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Transcript of Red, White, & News - George Washington s Day, which is also called Saint Valentine?s Day, or the...

  • Red, White, & NewsGeorge Washington Academy School Newspaper

    Red, White, & NewsGeorge Washington Academy School Newspaper

    February 5, 2018 Volum e 1, Edit ion 6 Edit ors-in-Chief : Ailee Brady and Et han Beecher

    red or pink. But did you know that Valentine?s Day wasn?t originally a holiday about love and giving gifts?

    Valentine?s Day, which is also called Saint Valentine?s Day, or the Feast of Saint Valentine, was originally a holiday honoring Saint Valentine. Nobody is really sure who Saint Valentine really was, but there are many legends. Some people think that he was a priest who served in the third century in Rome. When the emperor, Emperor Claudius ll outlawed marriage for young men, Valentine helped them marry in secret. When he was discovered, he was put to death. Another legend is that Valentine was killed for helping Christians escape from Roman prisons. When he was captured, he fell in love with a young girl. Before his death, it is believed that he wrote her a letter signed, ?From your Valentine?, which is a phrase still used today. Although nobody knows for sure who Saint Valentine really was, he was always emphasized as a sympathetic, heroic, and romantic person. February 14th is the day when Saint Valentine was buried.

    The Valentine?s Day that we know started somewhere around the Middle Ages. It was the time when birds? mating season started, which made more people believe that it should be a holiday of romance. Valentine?s greetings were popular in the Middle Ages, but the written Valentine?s only began to be used in the 1400?s. By the 1700?s and 1800?s, Valentine?s Day started to become a popular holiday and it was common for people to exchange small gifts. Many countries celebrate Valentine?s Day, but they don?t all celebrate it in the same way. For example, in Japan and Korea, February 14th is a day for women to give gifts, and there is another day where men give gifts. Even though different countries celebrate Valentine?s Day in different ways, all the ways tie back to love and romance.

    The Best Valent ine?s Day Gif t sBy Xavier Pinna

    It?s February again, and Valentine?s Day is around the corner. You may be wondering, ?What would the best Valentine?s Day gift be?? Well, through some research, I?ve found the most memorable Valentine gifts that even Cupid would be jealous of. Help your parents out, and help them get the best gift for their spouse. After some research, there was a noticeable, recurring pattern. What I found was that it seemed like baking some good ol? sweets, was the most appreciated gift. Some other popular ideas had to do with grooming materials. For example, a guy would be happy with cologne or deodorant, while a woman might be appreciative with some new makeup or perfume. Another option could be the standard flowers and chocolate, but this time, being a bit more creative. Some ideas are: writing a special poem about how much they mean, finding their favorite bouquet of flowers, and adding an item based off their favorite hobby. If all else fails, think about the things you have in common, or something special and unique to the relationship, and make a gift out of it. If you meet through a sport, maybe get two jerseys with both of your names on it, and wear them together.

    So what is the best gift? In the end, it all just comes down to making your significant other feel loved. Everyone has different tastes, so the perfect gift for them would be whatever they?re passionate about. I hope you have a great February, and have a great Valentine?s Day!

    Valent ine's Day By Sojung Bok

    Every year, on February 14th, we celebrate Valentine?s Day. When most people think of Valentine?s Day, they probably think of things like hearts, chocolate, love, candy, and colors like white,

  • In January, the burned soil from the fire caused some major destruction. The California wildfire had burned down trees, which made the soil detached. On the 11th of January, the soil came rushing down the mountain. One man said, ?It looked like the mountains were moving, as the trees for some reason kept disappearing one by one.? The mudslide came down carrying dirt, rocks, and boulders. Ellen from Ellentube, lives in Montecito, were the mudslide happened (she is fine). People?s houses were smashed, ripped, and/or washed away. If you walked in the mud, it would be above your knees!

    A few days ago, Alaska had an earthquake just off the shore in the ocean. People were terrified, because not only had there been shaking from the earthquake, but since it was in the water, there was expected to be a tsunami! People were being evacuated with it being black outside. However, there was no monster waves. The tectonic plates had collided horizontally, so the water did not get pushed up. If the tsunami did occur, it would have destroyed everyone trying to escape.

