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Transcript of Renewable Energy Financing Solutions . Camco_ Renewable... Renewable Energy Financing Solutions...

  • Renewable Energy Financing Solutions Regional Expert Meeting

    Climate Change and Enhanced Renewable Energy Deployment in East and Southern Africa

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 17-18 March 2016

    Alec Joubert

    Investment Director, Energy Projects

  • Renewable Energy Performance Platform

    Introduction to Camco Clean Energy

    • Clean Energy Fund and Management Advisory

    • Clean Energy and Climate Advisory

    • Sub-Saharan Africa focus

    • Offices

    • South Africa (Johannesburg)

    • East Africa (Nairobi, Kenya)

    • Europe (London, UK)

    • West Africa (Accra, Ghana)


  • Renewable Energy Performance Platform

    Project Finance Challenges


  • Renewable Energy Performance Platform

    The Project Development Life Cycle


  • Renewable Energy Performance Platform

    Balancing Risk and Reward


  • Renewable Energy Performance Platform

    Green Africa Power


    • Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG) facility

    • Offers quasi-equity debt and contingent lines of credit

    • Total facility size: USD 200m


    • Donors:

    • UK Department for International Development (DFID)

    • UK Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC)

    • Government of Norway

    • Advisors

    • Eiser Infrastructure

    • Camco Clean Energy

  • Renewable Energy Performance Platform

    GAP Key Issues/Barriers


    • Well-advanced projects which are struggling to reach financial close

    • Solutions:

    • Mezzanine finance (subordinated debt, quasi-equity debt) and

    • Contingent lines of credit

    • Long tenors

    • Funding not readily available from commercial markets

  • Renewable Energy Performance Platform



    • Least developed countries (DAC

    1, 2, 3)

    • Wide range of renewable energy


    • Utility-scale, grid-connected


    • Later-stage project development


    • Attract private sector finance

  • Renewable Energy Performance Platform

    Managed by:

    Renewable Energy Performance Platform


    Initiated by:

    Funded by:

  • Renewable Energy Performance Platform

    REPP Key Issues/Barriers

    • Limited sources of of development finance

    • Limited commercial viability of small-scale renewable energy


    • Levelised costs are not sustainable/equity returns are low

    • Long-term debt

    • Unavailable

    • pricing high

    • tenors too short

    • Lack of access to risk mitigation instruments

    • Lack of technical know-how amongst small-scale developers


  • Renewable Energy Performance Platform

    REPP Mandate

    • Small-scale renewables

    • Least developed countries

    • Nineteen target countries

    • Wide range of renewable energy


    • Developer-focused

    • Unlocking private sector finance


  • Renewable Energy Performance Platform

    Products, Services and Solutions

    1. Technical Assistance during Development

     Technical studies

     Legal and due diligence costs

    2. Structuring Support

     Financial structuring

     Facilitating access to risk mitigation instruments

     Facilitating access to long-term debt

    3. Results-Based Finance

     Results-based financial support to achieve commercial viability


  • Renewable Energy Performance Platform


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