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Red Fox Recreation. Active Families and Communities. Youth Exploring Recreation. Active Adventure Passport. Active Adventure School Days. Girls Night program. Working with Elders and people with disabilities. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Red Fox Recreation

Red Fox Recreation

Red Fox programs brings children, youth, parents, and elders together in a safe and supportive environment to promote healthy living, youth leadership and community building.

Red Fox Recreation is based on the Aboriginal Medicine Wheel which promotes having balance in four areas of life: physical, mental, emotional and cultural.

We create and deliver programming to increase the health and well-being of four generations of Vancouver residents, most Aboriginal and most in the Downtown Eastside. Red Fox is dedicated to developing strong community leaders to transform communities.

In four and a half years, Red Fox has won awards and has been recognized as a best practices model.

These 4 pictures were taken at Strathcona and represent what we do at community centres, neighbourhood houses, and special events all around the Greater Vancouver area.

1Active Families and Communities

Red Fox designs and delivers active family fun activities at Vancouver schools, community centres, parks and at special events throughout Metro Vancouver. Nature, sports, culture, circus arts and old fashioned games are combined to inspire people of all ages, cultures and abilities to engage in free, active play. Our primary partners include Vancouver Native Health Society, the Vancouver Park Board and the Vancouver School Board. Since the beginning, the BCRPA has been our champion and has helped and inspired us through ever-changing challenges and successes.

Speaking of successes, I would like to introduce you to one of our longest-serving youth leader, Amber Morgan.2Youth Exploring Recreation

Ive been working for 4 years during school and its helped me lead a balanced life to stay in school and aspire to do more with my education. Red Fox has helped expand my capacity and vision of my leadership ability through exploring recreation.

- With out Red Fox I wouldnt have had many amazing experiences such as zip lining, wall climbing, meeting with funders, going to conferences, camps, workshops, learning from Elders, and so much more.

- Red Fox shows us every part of recreation: outdoors, sports, culture, fitness to inspire us to be active and engaged, and learn about real career possibilities.

We are positive role models and we are supporting the Red Fox junior leaders to follow in our footsteps because they love the program so much. 3Active Adventure Passport

Red Fox worked with Active Communities Vancouver, the School Board, Moresports and other partners to deliver the Passport program for four years from 2006 to 2009.

The Passport reached every public elementary school student in Vancouver, over 60 youth leaders delivered over 30 community special events.

- Park Days tug of war toddlers4Active Adventure School Days

Red Fox delivered Sport Fit and Active Adventure Days at over 25 schools in Vancouver in 2009 and 2010.

Students who participated got backpacks which were made from Olympic banners and filled with health and fitness prizes like pedometers and skipping ropes.

I was able to go back to my elementary school and visit my old PE teacher and coach and they were happy to see I was doing well and had a great job, since they remember me from grade 8 when I joined a gang. Since Ive been working with Red Fox its helped me rise above my challenges and reach my goals.

5 Girls Night program

Now Im running my own program.

Piloted through a Girls Only grant from Promotion Plus and the BCRPA, Red Fox Girls Night program is my opportunity to role model what Ive learned from my four years with Red Fox. Its so rewarding to be a part of the girls growing strength and confidence.

Alexis story. 6Working with Elders and people with disabilities

Red Fox Fitness programs gives youth leaders the opportunity to support Elders and people with disabilities to be active and get strong in their community. The youth leaders gain hands on mentorship from recreation therapists and fitness trainers on working in the therapeutic recreation field. Youth are also trained to cook for our Red Fox Feasting program at community centres. We are bringing cultures and generations together to help all of us get stronger in our bodies, minds and spirits. 7