Red Fox Sports Grip Strengthening Guide

Red Fox Sports Grip Strengthening Guide
Red Fox Sports Grip Strengthening Guide
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Red Fox Sports Grip Strengthening User Manual

Transcript of Red Fox Sports Grip Strengthening Guide

  • Red Fox Sports

    Ultimate Grip

    Strengthener Guide

    ...for stronger hands, fingers

    and forearms!


    Thumb and fin-

    ger tip exercise:

    focuses on


    the thumb and


    Guitar finger

    exercise: focuses

    on the thumb,

    pointer finger

    and the little




    Pointer and

    middle finger

    exercise: focuses

    on these two


    Thumb, ring and little finger squeeze: focuses

    on strengthening these three fingers.


    Thumb and little finger exercise: requires a fair

    bit of strength in these fingers. Your little finger

    may not be strong enough to do this exercise

    initially so may have to work up to it.


    Red Fox Sports

  • The hand has 18 muscles:

    Nine muscles that close the hand

    Nine muscles that open the hand

    As you grip an object the muscles that close

    the hand contract while the muscles that open

    the hand stabilize the contracting muscles.

    These muscle groups are known as antagonis-

    tic as they work together to generate move-

    ment and control hand functions.

    When building strength in the hand and

    fingers in order to maximize potential

    and prevent injuries you should:

    1. Build strength in both the muscles that flex

    (close the hand) as well as muscles that

    extend (open the hand).

    2. Perform strengthening exercises through

    the full range of motion. This promotes

    maximum blood flow which helps keep the

    muscles, tendons, and tissues healthy.

    These two principles are also important in de-

    veloping muscle balance. Muscle imbalance is

    a leading cause of finger, thumb, hand, fore-

    arm and elbow problems as well as tendonitis

    and carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Tips For Effectively Using The Red Fox

    Sports Grip Strengthener

    Most people are used to exercising the mus-

    cles that close the hand but often neglect the

    opposing muscle group that opens the hand.

    The following tips will help you to maximize

    strength in the hand, fingers and forearm

    and minimize muscle imbalance.

    1. Perform exercises through the full range

    of motion. This means full flexion and

    extension of the hand and or fingers.

    2. Open the hand or fingers slowly in order

    to build strength in the opposing muscle


    3. Squeeze the grip slowly to the count of 4,

    hold closed for the count of 4 and open

    slowly to the count of 4. Gradually in-

    crease the count to 8. This exercise may

    provide a challenge for those who need

    more resistance than 88 lbs.

    How Frequently Should You Use The Grip


    The best way to develop grip strength and

    endurance is to do some training regularly

    example 2-3 sets every second day. Use a re-

    sistance level that allows you to do 8-15 reps.

    You should feel fatigue on the last few reps.

    6 Exercises That Strengthen The Fingers,

    Hand and Forearm

    For those who would like to:

    become better at a sport;

    be more efficient at playing a musical in-


    recover quicker from a hand, wrist or fin-

    ger injury;

    improve their grip, hand or finger


    The following 6 exercises will help you isolate

    specific muscles in the hand, fingers and fore-

    arm so you can focus on building endurance

    and strength in the areas you need it the


    Red Fox Sports

    1. 2.

    This exercise strengthens the hand, wrist and

    forearm. The reverse grip as shown in image 1

    works well for those with larger hands as it pro-

    vides an extra half inch of surface area for the

    fingers. Image 2 illustrates the standard grip. If our product has met or exceeded

    your expectations please help spread

    the word by leaving a review