RELINK unveils the innovative energy storage

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RLS35 Relink unveils the innovative energy storage Vins di Gennaro
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Transcript of RELINK unveils the innovative energy storage

  • RLS35Relink unveils the innovative energy storage

    Vins di Gennaro

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    1.3 bl people without electricity (source IEA)

    Clean energy arises, increased need to compensate intermittency

    Residential-small commercial users want to reduce energy cost and increase self-consumption from renewable energy.

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    RLS35 gen 1.0

    3.5 kW rated power Single phase (230 V) On-grid/off-grid system Renewable energy management 19 rack with battery trays LiFePO4 2.5 khW - DOD 80% High voltage dc-link Up to 15 kWh battery (6 packs)

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    Compatible with existing PV/wind generators Small size and weight LiFePO4 high density battery Long lifetime High degree of modularity Wider operational range On-grid to off-grid transaction Power generation control (patent pending)


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    AC-link interconnection

    RLS35 Standard ESS Retrofit existing plant Compatibility different

    sources Standard AC voltage

    No Retrofit No Compatibility Given DC range only

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    Smaller Battery

    Pictures speak louder than words.

    Relink batteries needs 1/9 of volume compared to gel lead-acid batteries.

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    Lighter BatteryWell, if you need to get fit, choose lead-acid

    Relink batteries weight only 1/10 of standard ones.

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    The Smallest!

    Relink Li-ion battery has the highest density on the market.

    Standard Li-ion battery density is 95 Wh/m3. 2.5 kWh standard battery needs a 5U tray vs. 3U tray.

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    Constant Cells Voltage

    Relink batteries keep the cells voltage constant over charging-discharging cycles.

    A non-uniform cells voltage reduce the overall battery performance and lifetime.

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    Longer Lifetime BatteryA gel lead-acid batteries have 500 cycles average lifetime.

    Relink batteries can withstand to deep discharge for 2000-2500 cycles

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    Power modularity

    Do you need more power for your appliances?

    No problem, add an extra inverter.

    Upgrade to 7 kW.



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    Capacity modularity

    Do you need to store more energy?

    No problem, add extra battery tray. Upgrade up to 15

    kWh (6 trays)




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    Wider Temp Operative RangeLead-acid batteries ESS has narrow temperature

    operating range.

    RLS35 can operate in tough environments without affecting performances

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    Underlying Magic

    Relink RLS35 introduces two innovative concepts Power Generation Control (patent pending).

    When the grid is missing, the renewable generator and load keep working.

    Energy Sharing Mode (patent pending). Plurality of units and renewable generators, in master-slave configuration, make possible sharing of energy among users.

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    Power Generation Control

    In case of black-out, the system will keep supplying the loads and appliances as well as will not disconnect renewable power generators.

    If the power generated exceeds the user power consumption, the CPU is specially controlling the generators connected reducing their output.

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    Power Generation Control

    No Light No Production

    Keep production on Supplies the loads

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    Energy Sharing Mode

    By means of the Power Generation Control system the Energy Sharing can be achieved.

    A plurality of RLS35 and renewable energy generators are connected to each other in a closed system and connected to the public grid in one single point allowing a sharing of energy among the users.

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    Energy Sharing ModeUsers with excess production will share energy to users with excess of consumption, eventually energy difference can be sold or purchased. The greater is the number of RLS35 interconnected the lower is the probability that the system need to buy energy from traders.

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    Energy Sharing Mode






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    Energy Sharing Mode in Offices