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    Red Fox Clan: Building the reliable, trending, global source for gamer opinions.

  • Red Fox Clan 2

    Red Fox Clan helps gaming brands understand what to market to whom and conduct competitive analysis.

    We can do it faster than anyone, to give you real time insights into your audience. This is possible by collect voluntary feedback across

    diverse set of gamers on partner sites on the web.

    How it works

  • Red Fox Clan 3

    During research, brands can gain access to a real time dashboard of their audience. Results can be segmented by demographics or responses.


    Likability Demographics Download intent Position against competitors Game attribute ratings

    What we do

  • Red Fox Clan 4

    Case Study Background: Arena Net is preparing for the October 23, 2015 release of Guild Wars 2, Heart of Thrones.

    Question: What features, did the gamers who were most likely to purchase the game, care about most? Which competitors games did they rank the highest?

    Goal: Increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaign, by targeting the right gamers, with the right messaging.

    Case study

  • Red Fox Clan 5

    91% Male

    60% Ages 18-24

    2,000 Gamers

    80% US & Canada

    20% Europe

    Case study

    Voluntary feedback was collected from around the web, driven by:

    Partner gaming websites Forums like reddit Targeted ads Red Fox Clans Community

  • Red Fox Clan 6

    84% Yes

    Case study

    Do you plan on purchasing GW2, Heart of Thorns in the

    next 6 months?

    (Gameplay) Which Would You Prefer to See GW2 Improve more?

    76% picked PvE

    (Competitor Ranks)

    WoW 4.6/5 WoW 4.2/5

    High Level Results

  • Red Fox Clan 7

    Using the research

    EmailSocial Ads Advertising

    With the research gathered by Red Fox Clan, Arena Net could craft their social, email, and advertising campaigns to focus on Player Vs. Environment gameplay, targeted at WoW and League gamers.

    Case study

  • 8Appendix: Example Questions

    Red Fox Clan offers 3 different styles of gamer polling. Each of these will include demographic segmentation, and cross question segmentation.


    1. (1-5) Rankings. How likely are you to purchase this game in the next 3 months? How likely are you to recommend this to your friend? Rate how important multiplayer gaming is to you. How would you rank Competitor game A?

    2. Stack Rank. (A vs. B, A vs C, B vs C) Which character are you more likely to play with? What excites you most about game X?

    A. Unique Visuals B. Diverse characters and play styles C. Competitive MOBA style gameplay D. Xbox One and Windows 10 crossplay

    3. A vs B Have you purchased a game in the past 6 months? Yes or No Do you prefer to play on the PC or Xbox? PC or Xbox

    4. Multiple Choice Which feature set do you most look for when trying new games? A, B, C, D