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Recruiting "Rockstar" Recruiters:Strategies to Find and Develop Great RecruitersJeff BatuhanSr. Director, Global Talent AcquisitionStryker Corporation

AGENDACompany & Team Overview

Our Talent Management Approach

Sourcing strategies for identifying top talent

Onboarding and Development Training Program

Leveraging your internal and external partners for development


#305on FORTUNE 500500included in the Standards & Poors 500 IndexS&P$9.0Bin annual sales globally in 201325,000+employees worldwide34straight years of sales growth100+countries where Stryker products are sold32manufacturing and research & development locations worldwide5,203patents owned globally in 2013

At a GlanceOn this slide, youll see some quick facts about Stryker. Stryker is a member of the FORTUNE 500, and we rank # 305. The FORTUNE 500 is a list of the top 500 U.S. based companies, ranked on their total annual revenue. Stryker made the list for the first time in 2003 with a rank of # 493, and has moved up by 188 places in ten years. Stryker has been included in the Standard & Poors 500 index since 2000, which is generally made up of large, publicly held companies that are traded on the New York Stock Exchange or the NASDAQ. Our global sales were $9.0 billion in 2013, with a record 34 straight years of sales growth. We have approximately 25,000 employees worldwide Stryker sells products in over 100 countries and has 32 manufacturing and research & development locations worldwide.

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$9 Billion

annual sales globally in 2013


straight years of sales growth


CAGR in sales over 34-year period










*Non-GAAP financial measure. A reconciliation of Adjusted Diluted Net Earnings per share to GAAP Diluted Net Earnings Per Share is included in the Companys Annual Reports on Form 10-K.


Financial ResultsAlthough we dont like to boast about our financial results, we want to assure you that you are doing business with a strong company. Stryker has grown to a $9.0 billion dollar company in annual sales, with 34 straight years of sales growth and an 18% compound annual growth rate in sales over 34 years.

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Note: Includes MAKO Manufacturing and Headquarter LocationsA global mindset

A Global Mindset

Our workforce consists of approximately 25,000 employees globally, and we sell products in over 100 countries around the world, denoted by the countries shaded in green.In addition, we have sales offices and sales representatives throughout the world. The diversity of these operations allows us to better understand local needs and to build strong working relationships with our customers. By having dedicated local Stryker employees closely involved in day-to-day activities in each market, we help our customers deliver optimal care for their patients. Our corporate headquarters is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. We have 20 commercial business headquarters that are located throughout the world, denoted by the yellow dots, and 32 manufacturing and research and development locations also located throughout the world, denoted by the red dots (MAKO is included in Fort Lauderdale, Florida as well as Cedar Knolls, New Jersey). We have three other locations, denoted by the orange dots, which are focused on activities such as service and program development. Although our innovation takes place worldwide, we opened the Stryker Global Technology Center in India in 2006 to expand our global innovation efforts. This technology center provides an innovation resource for our entire company. Stryker Company HeadquartersKalamazoo, Michigan, USA

Stryker Commercial Business Headquarters (20)Allendale, New Jersey, USA (Spine)Beijing, China (Greater China)Chicago, Illinois, USA (Performance Solutions)Changzhou, China (Trauson)Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA (MAKO)Fremont, California, USA (Neurovascular) Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (Americas)8,9,10,11)Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA (Instruments, Medical, Craniomaxillofacial & Healthcare Systems/MedSurg)12,13) Mahwah, New Jersey, USA (Reconstructive Orthopaedics, Trauma & Extremities14) Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA (Orthobiologics)15,16)Montreux, Switzerland (Europe, & EEMEA & India)17) Tempe, Arizona, USA (Sustainability Solutions)18) San Jose, California, USA (Endoscopy)19) Beijing, China (Greater China)20) Sydney, Australia (South Pacific)21) Tokyo, Japan (Japan)Stryker Manufacturing & R&D Locations (32)1)Alameda, California, USA (Orthopaedics (OtisMed))2) Arroyo, Puerto Rico (Combined Endoscopy and Instruments)3) Bruz, France (Trauma & Extremities Memometal)4) Cedar Knolls, New Jersey, USA (MAKO)5) Cestas, France (Spine)6,7) Changzhou, Peoples Republic of China (Intl -Trauson & Orthmed)8,9) Cork, Ireland (Instruments and Orthopaedics)10) Cork, Ireland (Separate from above) - Neurovascular11) Flower Mound, Texas, USA (Communications)12) Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA (MAKO)13) Freiburg, Germany (Combined Navigation, Trauma & Extremities)14) Fremont, California, USA (Neurovascular)15) Guayama, Puerto Rico (Medical (Gaymar))16) Inagi, Japan (Instruments (Neuro/Spine ENT Sonopet))17,18) Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA (Medical and Instruments)19) Kiel, Germany (Trauma & Extremities)20) Lakeland, Florida, USA (Sustainability Solutions)21) Limerick, Ireland (Orthopaedics)22) Mahwah, New Jersey, USA (Orthopaedics)23) Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA (Orthopaedics/Orthobiologics Orthovita)24) Miramar, Florida, USA (Neurovascular Surpass Medical)25) Mountain View, California, USA (Neurovascular Concentric)26) Neuchatel, Switzerland (Spine)27) Phoenix, Arizona, USA (Sustainability Solutions)28) San Jose, California, USA (Endoscopy)29) Selzach, Switzerland (Trauma & Extremities)30) Stetten, Germany (Trauma & Extremities)31) Suzhou, Peoples Republic of China (Orthopaedics, Trauma & Extremities, Spine)32) West Valley, Utah, USA (Neurovascular)Other Locations (3)Gurgaon, India (SGTC)Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA (ProCare and FlexFinancial)Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA (IMT Group - Kalamazoo & New Mexico)

