Rekindle the Love for Indonesian Cuisine

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Strategic Blueprint for proposing a new meaning for Indonesian cuisine

Transcript of Rekindle the Love for Indonesian Cuisine

  • Rekindle the love for Indonesian Cuisine Strategic Blueprint
  • Indonesia is blessed with a unique landscape and rich amalgamation of culture, resulting in an abundant tradition of food and a great diversity of quality produce. As society progress, the status of Indonesian cuisine and ingredients are overshadowed by Western and other Asian inuenced food. People see Indonesian food as their comfort food, but has little knowledge of the substance it possesses. As a result, Indonesian cuisine is no longer the king in its own home.
  • The sad fate of Indonesian food is not only caused by the shift in societys preference. The modern agriculture industry has pushed the farming tradition in Indonesia to focus on productivity and yield. There is little concern on the quality of products and the overall impact of modern agriculture on the well-being of producers, as well as the environment. Farmers are pushed to the bottom of the social pyramid, with many intermediaries between them and end- consumers. Technology and science does not play the role of promoting the well-being of producers and sustaining good quality products.
  • Rediscover the rich tradition and diversity of Indonesian cuisine Flip the role of technology to make it more quality and well-being focused the challenge
  • the goal Indonesian cuisine can play its role as a source of national pride, and reects its vast diversity in tradition and quality produce. All that while promotes the well-being of everyone involved in the ecosystem
  • the goal needs to be approached by uniting forces To fulll the goal of shifting the social and quality context of Indonesian cuisine, a strategic collaboration between various actors participating in the discourse has to be established. A major challenge we are currently facing in advancing Indonesian cuisine and produces lies in the disconnection between the act of production and consumption of food. To be a source of national pride, people needs to be informed of the great tradition behind food production . Thus, we need cultural producers - people who are involved in the investigation and production of social meaning - to be part of the discourse. To promote the overall well-being of people, business and producers have to work hand in hand on equal ground. That means no more looking down on farmers, and start see them as valuable business partners. To produce good quality &healthy products, we need to involve technological producers, who use their technical expertise in the discovery & development of better options.
  • producers consumersbusiness gastro intelligentsia government scientist education mediachefs cultural organizations cultural producers technological producers
  • Indonesian food should be more than just pleasure. Wed like to envision a new meaning to it: as an instrument to improve lives. How?
  • discover developdisseminate creation of meaning
  • discover producers consumersbusiness cultural interpreter technology interpreter gather stories, local traditions & wisdom discover local ingredients, build practice of foraging dene potential pilot area for quality produce
  • develop producers consumersbusiness cultural interpreter technology interpreter local knowledge sharing and transfer local knowledge sharing & transfer work with producers on the development of quality produce develop sustainable supply chain research on healthier options
  • disseminate producers consumersbusiness cultural interpreter technology interpreter utilization of media touch points and gastro-intellegentsia to elevate the status of Indonesian produce commercialization of foraging culture dissemination of healthier option
  • producers consumersbusiness cultural interpreter technology interpreter the strategic blueprint discover - pull discover - pull producers producers producers develop - co-creation develop - pull develop - lab dissemination - push dissemination - push
  • can the blueprint answer the initial challenge? With commitment, YES! We believe so. The blueprint requires all actors to work together to achieve a unied goal. While uniting forces require a great deal of eort, and not to mention a major paradigm shift, there is always a possibility to start small to test the stretch of the concept. There are numerous movements aimed at addressing the challenge, but many of them work in isolation. To not reinvent the wheel, we can start by gathering these interpreters together to build a joint action plan. Interested in rediscovering history? contact us at [email protected]