Renewable Energy Sources

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Transcript of Renewable Energy Sources


    PRATISH RAWATAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Mechanical EngineeringPoornima University,

  • NONRENEWABLE RESOURCESA nonrenewable resource is a natural resource that cannot be re-made or re-grown at a scale comparable to its consumption.

  • COAL, PETROLEUM, AND GASCoal, petroleum, and natural gas are considered nonrenewable because they can not be replenished in a short period of time. These are called fossil fuels.



  • RENEWABLE RESOURCESRenewable resources are natural resources that can be replenished in a short period of time.

    Solar Geothermal Wind Biomass Water


  • SOLAREnergy from the sun.

    Why is energy from the sun renewable?

  • Application of Solar EnergySolar Photovoltaic Grid Connected Solar PVStand Alone Solar PVSolar Street LightsSolar PumpsSolar ThermalSolar Water HeatersSolar Air HeatersSolar CookersSolar Distillation

  • Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant

  • Solar PV Applications

  • Solar PV Applications

  • Solar Thermal ApplicationsSolar Water HeatingSolar Air Heating

  • Advantages and DisadvantagesAdvantagesCleanInexhaustibleAbundantlyDisadvantagesDilute form of energyNot Steadily and Continuous


    Energy from Earths heat.

    Why is energy from the heat of the Earth renewable?

  • Use heat to make steam to turn turbine for electrical generationNote: deep hot waters are corrosive so best to inject clean water in a closed system and bring it back to the surface as steam.Geothermal Energy

  • Geothermal Fields in IndiaHimalayasSohanaWest CoastCambaySon-Narmada-TapiGodavariMahanadiThe power generation at these site has been estimated as about 10000MW.

  • Advantages and DisadvantagesAdvantagesVersatileLeast pollutingRelatively InexpensivePower generation level is higherDisadvantagesHazardous gases cause air pollutionNoise pollution from drillingOverall efficiency is low(15%)

  • Tidal PowerIn areas of large tides

    Anywhere build offshore dam

  • Tidal power anywhereNo dam but a turbine.No pollutionHighly efficient (80%)Reliable source of energyProblems:CorrosionNavigationAppearanceAmount of energy available is lowBest tides are near poles away from people.

  • What is OTEC?

    Manifestation of solar energy

    Top layers of ocean receive solar heating

    Bottom layers receive water from polar regions

    Natural temperature gradient

    Use in Thermodynamic cycle Generate electricity

  • Potential in IndiaEstimated overall potential 180000 MW2.56 million EEZ

    Ongoing projects: The 1 MW barge research and demonstration facility being developed by the National Institute of Ocean Technology, India (NIOT) with technical support from Institute of Ocean Energy, Saga University (IOES)

    Identified sites:KavarattiKulasekarapattinamAndaman & Nicobar Islands

  • OTEC resource in India

  • 210kW OTEC Experimental Plant in Hawaii OTEC R&D

  • Advantages OTEC is technically feasible and economically favorable Mature technology Benefits ecology More plants of capacity similar to experimental plants can be constructedDisadvantagesMore expensiveTechnology is young and need more researchSites are far from nation and population centers

  • WINDEnergy from the wind.

    Why is energy from the wind renewable?

  • England = off shore

  • Wind energy problemsLocation near population centerBird migration VisualMust be coupled with other sources of electricity (intermittent supply)

  • BIOMASSEnergy from burning organic or living matter.

    Why is energy from biomass renewable?

  • Usable form of BiomassFuel WoodCharcoalFuel Pellets and briquettesBio-dieselBio-ethanolBiogasProducer gas

  • Advantages and DisadvantagesAdvantagesEnergy Storage is an in-built featureRequire less capitalEmission is less compared to fossile fuelsCommercial use reduces problem of waste disposalDisadvantagesDispersed and land intensive sourceLow energy densityLabour intensiveNot feasible to set up at all locations

  • WATER or HYDROELECTRICEnergy from the flow of water.

    Why is energy of flowing water renewable?

  • Problems with hydroelectricLocation = unused rivers are in extreme north or low population areasCompetition with recreational uses and environmental concernsHard to build dams in populated river valleysSiltation of dams limited life.

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