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Edge Electrical & Renewables Ltd Renewable Technologies

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  • 1. Edge Electrical &Renewables LtdRenewable Technologies
  • 2. Available Technologies Solar (PV) Panels Solar Thermal Panels Heat Pumps Wind Turbines Biomass Boilers Mini Hydro LED Lighting Rainwater Harvesting
  • 3. Benefits Reduce & cap energy costs Reduce carbon emissions Generate clean energy Become self sufficient Generate additional income Tighter control of site budgets Monitor site usage
  • 4. Solar (PV) Panels
  • 5. Solar (PV) Panels What are they and how do they work? Solar Power fed back to the grid & used at the property Benefits Qualifies for FIT
  • 6. Solar Thermal Panels What are they and how do they work? Solar heating pumped via insulated tank Heat water for minimal cost Benefits Qualifies for RHPP
  • 7. Heat Pumps What are they and how do they work? Types Air Source Ground Source Vertical & Horizontal Water Source Benefits RHI & RHPP
  • 8. Wind Turbines What are they and how do they work? Types Vertical & Horizontal Benefits FIT
  • 9. Biomass Boilers Want are they and how do they work? Generate renewable heat Types pellets, shavings & logs Benefits RHI & RHPP
  • 10. Mini Hydro What is it and how does it work? Bespoke dependant on case Benefits Virtually constant power source
  • 11. Rainwater Harvesting What is it and how does it work? Rainwater is reused and treated for either potable or grey water use Benefits
  • 12. LED Lighting Major savings in energy and running costs Minimise maintenance frequency & costs Diversity in design and specification
  • 13. Feed In Tariff (FIT)Typical Example Of Benefits With 20 kWp Solar PV System: A. Generation income Tariff 13.03p per kWh x Annual generation 18,000 kWh = 2,345.40 B. Export income Earn 4.5p x (estimated at 50% of generated amount) kWh = 405 C. Fuel bill savings Save 10p per kWh x 17,000 kWh = 1,700 Total system benefit per year A + B + C = 4,450.40
  • 14. Solar (PV) Panels Typical Investment & Payback 20 kWp Solar PV System Installation cost ( 32,000) / Annual benefit ( 4,450.40) = 7.2 year payback on investment The Feed In Tariff lasts for 20 years & all calculations are made without inflation adjustment (which will be made) and increased imported electricity costs. Therefore the benefit total is likely to be considerably more.
  • 15. Government IncentivesAvailable Feed In Tariff (FIT) Available to all Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Available to commercial Renewable Heat Premium Payments Available to domestic prior to RHI roll out this summer Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) 100% of investment written off in year 1
  • 16. Other Incentives Independent Low Interest Loan Siemens Financial Services (SFS) (Previously run by Carbon Trust) No capital outlay No additional outgoings (Savings made pay for the installation)
  • 17. Why Choose Us ? We will help reduce your running costs on site with our expert knowledge and installations. Our installations are MCS approved so are eligible for government grants including the Feed In Tariff and the Renewable Heat Incentive We never fit and forget any of our installations and continue to provide a premium on-going service to our existing customers by helping to continually reduce consumption. We will show the energy consumption reductions by energy monitoring Pre & Post Installation to confirm that we have achieved or outperformed our energy reduction estimates. We can continue to monitor your site remotely to ensure that your plant is running efficiently with minimum downtime. We can provide site consumption figures to give you better control of budgets and site costs. We can provide access to low interest finance for your project reducing capital outlay (savings made cover the majority of loan repayments). All our work comes with a 10 year insurance backed warranty. The solar panels we use come with a 25year output guarantee which is European insurance backed should anything happen to the company. We offer a free system performance check at 12 months to ensure that the system is running to its maximum efficiency. With every installation we also make a donation to UNICEF.
  • 18. Edge Electrical &Renewables LtdRenewable Technologies