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Journey to renovate a house into a home

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  • 1. The Journey of Renovating a Houseinto a HomeNovember 2014

2. After enduring a myriad of opinions, you finallypurchased a house at a reasonable price for yourspecific market area. In most cases the sale will close in 60 to 90 days. There are aspects of the house that are not to yourliking, do not meet your requirements, do not fit. Perhaps the house requires simple maintenance,windows, furnace, roof, that was not done by theprevious owner. You have a 60 or 90 day time frame to plan out therenovation work that you want to do to the house tomake it fit and turn it into your home.The journey starts 3. In 2014 there are numerous experts on performingrenovation work. It seems that everyone has a friend, or anacquaintance, that has another friend who knowssomeone that can do work for almost nothing. Its never as simple as what the television programsportray. Quality materials still have a price. Quality work has a price. Its your decision regarding the level of quality that youare prepared to pay, or that your budget permits.Everyone is not anexpert. 4. Now that you have the house, the first order is todecide what areas of the house you want to renovate. The next point is to what extent do you want torenovate. What is your budget. What is your appetite for surprises. We all know the kitchen, bathroom, open concept,granite, hardwood mantra. Start with the most glaring, obvious, that does not fityour requirements.The most glaringshortcomings 5. Take the time to make a wish list of all the areas anditems you would like to renovate and/or change. You do not like the powder room (simple example) howdo you visualize the powder room. Yeswhat would itcost Repeat for every aspect of the house that requires fromyour perspective one form or another ofalteration/renovation. The sooner you have a complete and detailed wish listthe faster you can proceed. Support your wish list with photos to depict what youare seeking. Yesits time consuming to define your wish list. The more detailed the wish list, the easier to establish,and mange a budget, and perhaps save some money.The ideal 6. Be cautious and circumspect of any general informationthat is floating around regarding items to renovate. We all know the pedestrian guidelines, its so much forthis, and so much for that. What you are seeking in many case does not fit theguidelines. An example there is this xyz for 2.99 a square foot,but the one you prefer and meets your expectations is5.99 and an additional cost to install. We are individuals with our own personal preferences,the pedestrian information provides a pedestrian ideaof approximate costs.Be cautious 7. Once you have defined the extent of renovation workthat fits your budget. How this work will fit with your time frames, of doing itprior to or after you move into your house. Ideally if you can perform all renovation work prior tomoving into the house, its preferable. Especially when considering to renovate a kitchen, orbathrooms. If you are considering extensive renovations within ashort time frame, its a good idea to have an individualco ordinate the work for you. Keep in mind that you acquired the house with fullknowledge of the renovation work that is required.What can yourbudget support 8. What we see on TV as the crew is not easy to find. If you find all the trades yourself (a daunting task), it willbe your responsibility to co ordinate the work processand flow. An individual coordinating / overseeing the work foryou, this person will assemble the variousexperienced trades. Renovating a powder room, having exterior doorsreplaced its easy, and you can quickly find trades toperform the work. If the renovations are more extensive, requiring varioustrades, this becomes increasingly more challenging tofind experienced trades, and co ordinate by yourself.Not easy to find 9. In your agreement to purchase, there is the clause thatyou can visit the home on a few occasions prior toclosing. Now that you have the wish list, the trades, or theindividual that will co ordinate the trades. Its time to visit the home with these folks to betterdefine the costs, and in most instances startrecalibrating the wish list. This is when reality sets in, and what looked like $1.00starts escalating. We always read about contracts, when reno workinvolves demolishing first. A level of trust,understanding, has a higher value than a contract. Every house is unique, with its own features,circumstances, and challenges.A must 10. Initiating a renovation project requires due diligence onyour part. The more extensive the renovation, the more duediligence, and time is required from you. Especially when finalising designs, materials, products,and finished appearance. Although technology will save you time, you still need tosee, touch, feel, finalise choices among a myriad ofvariables. The more due diligence you do, the more time it willrequire, the