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FORTUNE 500Largest U.S.-Based CompaniesJoined the list in 2003 as #493, moved to #305 in 2013

GallupGreat Workplace Award Recipient for the sixth time in 2013UK Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For100 Best Mid CompaniesStryker UK Ltd. Recipient for the seventh consecutive year

2013 Best Workplaces in Canada Great Place to Work Institute Canada Ranked #42, fourth consecutive year

FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For100 Best Companies to Work For in U.S.Recipient for the fourth consecutive year, ranked #42 in 2014GlassdoorEmployees Choice Best Place to Work Recipient for the first time, ranked #48Global RecognitionFORTUNE Worlds Most Admired CompaniesWorlds Most Admired Companies in Medical Products & Equipment Recipient for the thirteenth consecutive year, #4 in 2014

GLOBAL RECOGNITIONStrykers employees throughout the world set high standards for themselves and each other. This desire to achieve, combined with a great deal of hard work, has placed us among the largest and most admired companies in the worldwide medical technology market. It has also allowed us to continue to receive recognition for our commitment to delivering on our promises to our customers and employees. We have listed some examples of our recognition on this slide.FORTUNE Words Most Admired Companies FORTUNE magazine conducts an annual survey in order to publish a list of the worlds most admired companies. Stryker was named among the World's Most Admired Companies for the thirteenth consecutive year. In 2014, Stryker is #4 in the Medical Products & Equipment Industry. FORTUNE compiles the Most Admired list based on feedback from executives, boards of directors and analysts within 58 industry segments. Here is a chart showing the nine key attributes of reputation that companies are measured on:FORTUNE 500The FORTUNE 500 list ranks the top U.S. based companies, based on global revenue. 2003 was the first time Stryker appeared in the Fortune 500, with an overall rank of #493. For 2013, we were ranked #305. Since we first made the list in 2003, weve moved up the list for 10 consecutive years, climbed past many strong companies, and have moved up 188 spots. View the full list here: FORTUNE 500 list.Additional notes for presenter: Companies are ranked by total global revenues for their respective fiscal years. Included in the survey are companies that are incorporated in the U.S. and operate in the U.S., and file financial statements with a government agency. Stryker ranking history: 2003 - #493; 2004 - #465; 2005 - #450; 2006 - #439; 2007 - #422; 2008 - #401; 2009 - #375; 2010 - #333; 2011 - #323; 2012 - #308; 2013- #305.The Sunday Times 100 Best CompaniesOur United Kingdom team was named as a Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For, for the seventh consecutive year. The opinions of our employees placed us on the list of mid-sized companies in 2013.Glassdoor Employees Choice Best Place To WorkEach year, Glassdoor awards their Employees' Choice Best Places to Work, and this year, for the first time, Stryker made the list at #48! Only 50 companies are chosen each year based on over three million reviews by employees, job seekers and interview candidates. Learn moreFORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For (U.S.) FORTUNE ranks the best companies to work for annually, and in 2014 Stryker made the U.S. list for the fourth consecutive year with a rank of #42,