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Buying @ Auction111Download presentation file & HOLD HARMLESS The information in this presentation and the programs they present are for general informational purposes only. They do not provide legal, business, financial or personal advice related to individual situations and should not be relied on as such. The educators and presenters of the information and others involved have taken reasonable precautions in the preparation of the information and believe that what is presented is accurate as of the date it is written and presented. However, they do not guarantee or warrant that it is accurate, complete, up-to-date or will produce certain financial results. Further, they assume no responsibility for any errors or omissions and disclaim any liability resulting from the use or application of this information. All of it is general in nature and may not apply to particular factual or legal circumstances. Laws and procedures, particularly those relating to real estate, change from country to country, state to state and county to county, and are subject to differing interpretations. The information is not intended to substitute for obtaining legal advice from competent, independent legal counsel in the relevant jurisdiction. If you want legal advice, please consult a lawyer. The presentations are not intended to create and your use of the information presented does not constitute a business or lawyer-client relationship between you and the presenter, the authors of the information and others involved with the information. This information is not a substitute for sound business and legal judgment, and you should not act upon any of it without first confirming that it is appropriate for your situation.3333Remote Flips:Auction Open MarketCase StudiesQ & A4

12345676Before:Review ListDrive byAdjust list and numbersGet ready to auctionAuction DayAfter7RisksNo InspectionNo title insuranceTile issuesBenefitsThe lowest price pointMargin for high profits

8Case StudyPurchase date 9/4/2012purchase price $72,000Renov. costs $20,000/$12,000Total investment $104,000Selling price $129,900Listing date 10/27/12Offer date 10/28/12 (less then 24 hours)Offer: $129,900Closing date 11/27/12Duration ~3 mothsProfit ~$19,000



11Merribrook Lane Allen TX (Dallas)4 / 2.5 | 2,596 Sq. Ft. | 1989 Built | 2 Car Garage | Pool

Purchased: 10/2/12 @ $146,000Rehab: $15,000Total investment: $161,000For sale: 11/2/12 (30 days) @ $209,900Market Value: $216, 600Rent: $1,900Estimated Profit: $38,500Estimated duration: 4 months12UpdateWe have an offer (and negotiating) as of yesterday (Sunday) for $203,500 Atlanta @ Fix and Flip13




17Northridge Dr Plano, TX 7507518 Option 1 Option 2Purchase price $81,601 $81,601 Rehab $20,000 $- Total expenses $101,601 $81,601 Sell at $130,000 $107,000 Closing costs (agent fee+title+taxes) $8,200 $7,280 Total revenue $121,800 $99,720 Total profit $20,199 $18,119 Local Team profit share (40%) $8,080 $7,247.60 SDI profit share (20%) $4,039.80 $3,623.80 **Investors profit share (40%) $8,079.60 $7,247.60 **Investors cash on cash16%18%**Estimated duration 4 months 1 month**Annual48%213%Purchase Date11/6/1211/6/12Selling Date3/1/1312/1/12Purchase Methods:AuctionOpen Market (cash or financing) Investment options:Option 1 buy individuallyOption 2 join a flip group 19Ways to mitigate riskWays to diverse risksTimeline: Next auctions 12/4 & 1/12021

Individually GroupInvesting Strategy SessionFREEONE ON ONE STRATEGY SESSION(in-person | phone | Skype)

22REGISTERMany oppsPull the ftrOver come fearHand holding

Pull 22Investment Processby Simply Do ItStep 1 Defining Your StrategyWhere to investWhats right for youObstacles eliminationGetting ready financiallyGetting ready mentallyStep 2 Finding a PropertyWorking with local teamEvaluating & analyzing dealsMaking offers & negotiationCompleting purchaseStep 3 Rent / Flip2324

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