easier it is to complete the work.Makes it easier 11. Starting the work is exciting, and stressful. If you are living in the house its even more stressful. Not living in the house, the work is extensive, you reacha point where the house that someone else lived in, isnot longer habitable. The surprises and unforeseen will appear. The work does not seem to be going fast enough. Items are back order, ran out, not available in a timelyfashion. Its remains exciting to turn a house into your home. Yesyou need an appetite, and genuineunderstanding of the renovation process, and work.Its exciting 12. The more due diligence you do The more your concept, and design is specific It facilitates choosing materials, which expedites doingthe work. It enables choosing the various hardware, fixtures, andso on. The more photos you have to portray your ideas theeasier it is to finalise the concept and design. If you let other folks define your concept and design,then its no longer yours. Its your concept, money, home.Turns the house intoyour home. 13. You bought a house with an unmolested originalkitchen, with ideally a linoleum floor. Keeping the same layout, with new cabinetry, countertops, back splash, appliances, floor. Easy to do with pre assembled cabinetry, with minorplumbing and electrical work. Redesigning the kitchen will involve custom cabinetry,additional plumbing, electrical, removing bulkheads toname a few. Its having a new kitchen for X, or a new kitchen for 3 Xboth are new kitchens, one is off the shelf, the otherrequires custom work.What is yourdesign 14. The house has a curving staircase, with steps coveredby carpet The pedestrian comment its easy went online its aboutX per step for hardwood. What is around the staircase, what floor is on the firstlevel, the second level, how will the railing, spindles fitin once its completed? Its X per step for hardwood, refinish the hand rail, paintthe spindles white. Its X per step, the floor on the second level requires anosing, the railing posts no longer fit in the design, toname a few additional variables that impact the cost.What do you want 15. From your design, wish list, concept, be certain toexplore the various possibilities. Take samples, to ensure that in the house it actuallyworks with your design. Yesyou will change your mind, you will alter designcomponents after trying out the samples. Its work, time, and also fun if you enjoy renovations. It will also test your patience, and appetite for stress. Obvious that your design, concept, components,materials, will have a direct bearing on how much youwill spend.Take your time to becertain 16. Its mandatory to have an idea of how much you areprepared to spend / invest in the renovation project. From your wish list, concept and design you willdevelop an approximate budget for the entire project. Be prepared for unexpected occurrences, additionalcost here, and cost savings thereas an example. Surprisesyes there will be surprises which alwaysentail more money. Be flexible, and astute to derive the best value for yourmoney. Especially if your concept and designs involves reimagining areas that you want to renovate. The extent of renovations will dictate the flexibilityrequired in your budget.How much will youspend / invest 17. Its essential that you manage the budget, which atsome point becomes a moving target as the workprogresses. Its the house that you are renovating to make it yourhomeyou will become passionate about certainaspects more than others. Quality materials, attention to details, accurate work,have an enduring value. From your wish list certain items are more flexible thanothers, which will permit you to manage your budget. The television shows usually portray only a few areasbeing renovating, and the flexibility that is applied tomanage the budget. Focus on the end result that its your HOME.Its the house that willbecome your home 18. If its an extensive renovation project, you need anindividual that will oversee the entire project to diminishthe stress level. If you plan on managing the project yourself, beprepared to endure several stressful moments for amyriad of reasons. The more due diligence you do, the less the stresslevel. The more meticulous and demanding that you are, themore the stress level. A weekly review of the work that has been done, andthe work that will be performed the following week isessential. Be prepared to visit suppliers, phone calls, textmessages, chasing after various itemsits part of theprocess.What is your appetitefor stressfulmoments 19. Yesyou will need enduring WOW factors to increasethe value of your renovation. WOW factors cost more money. WOW factors protect your investment on a mid termbasis. If you are seeking ideas for WOW factors spend timeperusing Houzz. Decide in which areas you want to include WOWfactors, and the additional cost. Its always more moneyto have compelling WOW factors. The big box establishments are not the place to findinspiring WOW factors.They are essential 20. Extensive renovations becom