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  • 8/14/2019 Redington Valueplus - Jan. 2010


    value plusthe

    Q U A RT E R LY


    ACTIONNew business opportunitiesahead mean its time to getorganised!

    JuniperHP ProCurveCiscoHP ServerMolex


    January 2010presents


    HIGHLIGHTS:Building a profitable, productive smallbusiness practice through partnerenablementThe business value of storagevirtualisationThe Big Connect

    Redington is a Value Added Distributor for the following brands across the Middle East and Africa

  • 8/14/2019 Redington Valueplus - Jan. 2010


  • 8/14/2019 Redington Valueplus - Jan. 2010


  • 8/14/2019 Redington Valueplus - Jan. 2010


    B y design the relationshipbetween Vendor Distributor Reseller issupposed to be a symbiotic

    relationship, a perfect triangle with all the three partners workingsmoothly with each other andadding value to each other on acontinuous basis, but practically does this happen?

    This is a key question that

    needs to be answered honestly.The key stake holders in thedebate are people working fordistribution houses, channelrepresentatives from vendors andpartners at large. Lets look atsome common pain points fromeach of their perspective.

    Some pain points from adistributor: Vendor is not supportive anddoes not look at things fromour perspective Vendor is more supportivetowards another distributor!(Why would he do that? The

    vendor might as well not have you as distributor!!!)

    This vendor does not understanddistribution - he is only looking atsell in, with no sell out focus at all This vendor expects us todevelop his market, but does notunderstand that we need to earnsomething before we invest theold chicken and egg story!!!

    Common complaints from a

    vendor perspective: This distributor is just a fulfillmenthouse and does not focus on any market development

    This distributor is far tooconservative and is not willing toinvest in the business!!! This distributor does not havereach!!! (Didnt he discover thisbefore appointing the distributor?) This distributor does notunderstand value add !!

    Some common voices of concernfrom a resellers perspective

    (Imagine a typical 2 tier mediumsize reseller, who dependsalmost entirely on supplier creditfrom the distributor and backingof the vendor to close business): The vendor is trying to controleverything including our margins!!! The vendor is not transparentand always playing betweendifferent resellers!!! The distributor is not proactive!!! The distributor is very conservative in giving credit We prefer to work with all thedistributors!!! (No loyalty)

    The above statements are very prevalent in the industry wheneverthere is a closed door discussion.Most people in the industry are

    aware about it, acknowledge it butavoid being quoted.As a professional associated

    with the distribution industry for afairly long time, I have experiencedthe above and have heard fromcolleagues within the ecosystemexperience the same. There havealso been tremendously successfulrelationships between resellers/

    vendors/distributors and thereare individuals who have beenextremely successful in buildingbusinesses which have used this

    triangle to the hilt. It is importantto understand what works and,in cases it has not worked, tolearn what has not worked sothat for the industry at large, thiscan be some form of a pointerto avoid pitfalls in forming theserelationships to start with.

    Following are some verybroad lessons that I havehad during my journeyin distribution and maybe useful as pointers toovercome some of the issuesdiscussed above:

    Get the expectations rightfrom Day 1- When forming a

    relationship, be as transparentas possible and get theexpectations set realistic onboth sides from the start. Donot make the mistake of settingeither too low or too highexpectations from both sides.Learn to say NO and walkaway if it does not make senseto be in a relationship.

    Understand the importanceof joint business planning-Understand the businessgoals of both sides clearly.


    Ramkumar B, GM, Value Division, Redington Gulf

    The joint business plan shouldmake the goals of both sidespossible it has to be a WIN WIN relationship. Understandthe compensation and rewardplans for the employeesinvolved on both sides.Remember: at the end of theday, its a people business!

    Communicate every day-Communication or lack of it isthe SINGLE MOST IMPORTANTreason that many relationshipsdont work. Weekly, monthly andquarterly reviews at differentlevels are a MUST. Proactivecommunication is necessary,so always communicate as if

    in a partnership, not as if it isbetween two different parties.Call it off when joint vision

    not possible- Remember thatevery relationship does not lastforever. When a joint vision isnot possible, call it off and donot PROCRASTINATE. Finally,being in a relationship and notseeing a joint vision is the worst

    possible situation.I hope the above would help

    each of us to maximize productivity with our business partners.

