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Recruitment & Retention:Providing a Meaningful Membership ExperienceKim BlankCoordinator of Student ActivitiesOverwhelmed?

We all went to activities fair overwhelming, so many tablesSome people just sign up for the freebie or because they dont know what theyre really interested in-- you should treat everyone who signs up as being genuinely interested, but be willing to take them off the dis-list quickly 23 Keys to Meaningful MembershipRecruitmentActivities FairOther publicityFirst meetingRetentionOpportunities to engagePurpose & meaningAppreciation

Warning: I love cheesy clipart

3 keysRecruitmentRetention the most difficult of the three; how do you keep people engaged??Appreciation often overlooked3What issues do you see?What are some recruitment or retention issues you see in your organization?

RECRUITMENT MATH87 sign-ups at Activities Fair12 attend one of first three meetings6 actually stick with membership in the org.

4 Reasons People Join OrganizationsDesire to get involvedDesire to meet peopleDesire to develop leadership skillsBelief in a cause

Pretty much true across the boardSome orgs have less of a cause than others but might be as simple as entertaining the campus (a capella groups)Some of these reasons to join might be subconscious as well as conscious 5RecruitmentNot just about numbersMore members Better membersDo you need (and can you support) 50 new members?On the flip side, dont be exclusive just for the sake of being exclusiveThink beyond the traditional stuffDo you have any ideas?Misconception that more new members is bestGreat to have high #s, but do you need them? Can you actively engage them?On the other hand, dont try to be exclusive just to be the cool kids club

WHAT DO YOU DO TO GET NEW MEMBERS ON BOARD? ANYTHING OUT OF THE BOX? HAVE ANY OF YOU STRUGGLED WITH THIS BALANCE6RecruitmentKnow and understand the goals and purpose of your organization.Set recruitment goalsHow many people do you wish to recruit? What sort of characteristics would an ideal new member possess? What sort of programming will draw our target members?Get the current membership involved. They are the current face of the organization.Design a visual elementuse members artistic talents to create memorable publicity materials.You probably have a mission statement or one sentence blurb somewhere re-visit that & think about your actual goalsHow does these new members fit into the purpose and goals of the organization?

Set goals be realistic about who you want to attract. Get input from current members & use their skills7RecruitmentRemember your organizations goalsRemember why people join organizationsRemember that some people are just signing up for a free pen, because theyre signing up for everything, or because they saw someone cute sign up before themRetention

September meetingNovember meetingWeve all seen this.. Attendance and enthusiasm drop-off Leads officers to get disenchantedIn turn, members get even more apathetic

Be prepared to fight apathy, but be realistic about the fact that some members just are not dedicated. 9RetentionContact people who show interest early take no longer than a weekMake it fun! Involvement shouldnt be a burdenHold a socially-centered welcome eventMake the first formal meeting funGet the new members involved immediatelyOrient the new members by introducing the mission, goals, norms, traditions of the organizationGet to know the members by planning icebreakers, etc.Remember their namesShow appreciation for the members

Show respect to those who signed upDont leave them hanging in the windDont stress them out/pressure them with big commitmentsBUT be realistic about what being a member involvesDo something social!Engage them immediately & give them the skills to succeed in the organizationMake sure to remember names we have all played stupid ice breakers, but make sure you GET TO KNOW ONE ANOTHERShow appreciation! (MORE TO COME)10RetentionUse meeting agendas some people just think better this way & it gives a sense of purpose to the meetingBalance those who are task-oriented and those who are process-orientedRemember that your organization is only as strong as its weakest link. Quickly try to reengage disenchanted members.Agendas: for social people, great to keep them on track; for quieter worker bees it gives them the chance to jot notes and be prepared to speak up

Balance different personality/work types

Try not to let members become disengaged, and when they do, be quick to address it. Hard to save a sinking ship!11Appreciation can be low-cost

Back to appreciation doesnt have to be a gold medalLittle thingsThank you notes/certificates can go a long way

12AppreciationBe open to suggestionsGive members responsibilitiesDelegate! Know how to lead & how to step backHand out creative awards/certificatesHave a social event (ice cream, pizza, etc.)Send someone to a workshop/conferenceGive prizesIdentify potential & build on strengthsAnnounce kudos at meetingsWhat do you currently do?

Be open to suggestions from members being a leader doesnt mean knowing it all and running it all

WHAT ARE YOU DOING CURRENTLY TO SHOW APPRECIATION?13Any ideas? Questions?What is your organization doing currently?How can the people in this room help you brainstorm or problem-solve?Additional ResourcesStudent Activities Office100 East Brooklyn Street(Behind the Market)

Kim BlankCoordinator of Student Activitiesblankk@kenyon.eduStop by anytime or email any one of us we all have experience advising organizations and were all in college recently and understand being a member too!!15SourcesUniversity of Virginias Dean of Students Website: Recruitment and Retention The University of MarylandGive Them a Hand: How to Thank, Recognize and Motivate Members Student Leader