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Red Foxes

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Transcript of Red foxes miranda

  • 1. Red Foxes

2. Red FoxesBy Miranda 3. Appearance

  • The Red Fox can grow up to one meter.
  • Red Foxes have pointy ears.
  • Red Foxes have curved claws.

4. Appearance

  • The Red Fox is in the dog family.
  • They are like us mammals.

5. Appearance

  • The Red Fox can age to twelve years old.

6. Habitat

  • Red Foxes live in deciduous forests
  • They dig a den and live in it.
  • The den is warm inside.
  • They are nocturnal .

7. Range of the Red Fox 8. Diet

  • The Red Fox is a carnivore.
  • They only eat plants if food is scarce.
  • Red Foxes hunt alone.

9. Diet

  • Red Foxes hunt up to eight km.
  • Red Foxes pounce on their prey.
  • They bury it for later.

10. Predators

  • They have many predators.
  • Red Foxes hide in their den when a predator comes.
  • Some of the Red Foxes predators are Lynxes, Bears and dogs.

11. Predators

  • But we are also predators of the Red Fox too.

12. Offspring

  • A litter of Red Foxes are called cubs.
  • Male Red Foxes are called dogs.
  • Female Red Foxes are called vixen.

13. Offspring

  • A vixen has eight cubs a year.
  • Vixens only have one litter a year.
  • Cubs are deaf and blind for ten days .

14. Offspring

  • Cubs drink from their mother.

15. Adaptations

  • Red Foxes wrap their tails around themselves for warmth.
  • They are good runners.
  • Red Foxes can run one km.

16. Adaptations

  • Red Foxes stay away from enemies as soon as spotted.
  • Red Foxes have good eyes.
  • They also have good ears.

17. Special Facts

  • Red Foxes help with crops they kill animals in the crop.
  • Red Foxes are good hunters.
  • Vixens and dogs both have forty-two teeth .

18. Special Facts

  • Red Foxes have carnivore teeth.
  • They have hard teeth.
  • Red Foxes get new enamel every year.

19. Summary

  • Red Foxes have big ears.
  • They also have big tails.
  • Theyre carnivores.

20. Summary

  • Red Foxes live in Canada.

21. The End

  • This is the end of my presentation of the Red Fox.