    Distributor - Vendor -Reseller - Is a symbioticrelationship possible?

    4 The ValuePlus Quarterly January 2010

  • 8/14/2019 Redington Valueplus - Jan. 2010


  • 8/14/2019 Redington Valueplus - Jan. 2010



    pure-play IP solutions based ona unique single architecture,single operating system andsingle release train that ensures

    performance, reliability andsecurity at the scale thatcustomers demand of theirnetworks, without compromise.

    Infrastructure products Jupiters infrastructureproducts are designed toaddress the needs of serviceproviders and enterprisesfor core and edge networkcapabilities, as well as for

    wireless access by combininghigh- performance packetforwarding technology androbust operating systems into anetwork-optimized solution. M Series Multiservice Edge Routers: The M Series Multiservice Edge

    Routing portfolio uniquelycombines best-in-class IP/ MPLScapabilities with unmatchedreliability, stability, securityand service richness. Thesemulti-service edge routing

    platforms allow enterprises andservice providers to consolidatemultiple networks into a singleIP/MPLS infrastructure while

    simultaneously generatingnew revenues with leading-edge services. T Series Core Routers:The TSeries Core Routers offersophisticated processingcapabilities on a true multi-service platform. Providerscan reduce operational andcapital expenses while easilycustomising the solution set anduser experience. The result isflexible, powerful and profitablenetwork service delivery. E Series Broadband Services Routers: The E Series represent a fullfeatured platform designedfor the network edge withsupport for carrier-class

    routing, broadband subscribermanagement services, and acomprehensive set of IP services.The E Series service deliveryarchitecture enables serviceproviders to easily deploy

    innovative revenue-generatingservices to their customers. TheE Series offers a full suite of routing protocols and provides

    scalable capacity for tens of thousands of users. MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers: The MX Series of routers area product family developedto address emerging Ethernetnetwork architectures andservices in service providerand enterprise networks.Based on the Junos Trio chipset

    with revolutionary 3D scalingtechnology, the MX Series 3DUniversal Edge Routers enablequality of experience at massivescale, by processing two to fourtimes more traffic than thecompetition up to 2.6 terabitsper second while using half as much power per gigabit.

    The MX Series will offer theindustrys first universal edge

    with 3D Scaling of bandwidth,subscribers and services for thedelivery of business, residentialand mobile services at massive

    scale on a single network. BX Series Multi-Access Gateways: The BX7000 Multi-AccessGateway represents a new

    approach to mobile backhaul,offering a solution thatis scalable, flexible, costeffective and ensures asmooth migration to futuretechnologies. Circuit Emulation PICs:JuniperCircuit Emulation PICs forthe M Series routers providechannelised and clear-channelOC-3/ STM-1 and T1/E1interfaces for the flexible,reliable transport of TDM overIP/MPLS using pseudo-wiretechnology, enabling serviceproviders to cost effectivelytransform their legacy voiceand TDM data transportnetworks to next generation

    packet based infrastructure. CTP Series Circuit to PacketPlatforms:The CTP Seriesprovides the advancedtechnology and featuresrequired to reliably transport

    NYSE Euronext (NYX), the worldsmost diverse exchange group, and

    Juniper Networks are workingtogether to design a state-of-the-art,ultra-low latency corenetwork for NYSE Euronexts newconsolidated global data centres.

    Located in the greater New York and London metropolitanareas, NYSE Euronexts two newdata centres will be the primaryoperational infrastructuresupporting several billiondaily transactions and quotesacross diverse asset classes andgeographies. They will also beinstrumental in NYSE Euronextseffort to consolidate the totalnumber of its global data centres

    from ten to four. Expected tobe operational in 2010, the newfacilities will provide muchgreater network scale and

    Ultra-low latency in actionefficiency, with plans to utilise

    Junipers Data Center InfrastructureSolutions and advanced data centrefabric technology to support anunprecedented internal latency of 50 microseconds roundtrip.

    Junipers simplified datacentre approach will allow usto deploy a complete 10 GigabitEthernet network with ultra-low latency at a substantial costsavings, said Steve Rubino