Renewable energy sources Non renewable energy sources

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  • Renewable energy sources
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  • Non renewable energy sources
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  • Energy necessary for everything Every time, when we cook our dinner or just sit into our car - we make such decisions that take effects on the environment as well. That time we burn fossil energy sources and then let greenhouse effect gases / e.g. carbon-dioxide/ into the atmosphere. So we all contribute to the climate changes of the world. In Europe the households use the third of all energy for such everyday actions like heating, cooking, lighting etc. If you pay a little more attention on saving the energy in your everyday life, you can do a lot for slowing the climate changes of our World and you can reduce your own energy-costs as well..
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  • Kitchen Dont let the door open! Use energy- saving bulbs ! Boil no more water that you need! Dont let the tap dripping! Collect the waste selectively! Only 20 C Use environment- friendly detergents
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  • Living room Darken and let fresh air in instead of using the air- conditioner ! Use local lightings! If you dont useturn it off! Turn the lights off when you go out! Energy saving devices !
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  • Bathroom Water-saving WC Bio cosmetics Turn off the tap while washing your teeth! Water-saving tap Energy saving washing machine
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