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Teachers are the greatest investors and wealth builders of all time. We invest our time and talent into everyone that has ever stepped foot in our classrooms. Physicians, musicians, millionaires, and engineers all came to our doorsteps first to become what they are today. We’ve invested in them, now it’s time to invest in ourselves.

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    They dont pay us enough for what we do so lets create ways to pay ourselves!

    create REMARKABLE

    Mariel Perry


  • Remarkable Teachers Create Remarkable Money

    Copyright 2008 Mariel Perry

    All Rights Reserved

    No part of this publication may be reproduced without prior permission.

  • Teachers are the greatest investors

    and wealth builders of all time.

    We invest our time and talent into

    everyone that has ever stepped foot

    in our classrooms. Physicians,

    musicians, millionaires, and

    engineers all came to our doorsteps

    first to become what they are

    today. Weve invested in them,

    now its time to invest in ourselves.

  • Some of you already found your dream job in

    teaching. Its what you played as a little girl or

    little boy, its who you respected most in life, its

    what you went to school for. Maybe your family

    is growing or you just want a better lifestyle, this

    book is for you. I want to inspire you to do

    things that are not necessarily time constrictive,

    and yet gives you extra income that will make the

    difference in your everyday life. Im talking about

    simple things you can do on the weekends or

    contract with others to do them for you that will

    bring in extra dollars.

  • If your goal is to get out of the classroom, I want

    to help motivate you as well. If you feel like there

    is something more out there for you, go for it.

    Teaching is a stable, rewarding j-o-b, but if you

    know you are here just for a season, then I want to

    encourage you to use the creativity you have and

    catapult yourself to the life of your dreams.

    Anything worth having takes gusto, enthusiasm,

    courage, and knowledge. I want to share sweet

    nuggets to encourage your hearts. If I can plant a

    seed, if I can help you in any way, then I

    accomplished what I set out for. Enjoy each tip

    and idea I share with you and apply them to your

    life today.

  • Just Let it Out!

    You have your wealth already inside you. Its just

    time to let it out. Believing in yourself has to

    become more powerful than what others believe

    about you. If you let peoples opinions have so

    much control over you, you will never be able to

    overcome that peer pressure. (Yes, it does exist

    even in our adulthood.) Sometimes we as teachers

    overanalyze things and that analysis keeps us from

    action. Just do it or somebody else will. The

    idea wasnt placed in your heart for nothing. What

    Ive learned in my life over the years is that even if

    it does not start out as the greatest idea, sometimes

    just acting on that single thought can bring you to

    exhilarating aha moments.

  • Become Problem Solvers

    Create a product that solves problems for teachers.

    We always like to find better ways of doing things

    and if you have a better way, show the world.

    The first thing that pops in my mind is creating

    some type of digital software just for teachers or

    any niche market that makes work easier. And in

    this day and time, if you are not computer savvy,

    you do not have to worry about that. Outsource it

    to people that lives and breathes software

    development. There is a website called that allows talented people to

    bid on digital jobs.

  • Study Your Favorite Success Story

    Who do you most likely want to be like? Study

    how they got successful and do what they did.

    Emulation is the highest form of flattery, and the

    fastest way to the top. Dont reinvent the wheel.

    Yet, whatever you do, make it unique with your

    special signature only you can add.

  • Negative Versus Positive

    Get far away from people who sap your positive

    emotion. We as teachers at times have a lot to

    complain about. I will agree with you on that.

    But when complaining is the norm with the

    people you talk with, especially when there is no

    action done to change the circumstances, then it

    is time to do one of two things. Number one you

    can flip the script and let them know how

    draining negative talking can be and how passion

    for life can be so rewarding or number two find

    someone else to talk with.

  • Day Dreams

    You really and truly make time for what you

    want to do. You get the same 24 hours like

    everybody in the world. But rich people find a

    way to use other peoples time to make their

    own dreams come true. How many times have

    you made Belks or Macys dreams come true

    either by working there part time or shopping

    there full time? Is your time being used by

    someone else to further their cause? Have you

    thought of ways to take back your time to use it

    to further your own dreams?

  • Design worksheet booklets that can be sold at trade shows or online.

    Start a business system that brings in passive residual income. That is income that you dont have to work for after you create it.

    Songs you sing in class record them. Package them and sell them to other teachers. One place you can do that at is

    Find ways to celebrate teachers and at the same time make some money doing it a traveling massage company, onsite car detailing, lunch meals on wheels, etc.

  • Think Good

    Have a mission on why you want to make

    money. Become charitable in your

    thoughts and your actions and you will

    surely have others follow you.

  • Think Big

    Keep doing what you love to do. But can you

    think of ways of doing it on a grander scale?

    What if your lessons started in your classroom

    ended up in schools across the country? Think of

    a project you can do (or already started) and work

    on it over your summer break. This one

    awesome idea on this one summer break could

    quite possibly take care of you for the rest of your


  • Become a Guru in Your Own Right

    Create your own online educational system. Is there

    something you would like to teach like a hobby

    online? Playing a guitar, certain crafts, writing

    books, all those things can be taught online. You

    can either sell the courses as videos, books, or have

    people opt in for webinars that they pay you for.

    Or start your own tutoring company by joining a

    franchise that helps students all over.

  • Create your DREAM TEAM

    Collaborate with likeminded people to get your

    idea up and running. Get with people you trust.

    It could be your family or other teachers that

    have been itching just like you to make more

    money in their lifetime to change their lifestyle.

  • Market, market, market!

    Nobody knows you have the worlds best cookie recipe unless youve shared it with


  • Write a Book

    Better yet, write series of books that have similar

    topics. That way each book can sell the other

    book because they relate to the same topic.

    Self publishing has never been easier in any other

    time in history. The internet and advances in

    technology has opened up a gold mine for anyone

    who wants to talk about anything and put it in a

    book. We are smart people and we come up with

    ideas constantly. And if you are like me you are

    in the bookstore looking for books on all kinds of

    topics. If you dont see what you want, then write

    it yourself.

  • Commitment

    You must commit yourself to the wealth you

    intend to get. Its more than just saying

    something. Every day of your life until your

    wealth is manifested, you must commit to

    getting the exact amount of wealth you actually

    want. Write down your commitment. Write

    down when you plan to reach that goal.

  • Make-Believe Will Make You Believe Teachers, fake it till you make it! There is such a

    positive effect on our emotions when we pretend

    that weve already reached our wealth goals. When

    we change our perspective now, walk like weve got

    jewels in abundance, smile like we own half of the

    city, we feel better. And when we feel better, we do

    better. Make your present circumstances come alive

    today. Stop complaining about what you dont

    have and correct that attitude with positive energy.

    That positive energy has such healing qualities that

    you really see light at the end of the tunnel.

    Negativism and pessimism will not help your

    strategy. So, how do you fake it till you make it?

    Go to that fancy restaurant, order only the appetizer

  • and just bask in the atmosphere. Get familiar to

    what youll be doing in your near future. Or buy

    that designer purse in the consignment store and

    wear it like you paid top dollar. Better still, create

    your this is what I want and I wont settle for less

    collage and hang it in your bedroom so that you

    can see it every single day. When you think rich,

    act rich, expose yourself to rich, you will grow rich.

  • Celebrate the Small Stuff

    Whenever you have a huge task in front of you,

    like getting your ideas changed into products or

    creating your own web page, break