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  • Summary Today, there is a seismic shift in consumer behaviour affecting the retail world - and it's being driven by technology. Likewise, a retailers success hinges on their ability to quickly adapt to, and actively integrate these new technologies as they inltrate the marketplace. With bricks and mortar, retailers are at the risk of marginalisation at the hands of 'show rooming' consumers, or those who intend to purchase the merchandise for the best price online, there is no doubt that retailers feel the pressure to enhance their in-store experiences and keep the online sale in their own ecosystem. Napier Inner City Marketing has the potential to provide opportunities that capture the customer for retailers, whether they live locally, are planning a long weekend or have just berthed at Napier Port for a day trip. To date, NICM have been doing a good job of brand awareness in the traditional media space, however, like many membership institutions have struggled to keep up with the rapid transformation of the digital space and the implications for how to identify new customers leads and opportunities for businesses in their city. NICM isnt alone in facing this disruption.
  • Recently, after a number of failed turn arounds, NZ based marketing company Jasons Travel went into receivership as new digital players have upended their business model. The following audit covers the current approach to online channels and content t. The NICM brand guidelines are considered in this new environment, as Napier business is done online, on smartphones in addition to the inner city Napier environment. In addition we recommend fully embracing the NICM values of a people-centered approach combined with smart, i-city technology innovations that enhance the Napier experience to attract locals and visiting tourists. This will ultimately drive value for the businesses NICM represents in terms of revenue and protability. Here is a summary of the segment specic capabilities that will help deliver real value for Napier retailers in attracting and growing their Napier business. Replace the current listing directory with a multi channel, rich media approach that includes TV production quality video, enhanced Google business ranking and visually appealing, Napier branded content that will be shared across social platforms and business web destinations. Enhance the hospitality proposition will a toolkit approach that promotes their business across the Hawke's Bay foodie catchment zones and increase the simplicity of table bookings and/or takeaway ordering for repeat customers.
  • Provide all services based businesses the opportunity for appointment scheduling and management in the cloud with customer entry points for scheduling on NICM and their own business site. Existing Constraints DISJOINTED MOBILE EXPERIENCE Shoppers are mobile. The web has been entirely disrupted by mobile devices with over 40% of New Zealand trafc coming from mobile. Some aspects of NICM are mobile optimised, while others aren't leading to a frustrating mobile experience for visitors to Napier.
  • SITE DIRECTORY APPROACH OUT OF DATE The site directory approach to marketing has been entirely replaced by Google Places for Business listings. With that in mind, the site must offer more than directory listing information to be of compelling value to Napier businesses and consumers. The information that does currently exist is incomplete, missing shop photos, descriptions and social contact information.
  • UNDER PERFORMANCE WEB PRESENCE The fragmented approach to the existing NICM digital assets reduces the ranking performance of the directory site which has a reduced ability Napier businesses wanting to rank ahead of similar businesses not located in Napier. Compare below the link prole of with another Hawkes Bay marketing site to see there is room for improvement in ranking through proactive link building. has a domain authority of 1, which I suspect means it isn't delivering any meaningful trafc or benet to businesses served by NICM.
  • OVER RELIANCE AND UNDER ENGAGED ON FACEBOOK There is a regular approach to Facebook posts representing the diverse collection of businesses located in Napier. These are created by the community manager directly or shared from relevant posts on other Facebook Pages. Facebook is the only current direct communication with potential consumers that NICMs stakeholders, Napier businesses value. However, at 1,024 likes, the page audience is lower than some of the businesses the page is supposed to promote. The run rate of new likes is between 10 and 20 a week and should be far higher. No Facebook campaigns or ads seem to be run meaning that each post is only being seen by 1-3% of the 1,024 fans, thats 10 - 30 people per post. There is no consistent branding across the posts. The image based posts needs resolution improvement. There is no pro-active approach to use Facebook as a channel to market to people located outside the region.
  • @NAPIERINTHECITY TWITTER INACTIVE The New Zealand Twitter community is 395,461 strong as at April 2013. The opportunity to market to this group of highly connected, socially mobile shoppers is big, however hasnt been exploited by NICM. The @NapierintheCity Twitter account has been inactive since 24th July 2013. Posts prior to this were re-posts from Facebook that arent likely to foster engagement with the Twitter community and can actually harm efforts to grow a fan base. At 104 people, the @NapierintheCity twitter account is a tenth of the size it should be.
  • EMAIL CHANNEL INACTIVE No email campaigns have been sent since June 2013. There are six different lists with no clear segmentation of messaging. Only one list contains more than 50 subscribers, but of more concern is no list seems to indicate any way of communicating directly potential Napier shoppers. Without a database of consumers, there is no current method to reach potential shoppers by email. This is a glaring hole in the current approach as all consumer marketing is limited to the Facebook channel where old strategies have become increasingly ineffective in 2013. Low open and click through rates seem to indicate that the email format is out of date, overly wordy and limited to the distribution of event information for Napier retailers rather than potential Napier customers.