    Scientists predict 2018 to be full of earthquakes like never before. One after another they will be occurring. As long as you know what to do, you will be safe.

    Can We Guess Your Favor it e Color?

    By Chloe Hurd & Hanne Chr ist iansen

    Do you ever think that maybe there are more to colors than you thought? Well, let us tell you that there is. We have discovered that not only are colors found through feelings and personalities, they are also found in two other ways. First, favorite colors can be determined by eye color. The color of your eyes can actually brings out your personality. It also gives you a certain uniqueness in how you think. Second, your hair. Your hair is very important when it comes to colors. Your hair actually shows many things. For example, if your hair color is blond your favorite color is most likely blue. According to our experimentation, 8 out of 102 students had blond hair, liked the color blue, and had blue eyes.But there is more to it than that, it is known around the world that most girls with blond hair have blue eyes and love the color blue, no matter what shade. But that 's not all, we also found out that 8 out of 102 students had brown hair, liked the color blue, and had hazel eyes. Not only that, there were 8 out of 85 different combinations of eye color, hair color & favorite color. George Washington has a pretty unique number of students! Based on our survey we have concluded that your hair and eye color determine your favorite color.

    Nat ural Disast ers

    By Zoee Bailey

    The United States has been hit by some devastating natural disasters. Some were earthquakes, wildfires, mudslides, and even predictions of a year full of these disasters! All of these happened in December 2017 and January of 2018.

    In December, California had had a dangerous wildfire. In fact, this wildfire was a series of 29 fires altogether! The fire burned over 307,900 acres of US land. It caused traffic, canceling of school, and dangerous air. The largest of the 29 wildfires was the Thomas fire. Thomas burned 230,000 of the 281,893 acres of land. Over 230,000 people had to leave their homes. The smoke could be seen from satellites!

    Hard Work

    By Andrew Crof t s

    Hard work is when you give something your all and work for the thing you want, the definition of hard work is a ?great deal of effort endurance? I think this is true because it takes endurance to do something hard. With some people it takes endurance to go to places you won't, others stuff they don't want to do, It takes work to get over things and once you are over this it feels like you won at it. Every student can work hard, and every student should even when the time is hard, hard work always gets you through.

  • Dear Mar tha - Advice ColumnIf you have a problem and you would like advice, then write a letter to Martha and deliver it to

    the folder outside room #303.

    Dear Martha,

    There?s a girl I know who is very rude and I can tell she just hates me. She tries to exclude me from my friends and make me feel left out. She also likes to smart-aleck me and make me feel stupid by saying, ?No, no! It?s like this!? when I say something. Lately, she?s even started making faces at me and I just am not comfortable being around her. My friends are not comfortable with her either, and tell me that, from their perspective, I stand up to her and tell her that I am not comfortable with what she says, which is true. She sometimes says things that are extreme, and she is just so full of herself and tries to put her problems on us. She?s just very self-centered. I normally try to keep my troubles to myself and deal with them alone, but she is getting out of hand. I told my parents, who told my friends? parents, who say she is also getting to their kids. I try to be kind to her, but she takes it as weakness and tries to break right through me. She won?t stop. Sometimes I just want to scream! What do I do?

    Sincerely, Miss Ready-To-Anger-Boil

    Dear Miss Ready-To-Anger-Boil,

    I know how you feel. I?ve had my own mean-girl problems, and I could always feel myself getting angrier and angrier as I thought about it. You want to reach out for help, but sometimes you can?t because the bully is right there. It?s good that you and your friends have discussed it with your parents. They can offer the biggest support. Tell them how you feel. If you feel like talking to the bully, tell your friends to back you up. If you feel like kicking the bully in the face, DON?T do that. Try reasoning with her. Don?t do anything to show your weakness. I bet she?ll come around eventually. If not, just ignore her.

    Sincerely, Martha

    Dear Martha,

    I play four square at recess sometimes, and one of the players is always targeting another fellow player,