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Transcript of Redington-Fairview General Hospital 2018 ~ 2019 Community ... The needs of the community Redington...

  • Redington-Fairview General Hospital

    2018 ~ 2019

    Community Health

    Annual Report

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    The needs of the community Redington Fairview General Hospital (RFGH) and Somerset Public Health (SPH) serves are vast and ever changing. The attached 2018 – 2019 RFGH / SPH Annual Report will highlight efforts taken to respond to the priorities identified in the community health needs assessment.

    RFGH and SPH would like to thank the many staff members, providers, community members, Board of Directors, volunteers and Administrators who make community outreach possible through their time, dedication, and financial support.

    RFGH and SPH would like to thank our many community partners. We recognize that this is not an all inclusive list and to all who contribute in making our community healthier, we sincerely thank you.

    New Balance WIC KVCAP Kennebec Behavioral Health

    Spectrum Generations

    University of Maine

    United Way Local Child Care

    AARP Chamber of Commerce

    Department Of Highway Safety

    Local law enforcement Local Businesses

    Local School Districts

    Local Municipalities

    American Cancer Society

    Shelters and Food Pantries

    Maine General

    SPH receives funding from multiple grants. For a complete listing please contact SPH at 474-7473.

    For information about the annual report or the Redington Fairview General Hospital Community Assessment, please contact Carol Steward at 207.474.5121, ext. 2319.

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    SPH programs Move More Kids Funded by New Balance for the past 11 years, this is a program which improves nutrition and physical activity practice polices and environments in schools, childcare facilities, communities, and afterschool programs using the Let’s go! Model. In the past year, 20 schools have created yearly action plans focused around incorporating more physical activity into the school day; 31 child cares have created yearly action plans around healthy eating and active living strategies; and 350 students in ten after school programs are enrolled in Move More Kids program. SNAP-Ed Provides nutrition education to children and adults at school and community venues. Includes Pick a Better Snack, Cooking Matters, store tours, and Ten Tips. Have expanded into Hartland, St. Albans and Cornville. Adult classes in Jackman, at SPH and at Centenary Methodist. Between 10/2018 and 3/2019 this program had 11,632 contacts in the SNAP Ed program with the adult and teen programs. Key focuses of the focuses are increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, community gardens, school access, and much more. Obesity State Prevention Services Grant to reduce overweight and obesity throughout Somerset County using the Let’s Go! model. Athens Community School, Cornville Charter School, Harmony, SADs 12, 13, 54, 59, and 74 are all enrolled in the Let’s Go! program.

    RFGH Weight Management Weigh to Go

    A program offered three times a year to adults designed and delivered by dietitians to gain information around healthy nutrition choices. 141 participants completed the program in 2018 averaging 4.3# weight loss per individual.

    Road to Wellness

    Program facilitated by dietitian for individuals who are 100 pounds or more overweight.

    RFGH wellness initiatives

    • Healthy options offered in

    cafeteria. • Sugared beverages

    removed from cafeteria vending machines and from meetings.

    • Quarterly RFGH Community Newsletter healthy recipes.

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    Caregiver support for dementia A community outreach program with Dr. Goodman for family and caregivers discussing the types of dementia, evaluation and treatment.

    Aging in Place

    A grant with SPH by Maine Health Access Foundation to improve services such as transportation, medical hospice chronic disease management and community support in Jackman. To help individuals stay in their homes or near their friends as they age in a safe manner.

    AARP Age Friendly Communities

    SPH working to create age friendly community plans in Jackman, Madison and Skowhegan. The goal of age friendly communities is to help towns prepare for the rapid aging of population by looking at the social, economic and environmental factors that affect the health and overall well-being of older adults.

    AARP Driver Safety training

    A refresher course held at RFGH for drivers’ age 50+ to sharpen skills and drive safely.

    Arthritis Classes at RFGH Rehab & Fitness

    This class is designed to benefit those diagnosed with arthritis or fibromyalgia. Gentle exercises help to improve balance, range of motion and provide pain relief.

    Advance Directives

    Outreach programs to senior center and to community to inform and assist with completing these legal forms to have a say about how one wants to be cared for when getting very sick.

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    2018 – 2019 HIGHLIGHTS

    Prevention Education Tobacco

    RFGH was recognized for achievement in tobacco-free excellence by receiving a Gold Star from the MaineHealth Center for Tobacco Independence’s Breathe Easy initiative. The RFGH Community Health Educator worked on tobacco prevention education in SAD 54 High school classroom 4th and 5th grade prevention education - MSADs 54, 59,74, and the Athens Community School.

    Multiple vaping presentations to increase awareness around various vaping devices, what’s in them, how they work, and the dangers of their use. The Tobacco State Prevention grant with SPH is to reduce tobacco use in children and adults. Multi-unit housing policies passed in work by SPH to include 8 buildings/123 units with 220 tenants reached. In addition smoke and tobacco-free policies were passed at the Maine Arts Academy and Lake George Park.


    The STOP Grant with SPH is to help reduce underage drinking by providing Universal Prime for Life classes at middle/high school and to increase law enforcement presence in the schools. High School students partnered with local police department to conduct a sticker shock campaign with local retailers.

    Marijuana The Substance Use State Prevention Grant is to reduce substance use in children and young adults with focuses on awareness campaign, and social norming.

    Youth Substance Use Prevention The Drug Free Communities Grant with SPH works to address youth behaviors, school climate, student values, social norming and other initiatives to reduce youth substance use.


    Staff, provider, and RFGH Board training around improving the substance use conversation and caring for people with the chronic disease of substance use disorder.

    Community Support

    Weekly provider led Narcotics Anonymous support group. Naloxone training and supplies to local law enforcement and first responders.

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    Improving Opportunities for Youth Grant with SPH to improve opportunities for youth working on teen pregnancy prevention.

    RFGH Career Outreach to SAD 59

    Presenters from many RFGH departments invited to MSAD 59 class “Health Occupations” for an average of 45 minute presentations to share information, qualifications, and experiences with students. With a national healthcare shortage in the future it is a time to share with our youth opportunities in the healthcare field.

    SPH Family Engagement Opportunities

    • Healthy New Years Eve Party • Summer movies in Coburn Park • Move More Kids Day • National Night Out • Skowpendous

    Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

    SPH grant from the Bingham program providing opportunity for interactive improvisational theater to address ACEs and resiliency. Marti Stevens Theater group used SPH annual event with its diverse attendance to spread awareness of ACEs. Channel 11 video vignettes with Family Violence Project and Skowhegan Women’s Group.

    Concussion prevention outreach

    300 parents connecting with athletic trainer at two community events.

    1st Annual Childhood Head Injury Prevention Education held to focus on proper fit for bike helmets.

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    Safety / injury prevention Stop the Bleed training

    In the wake of the 2012 tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, a group that is now known as the Hartford Consensus brought together the likes of the medical community, law enforcement, and federal government to discuss how to improve survivability in mass casualty events. By providing first responders and the public with the basic skills to stop uncontrolled bleeding, lives could be