glomma, right in the middle of Hedmark, Annual events: Grundsetmartn, Wilderness Days, Volume festival, Movies on war, Festspillene Other cultural facilities:Kulturskole, cultural center, cinema, youth culture house Bookstores: Norli, Ark and Notabene

    PROBLEM/CASE: The Elverum children’s book festival will be held for the first time and the client needs a visual identity and promotinal materiell for their festival (See list of products in the Introductrion section)

    THE FESTIVAL GOAL: The festival mission is to encourage and stimulate the passion and joy of reading, and to increase the literacy skills of young readers in Elverum. A secondary goal is to spread publicity about Norwegian children’s book authors and the munic- ipal library. The festival will be partially sponsored by local bookstores and as such a third goal will be promoting these.

    Gra2sem3Exam.indd 4 11/27/2015 3:26:29 PM


    Local: Volumfestivalen Culture festival in Elverum held in June. The main focus is on music but also has events in film, art, literature and performing arts. The ambition is to show new and local talents of arts and culture. No special focus on children.

    National: Bok i Lofoten. Aimed at school children. Held in March. Grimstad Barnebokfestival. Aimed at children of all ages. Held in April.

    There is no local competition with a similar target group. Other similar festivals are both geographicly far away and held at other times of the year.

    DRIVERS • The population is proud of their city and have great community spirit • Few festivals in wintertime • Central and good local in Elverum kulturhus • Alternatively, large local in Terningen Arena • Good municipal distribution and information channels

    BARRIERS • Many festivals with very long tradition in town • The weak economy in the municipality • A large part of the primary target audience can not yet read • A large part of the primary target audience is dependent on their parents to

    take them to the events • Elverum kulturhus is also used for cinema and has a dense program • Alternative local a little less central

    CUSTOMER PROFILE: Children 4-10 years, boys and girls, living in Elverum / Løten precinct. Audience attend kindergarten or elementary school and large parts of the day is spent on learning and playing there. Other leisure activities can be dancing, handball, football, skiing and climbing. Pop culture has seriously begun to assert themselves in their life and they are interested in things like Frozen, Dora, Ninjago, Spiderman, Minecraft and other characters known from TV, film and games. Fortunately, most people have been inntrodusert to books through kindergarten and school, and through that parents read to them in bed.

    Gra2sem3Exam.indd 5 11/27/2015 3:26:29 PM




    E lve r u m Children's Book



    E lve r u m Children's Book



    E lve r u m Children's Book



    E lve r u m Children's Book

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    Gra2sem3Exam.indd 7 11/27/2015 3:26:30 PM



    A childish style inspired by the famous “Flat design 2.0” used a lot in web design these days. Allthough inspired by Flat Design I have used some drop shadows to create some dimension and as such hint to paper figures


    LOGO Notera, Ritornelos and Hercolanon. All handwritten fonts and all convey some kind of adventure feeling and as such kind of show some of the divercity of adventures.

    SUPPORT FONT Brandon Grotesque. Highly legible and modern for small text. Used on the program for the same reasons.

    I used the hercolanon font in a medium size for the introduction. I think the font really conveys adventure and I also think it has some feeling of wood and tradi- tion and therefore also Elverum to it.




    The colors we use, re�ect who we are. We are lovely, clever, bright and atractive. The two main colors can be applied in dif- ferent media to keep the The children`s book festival feeling going.

    Primary Colours Primary Colours










    (Taken directly from the Brand Manual)

    Gra2sem3Exam.indd 8 11/27/2015 3:26:31 PM


    The layout of the program is based on a 3-folded A4. A4 is cheap to print. Open the size fits nicely for a 3-day program. The 3-fold makes space for cover, back- side and introduction as well. Folded the program fits in any purse, and with just another fold it can easily fit in any pocket as well. With 3 folds it was natural to use 3 collumns.

    COLOURS Secondary


    #2A909E #4B4946 #A5A540

    The palette of secon- dary colours make up a palette of three colours, taken from the comple- mentary triads and colors based on the main palette. In any given application, only two secondary colours should be used with the primary colours to keep the primary co- lours dominant.

    The use of too many se- condary colors will dilute the powers of the primary colours. The secondary colours are almost like accent colors in that they should never overtake the design.

    Gra2sem3Exam.indd 9 11/27/20