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Presentation from a 2010 Minnesota Recruiters Conference.

Transcript of Recruiters Conference

  • 1. Strength in Planning The Army Strong Way David A. Lee Twitter: @DavidALee #MNRec
  • 2. Agenda Who am I? Branding A fun case study about marketing planning Planninga way Thoughts about social media as you plan
  • 3. Who am I? West Point grad with masters in business and strategy. Artillery officer Worked for Secretary of the Army Secretary of Defense Corporate Fellow (DuPont) Director of Marketing (Army Strong campaign) Now running my own consulting business and a social media advocate Whats the point?? If I can do itso can you!
  • 4. Whats my brand??? US Army
  • 5. Whats my brand??? Our Website Our Website I didnt want to have to pay to be in 1st position!
  • 6. My experience with most marketing teams Social Event Television Digital Print Media
  • 7. Case Study The boss invited me to a Twins game this afternoon and Id like to bring him to the house for dinner. Ill get my jersey when I come home for lunch. Could you get some steaks for us to grill? We have nothing in the house. Mauer jersey is dirty! Need a snack for the boss while we grill. Gonna need some wine too.
  • 8. Case Studyin real life Shopping Cleaning Cooking Entertaining Cleaning
  • 9. Case Studyhow that translates in marketing Social Event Television Digital Print Media
  • 10. Case Studyin real life Shopping Cleaning Cooking Entertaining Cleaning Why isnt marketing more like real life?
  • 11. What does that mean?? Extra labor and additional resources
  • 12. Guess whatwhen we dont plan we do it too!
  • 13. STEP 1: Develop a position for your marketing effort The Armys Positioning For Recruiting Soldiers Purpose A Soldier serves in the US Army and is committed to protecting the U.S. Constitution and all that it stands for. Soldiers Definition A Soldier is strong (Mentally, physically and emotionally), adaptive, confident, and values driven. Value Statement Becoming a Soldier prepares you to succeed at whatever you select as your goals. Positioning Statement Being a Soldier strengthens you today and for the future because the Army develops your potential through relevant and challenging training, shared values and personal experience. Soldiers consistently take pride in making a difference for themselves, their families and the Nation. Support Enlisted: Army skills; leadership and teamwork training; educational opportunities Officer: Leadership and management development of each cadet/officer Emotional assurance for both: pride in making a difference
  • 14. STEP 2: Develop a strategy Strategy Short term - Launch and establish Army Brand Increase Leads and traffic to stations to meet recruiting mission Position Brand for Long Term success - one look and one voice Midterm - Build Army Brand and improve awareness and propensity Employ market segmentation research to target messages more effectively Employ Public Relations to extend message to both the internal and external audiences Develop ethnic specific messages to increase enlistments in under- represented ethnic markets Long term - Reinforce Army Brand with compelling and relevant ads and messages Integrate learning from Ad Tracking and research to improve campaign effectiveness Synchronize Army-wide outreach programs and assets to support recruiting
  • 15. STEP 3: Develop a communications plan - Who are you talking to? - Prospects - Parents - What are you saying to them? Become Become Seek Become Contract Affirm Aware Intrigued Info a Lead Decision
  • 16. STEP 1: Receipt of MissionSTEP 4: Conduct Plan STEP 2: Mission Analysis 1. Analyze the requirements 2. Review available research and performance data 3. Determine specified, implied and essential tasks 4. Review available resources 5. Determine constraints 6. Identify critical facts and assumptions 7. Conduct risk assessment 8. Determine initial critical information requirements for CMO 9. Determine additional research requirements 10. Plan use of available time Marketing 11. 12. Conduct a mission analysis presentation Develop the initial CMOs intentDecision Making Process 13. 14. Issue the CMOs guidance Issue a warning order 15. Review facts and assumptions STEP 3: Course of Action Development 1. Analyze research data, resources and tasks 2. Generate options 3. Develop pre-launch PR plan Develop : 4. Develop the Essential Media/Outreach Tasks and Integration Matrix 5. Assign responsible execution agent Essential Media Tasks 6. Prepare COA statements and sketches Essential Outreach Tasks STEP 4: Course of Action Analysis (War-gaming = Mind Mapping +) Integration Matrix 1. 2. Gather the tools List all available assets 3. List assumptions 4. List known critical events and decisions 5. Determine evaluation criteria 6. Select the war game method 7. Select a method to record and display results 8. War-game the engagement and assess the results STEP 5: Course of Action Comparison STEP 6: Course of Action Approval COPYRIGHT by DAL Social Marketing STEP 7: Orders Production
  • 17. Essential Media TasksTASK: Start with one of the key words below (what you are doing) and who you are doing this with. Objective (Start every task description with one of the following words) - Listen - Broadcast (this cannot be used for social media) - Educate - Engage - Listen then Engage - Share - Sell Target Audience(s) (what service are you providing to each audience)PURPOSE: This explains why you are doing this.METHOD: This is the where you are doing something (which media), how you will do it and when. Priority In the event of reduced resources later, priority will help decide what to eliminate. Alloca