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Renegade Squadron Renegade Squadron LEADERSHIP. SECAF. CMSAF. CAF. “Leaders do not appear fully developed out of whole cloth. A maturation must occur to allow the young leaders to grow into the responsibilities required of senior institutional leaders and commanders.”. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Renegade Squadron Renegade Squadron LEADERSHIP

  • Renegade Squadron Renegade Squadron LEADERSHIP


  • Leaders do not appear fully developed out of whole cloth. A maturation must occur to allow the young leaders to grow into the responsibilities required of senior institutional leaders and commanders.General John P. Jumper,Former CSAF

  • Foundational StatementsLeadership is the art and science of motivating, influencing and directing people to accomplish the assigned mission

    Leadership does not equal command, but ALL commanders should be leaders

    AF ethic consists of three fundamental and enduring values: Integrity, Service, and Excellence

  • Foundational Statements

    Abilities of a leader which are derived from innate capabilities and built from experience, education, and training, can be improved upon through deliberate development.

    Can someone be a born leader?

  • Elements of Leadership

    People - execute and accomplish the mission

    Mission - objective, or task to be accomplished

  • Elements of Leadership

    Mission Why we are here!

    Primary task

    Motivate influence, and direct people to carry out the mission

  • Elements of AF LeadershipPeople Heart of the organization

    Perform the mission

    Leader must care, support, and develop people

    Never forget the importance of AirmenANY USAF member (officer or enlisted; active, reserve, or guard; and Department of the AF civilians)

  • Elements of LeadershipANY member can be a leader and can positively influence othersconcept of leadership

    Vast majority of leaders are not commanders

    Members simultaneously serve as both leaders and followers at every level

  • Elements of AF LeadershipEffective leadership transforms human potential into effective performance in the present and prepares capable leaders for the future.

  • Institutional CompetenciesPersonal Leadership face-to-face, interpersonal relations that directly influence human behavior and values

    People/Team Leadership interpersonal and team building relationships that create a healthy climate

    Organizational Leadership establishing structure, allocating resources, and articulating strategic vision

  • Personal CompetenciesEmbodies Airman Culture

    Ethical Leadership


    Warrior Ethos

    Develops Self

  • Personal CompetenciesCommunicating

    Speaking and Writing

    Active listening

  • People/Team CompetenciesLeading PeopleDeveloping and Inspiring Others

    Taking Care of People

    Fostering Diversity

    Fostering Collaborative RelationshipsBuilds Teams and Coalitions


  • Organizational CompetenciesStrategic Thinking




  • Components of Leadership

    Leadership ActionsDecisive actions leaders use to get things done. Leaders influence and improve their units in order to accomplish their military mission

  • Leadership ActionsInfluenceCommunicationMotivationStandardsDecisivenessImproveDevelopment and learningAccomplishEnhanced by influence and improvement

  • Air Force Doctrine

    Foundational Doctrine Statements

    Fundamental Elements Leadership

    Components LeadershipSUMMARY

  • We intend to develop leaders who motivate teams, mentor subordinates, and train successors.General John P. Jumper, Former CSAF