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  • Repeat Signage allows you to quickly and easily create your presentations by inserting text,

    pictures, clocks, RSS news feeds, spreadsheets and other media, to engage your audience

    Easy to use professional digital signage software


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    Download Repeat Signage

    Download Repeat Signage trial edition onto your Windows computer

    How it works:

    You can create a presentation in minutes

    2Click Presentations

    Select Create a Presentation1

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    Insert a variety of media

    3Insert media from the floating toolbox, drag and drop to create

    your presentation. Double click to change fonts, time zones

    Select a blank template and insert text, pictures, date, time, RSS feeds

    How it works:

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    Select a template presentation, change our images and text for your images and text

    You can quickly change a template


    Create your own presentations to promote your products and services

    How it works:

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    Use an advert template to generate income


    Create your own presentations or create adverts to generate an income

    How it works:

    Select an advert template and change our

    images and text for your images and text, to

    advertise your products. Ideal for showrooms

    and exhibition stands

    2 Create adverts for complementary products or services to generate an income

    Picture courtesy of Unicol, using a Repeat Signage advert template

    Create a Play List of presentations,

    promoting your own products and adverts

    to display on a loop or schedule to play at

    different times of the day or week


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    Sample presentation for a local shop


    Repeat Signage includes sample presentations

    How it works:

    This sample presentation is simple in design and features the shop details. It

    has a Flash banner control displaying several images of the clothes the shop

    sells and a scrolling text message displaying shop opening times

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    Sample presentation for a hospital


    Repeat Signage includes sample presentations

    How it works:

    A sample presentation for a

    hospital or clinic waiting room. This

    is designed in portrait rather than

    landscape design

    Pictures courtesy of NEC Displays

    The 45 minutes is text from a text

    label hosted locally or on a free account and can

    be changed by a member of the

    hospital staff which then updates

    the screen automatically

    An RSS feed plays across the centre

    of the screen and a playlist of

    pictures with text showcases the

    hospital departments and services



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    Sample presentation for a surgery


    Repeat Signage includes sample presentations

    How it works:

    In the white Next Patient Call

    area, the text can be collected

    from a Rich Text File (RTF) in the

    same folder as the presentation

    2When this file is changed it is

    automatically uploaded to

    update the screen with the next

    patients name and an audio file

    is played to alert patients in the

    waiting room

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    Repeat Pictures


    There are 4,000 icons for you to

    choose from. Icons are useful to

    create buttons for your touch

    screen presentations

    Create your own pictures, adverts, posters, menus and grids of information

    How it works:

    From the Repeat Signage main screen,

    select Pictures and Create new Repeat

    Picture. You can insert pictures, text and

    icons to save as a Repeat Picture to use

    in your presentations


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    Create play lists

    1From the main menu, select Create Play Lists. Add presentations to

    display in a loop or at specific times of the day or week

    Schedule different presentations to play at various times

    How it works:

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    Repeat Signage supports touch screens


    You can create presentations for an interactive flat panel touch screen

    How it works:

    From the main screen in Repeat Signage select the

    Touch tab, and select Create Presentation

    2Using shapes or icons you can create

    buttons as hyperlinks for customer

    interaction with your presentations.

    Page-turning PDFs are a great way to

    showcase your products

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    From the main menu select set up a free account to create

    your RSS feeds and update your presentations anywhere in the world

    Updating your content


    Update content from a local network, a website, .FTP or remotely over the Internet

    How it works:

    Pictures courtesy of NEC Displays

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    Choose your Repeat Signage software

    Repeat Signage Standalone,

    Standard, Corporate, Media

    Wall and customised editions

    90% Repeat Signage customers use the Standard edition

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    Repeat Signage Media Wall edition

    Repeat Signage Media Wall for 2, 3 and 4-screen video walls landscape or portrait

    Picture courtesy of Velo Restaurant Ltd., London Picture courtesy of YOWI DELI, Kuala Lumpur

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    Repeat Signage customised editions

    We work with reseller partners to customise the Standard edition of Repeat Signage

    How it works:

    Picture courtesy of Hunters Estate Agents

    We worked closely with a UK estate agent IT reseller to customise

    Repeat Signage to play RightMove property feed files. We have

    now added support for ExpertAgent feeds as well


    Kevin Hollinrake, Managing Director and Co-founder of Hunters

    the Estate Agent says this about Repeat Signage: We are forever

    looking for the next best thing to attract customers to our branches,

    this versatile software does just that. I am happy to endorse its

    introduction to our network


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    Repeat Signage reseller partners


    We have reseller partners in ICT, IT, AV, graphic design and niche markets

    How it works:

    - No contracts to sign

    - No stock to hold

    - Downloadable so no delivery issues

    - Free training videos and help menu

    - Outstanding support

    Repeat Signage can add value for your

    customers. For example, supplying a digital

    signage solution with display screen and

    media player (computer), or offering

    professionally designed templates and content


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    Repeat Signage is in daily use in 30 countries in diverse markets and applications

    Satisfied customers around the world

    Repeat Signage supports Unicode to display country characters


    Picture courtesy of Harrisburg International Airport (HIA)

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    Picture courtesy of Nexcom

    Repeat Signage licences


    Repeat Signage is a one-off licence fee for playing your presentations from 1 Windows PC to 1 display

    How it works:

    Connect 1 Windows PC to 1 display screen or touch screen and you

    need 1 Repeat Signage licence. Free remote updating. Media

    Wall licence is for 1 PC attached to a 2, 3 or 4 screen video wall.

    Picture courtesy of Edis


    courtesy of

    Sharp UK

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    We give you free training videos, help menu, sample presentations and

    we have satisfied customers in 30 countries across the globe

    Why Repeat Signage?

    Our Repeat Software team will give you an outstanding level of support

    How it works:

    Pictures courtesy of Caxton Publishers, South Africa


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    Please call us: 00 44 1246 435821 | Need more information:

    Visit our website to view success stories and download a Repeat Signage trial:

    Thank you


    Thank you for your interest in Repeat Signage digital signage software

    How can we help you?

    Pictures courtesy of British Lead Mills and Howard Park School, UK for Repeat Signage